Dan The Man Stage 9? (and also other things) – Barry Vlog #2
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Dan The Man Stage 9? (and also other things) – Barry Vlog #2

August 11, 2019

Yes hello there fans. It’s me. Barry steak fries here on the Internet. It is great to be with you. Doing my very first video blog vlog as the kids the kids call it. Although since I’m Barry maybe we should just call them b-log because Barry or a b.s. blog for Barry Steak… we’ll keep workshopping them name
there we won’t we fans. The important thing
is I’m here with ya I’ve been told to just give this video internet blog thing a go. Here we are. As you can see the classic jet pack machine gun thing. Now this is a great one. It’s got these things out here’s
where the bullets come out. You can see this yellow
bit up here and it’s great. You strap it on and off you go. It’s got these little wires. Yeah did I mention this bit for the bullets. You know it’s the original. It’s the best. Looks really good. And of course causes a lot of unnecessary damage which
can be good. On the flip side it can also be quite expensive to run given that it fires 6000 rounds per minute and it’s louder than a Soviet jet fighter taking off directly from your face. Alrighty fans well the marketing folk. Seem to be a good idea for us to answer some questions some inquiries from the old Barry steak fries fan club out there but there’s nothing else, I love it’s keeping it real keeping it in touch with the old fans the common man out there I’m not too good to be in touch with all of you guys so let’s just click on the old thingy and should be able to find some. Here we go we got some questions
coming through from the fans. This first one is from bigpete2233. Good name there. Thanks Big Pete
Thanks for watching. Your question is will there be a Dan The Man stage nine? Well that’s a great question. I can’t really answer that but I’ll be sure to tell Dad The Man. You said hi. Alright cheers Big Pete. Let’s go onto this one this one’s
brawler4eva505 asks Where’s Stage 9? Frowny… Frowny face is that what a frowny face. Is that how they do frowny face. Question mark question mark. So his where’s Stage Nine. Right. Well once again their brawler4eva. Not really my area. I am Barry steak fries. Dan The man. Thought he was too good to do a video blog but I am not too good for it. Or. Or too busy so I’m here and he’s not. So I can’t answer that about. Stage Nine but thanks thanks for watching. Next what Margin99 Thitayanun . Is that how you say that. He writes. Will there be a Dan The
Man Two. Yep Don’t know. Next. Melissa Munoz stage 9 Dan the man O dan the man 2. That’s not even a question. That’s not even a question. Who
cares who cares what dan the man is doing you’re
here with Barry Steakfries. Dan The Man’s of walking around the forest and throwing stuff Ninja stars boring. Who cares. you’re with me Barry Steakfries. I can have some Barry Steakfries related questions maybe. Where’s the Da.. Where’s the Dan. I don’t know. I don’t know! the Barry the Barry is here. You could ask me
questions about jet packs or about my upcoming solo album. Would you like fries with that? The Barry Steak fries experience. Gonna have a bit of this. BARRY STEAKFRIES or maybe a bit of this BARRY
STEAKFRIES. that’s Just a little sample. That’s what you get. If you hang out with me Barry. Don’t worry about Dan The Man Anyway let’s find another question
this one here. That’s Dan That was about Dan. are all these about Dan The Man?. Is anyone? Here we go. Here we go Slayerkiller999. Writes First comment. Alright my friends time for an
exciting new segment here on the Barry blog. Called let’s play. Where I start playing a computer game and make comments on it. That seems to be what the kids are into for some reason so
let’s pick a game out of the hat and this one is Jetpack Joyride. All right let’s go. Strpping on in. That nah that was that’s alright
that’s just a practice run. Alright, here we go. oops oop hahaha. Little bit rusty little bit Rusty
fans. Don’t worry Barry’s on it. alright Here we go. This is the
one. Come. what? You’re Not. You’re not supposed to touch the
yellow things? Think of the old version you’re
supposed to touch em. I’m pretty sure normallyI’m really
really good at this obviously it’s been a
little while ’cause I’ve been busy. with my solo album. Here we go this one. Oh yeah. Nah, hang on. No no no this can’t be the real. Is this is the normal version? I don’t think this is the normal
version I normally need the really hard version
because I’m so good at this game. Yeah there we go. Sorry I got a really really high
score there but camera ran out ha ha ran out of film and won’t be able to show you that
one. But. Thanks for thanks for watching me
dominate that game.

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  1. This was bloody awesome! Barry you’re a sick cu..ok maybe I should keep it PG ? those Dan questions though hahaha, that singing voice though ?? oh yeah a question for the next one um ? how old are ya Barry? You must be in your 20s now right?

  2. And speaking of dan the man I can think of two possible projects as fan games if it is possible, of course, I am thinking of creating the designs of one of the first projects or the rival bosses and thinking about how the story will be made.


    Sorry, i'll calm down.

  4. Is Josie and Dan your parents from Dan the man cuz Instinct thinks it shows it Josie has a baby

  5. Dan the man are the best game of halfbrick studios and it are very better than jetpack joyeide also shut up

  6. DAn the two pls my life is empty with out ti so pls dan two or dan the man new few parts of story mode

  7. Quit stalling pall, no-one cares about your jetpack, or your singing, or you bad skills about jetpack ***ride, give us dan the man

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