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August 29, 2019

What’s up, you guys The three of us are here to celebrate the premiere of Seth MacFarlane’s brand new sci-fi show on Fox the Orville When you think about the size of the galaxy it’s actually—What is that? Is that a beer? Yea. You’re drinking a beer? We’re actually here on set and it’s insane amazing. We got the whole tour. We’re going to do something we’ve never done before We’re going to space! Yeah, kind of what we don’t have a ship like the Orville so we can’t really actually go to space well We’re gonna experience zero gravity. Are you are you gonna be doing tricks and flips? You damn right I’m going to be doing tricks and flips. He does that normally of course he’s going to do that in space. That’s true. Since this is zero-g we’d probably do a couple of tricks. I might do a captain chair. I’m gonna get my like phasers ready We’re gonna be doing that up in space mark your calendars Make sure you guys watch the show Sunday September 10th 8:00 7:00 central on Fox. It’s gonna be insane until then let’s go…oww… okay, yeah And we got up to the altitude they had us go in zones and lay down And that was where you really started to be like oh my god. This is the weirdest sleepover ever!…Woooah. This is so cool My first reaction was oh I’m a b-boy I play a weightlessness so I started dancing because that’s how I do you know I’m here jumping our hands boom doing flips it felt amazing! You think like alright, I’m gonna jump off of this wall And it’s like I’m just gonna play a little bit of pressure and just me like Flipping my foot just a little bit launched me across the cabin And I had like braced myself for hitting the wall, and so I was just it was it was the most insane experience We’re on earth and so our planes don’t have a graviton generator on them even without that Sonya we’re able to do this I don’t know how Scientists have figured out a way for us to go on parabolas. That’s a word that I learned today Oooohhh….. That’s the ceiling. That’s the ceiling! We did some really cool poses Inspired by the stuff that happen in the Orville. Oh we did the captain’s chair based on captain Ed Mercer We just kind of like doing this with the controls I’m like playing with the controls a little bit, but it’s zero gravity, so we’re just kind of floating just a little bit Off-center like bumping into the ceiling like oh, I got to keep the position Honestly, I imagine this is what it’s like to be in a spaceship They have to deal with so many G’s before they leave the stratosphere and mesosphere and all other spheres. I don’t understand them I’m not a scientist This moment where Alara punches Bordas and we wanted to recreate that so Flitz was just like hit me and I’m like okay And we did it and you just flew backwards in zero gravity. It was so cool looking If captin of a ship means being weightless and upside down and right-side up at any moment in time while ruling over people what? I’m with it. Listen we don’t have an amazing Spaceship like the Orville, but I think this is as close as we can possibly get We broke down a door where Wes was a door and Mari was a silane and it worked out Because I mean I loosened Wes up for her, but she eventually broke through I felt like I think I was like I felt like (monster grunting noises) but I think I looked like (small kitten-ish noises) So we weren’t able to drink beer up there like Gordon Malloy, but we were able to use water it took a moment for me to realize why water on my face with zero gravity meant I can’t see or breathe anymore I don’t know why I didn’t go in a panic and that kind of worries me. It was like a glaze It was like a glaze. Which apparently she couldn’t see or breathe Like a dog, I shook it off, and all I saw was hair and beads of water, just going in this…into space So after today I feel like I would be a perfect crew member for the Orville.They need somebody in entertainment, and I’m their guy Let’s get weightless Tell me all about it. What happened? It was awesome! Yeah, they really like us It was the coolest thing ever We are back from space.. we are back you guys Its soo… Gravity’s dumb… Yeah, it’s actually kinda lame back here Once you experience that there is nothing like it. Huge thanks to Fox for allowing us to experience that…that was insane I hope you guys are as hyped up as much as we are for Seth MacFarlane’s new show, The Orville, coming to you on Fox 8-7 central this Sunday September 10th. Until then we’re gonna try to continue Until then we are going to continue jumping and flying trying to get to space. Oh you guys, there, the Orville, it’s landing. Nope. That’s a plane. Ayyyy! We actually got to experience zero gravity Thanks to Fox for sponsoring this video and make sure to check out Seth MacFarlane’s the Orville premiering September 10th on Fox at 8:00-7:00 central

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  1. Looking at this video for the 100th time and still find it interesting.

    But my family won’t let me, it probably costs a lot and we can’t afford it..?

  2. I went on their website and HOLY SHIT IS IT EXPENSIVE! $5.4K for a seat and 55K for a private space then 65K for a private flight GOD DAMN IT I WANTED TO GO ON IT ;-;

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