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August 11, 2019

Hey guys Dan here, and welcome back to another video, where today we are looking at the brand new jetpack update, and new game mode in fortnite. The jetpack was announced ages ago. And then taken back and now it is Resurfaced, ready in the game a legendary item that allows you to fly. More importantly there’s a brand new game mode called close encounters Which is backpacks, shotguns, explosives and heals only. You can build still but it’s-it’s chaotic. And you guys loved the previous video that I did, on the Thanos update where I did like a kinda live-stream of funny clips and stuff that I did. So I’ve done this again, and you need to stick around for this one. Not only did. Well, this was my first impression. No guns. No guns. Someone’s got a gun downstairs No guns. This is bad. Oh, jeez No, leave me alone. Leave me alone There’s no shotguns here, are you kidding me? Where are all the shotguns at? Someone’s got a c4. Oh no There’s still no shotgun here for real, there’s nothing here. Bandages, I don’t want bandages. Oh, this is bad I need a shotgun. How do I not find a shotgun in shotgun mode? Where are the shotguns? I Found no shotguns yet. I’m gonna die Yeah, not great. And then um, this happened No, come on, why isn’t it workin’? It’s not workin’. My jetpack’s broke. it’s overheated. This is bad news. This is really bad news uhh, Okay, I’ll take that, I’ll definitely take that It’s literally a sky base I’m gonna run out resources so badly, but how are we meant to get rid of them? They’ve won they’ve literally trolled me to win. There’s no way we can get up there unless this build, okay I think we’re gonna try that. How we doin’ we’re doing okay, oh we’re at build height. Ok, right, so no one’s gonna bring this down now. We just need to move. Do we have enough resources for this? I feel like we could be higher. Oh No, No! Someone out built me No! Someone did the same. I’m out. I’m out Oh My goodness, yeah, people have figured out that The best space to build is on that last bit ’cause someone’s built already and they’re just keeping it hostage. Has anyone else built a sky base? I don’t think they have, I think we’re OK We just need to get higher than that, dude. Let’s see if we can do it. This should work seven people left They’re trying the same thing, but they haven’t looked up to people over. There one is falling down We also have the med kits so we should be good. We’ve got everything we need for this No Do not ruin this day for me!!! Yes No, she ruined it She ruined it. I killed her. She ruined it I was just gonna lie on the platform and I had why needed oh Why? Let’s go too snobby going straight across we’re invisible. No one knows what’s going on We’re doing it we’ve done second place but first is next Well, we got what we got cause some would good start good start nothing else. So that’s it I’ll destroy all your furniture because I don’t care about it, right we need to help these med kits real quick Let’s grab these just just get some health on the board Just in case we come across another Punk who’s trying to ruin my party. Yeah Right. There we go Gee, so I was not going to do that took that box right out med kit Manages that I do metal manages, that’s good. Thank you Hey, thank you, sir Appreciate it. Oh, we haven’t got jet pack. Yeah, I didn’t realize we do now. I just realized why we don’t hear footsteps Because they’re jet packs Hey number two, right at least we’ve got some mint kits. That’s fine. Do we need a third? Maybe where’s another chest down here? I should have checked outside of the other one. Actually, where’s that doc? There? You are. What’s good, buddy? Thank you. Appreciate it. Yeah, right. We’re in business Let’s go Get some let’s go get some wood in that we need to be careful of Where we go around I think like heading to the top left is better Because then you don’t hit til two towers and I think that’s why we hit someone last time We just want to dodge those guys playing solos in duo’s. Yeah, I’m trying. I’m not succeeding very well I might have to kill this dude. I Kind of don’t want to though. Yeah, I definitely don’t want to kill them. They’re right there. There’s duo. It’s a Jew Oh, it’s a Jew. Oh, why am I the brightest skin ever? Yeah. I’m not gonna be able to make that I’m gonna wait for them to leave. I’m not here. It’s just a tree with arms Yeah, I don’t want them to find me because I want to win with no kills cuz that’s even me Mia, right? I’ve never win with no kills never man. Where you going are you going? Are you goods? Why are they going backwards you? Where are they going? That’s not the right way He’s going back out. Is that what’s what’s the Dhabi to do that? So sorry Can I have to keep my eye on you? We need way more resources with slackin. He’s so much more Let’s hit round this way. No one should be cowering this way. Otherwise, we would have seen him already We’re well short of our target though 21500 in total we’re not close right? I kind of need this 1,500 like now because it’s not many treat Well, there’s a few trees down here, but I’m gonna be close to not making it. Come on We’ve got this we’ve got this. I don’t think I’ve got this anyway more Oh, no, I don’t think I’ve got enough you have to grab as much as I can right now Even if it means showing my location, oh boy We’re gonna be close. I Don’t think we’re gonna be closed enough mind you we actually might be if we get rid of this we might be good enough this Might be okay problem is there’s people there and they will be able to knock our thing down. There’s not a base over there There’s no sky base. This could be fine. Here we go. This is risky because people can see me Oh jeez, because people can see me at em number three. Let’s go Yeah, so now this is out of the zone all the way up. Will we have enough? That is the question. We need to see where it goes next and see what else Everyone else is doing No one else is following us. Okay, I think we’ll be okay as long as we got enough materials though That is the problem. Just want to see how high we can get put three med kits 100 hundreds There should be fine for now. Anyone else doing the same thing, right? This is it as long as we have enough. Oh, jeez No, there they go Okay, they almost ruined our party, I don’t think we’re gonna have okay we eliminated him Because he died from fall damage By now don’t think that we’re gonna have enough to get over there and win the game. They might have ruined our life Okay, here we go. I think we’re all right Someone else could build up but I’m glad I caught that Because otherwise we’d have been in big trouble and they kind of helped us I could have just used their materials I bet he got 400 left, but it should be okay. I think so we came down a lot. So let’s go up What are they doing? Just flying around right? This is as tall as we can get and we’ve only got the brick to go This is bad. Right? We now you see where the final circle goes They’re gonna fight out down there fine get as little health as you can guys There should be a team. That’s me fits three people left including us. This is our So a little go at this we’re as high as we can get All we need to do is get into the middle and then use our med kit We don’t have anything else and we have enough to do this. Right? Let’s go. This is it guys? This is it the meme can we do it we to outlive two people? Look at this. It’s crazy. Here we go Ayy! We did it No way, let’s go Let’s go. Oh my goodness. I’m so happy Yes. Oh, yes. I should have used to take all that we did it memes Absolute memes took us three attempts, but we did it so We didn’t even need the med kits people just died in the storm I was so happy So happy there’s the victory. I wonder with warden kill. Unfortunately, we did have to kill someone otherwise Why didn’t he raise his friends and he is it because he fell off It must have been cuz he fell off I wanted to win with no kills I couldn’t do it But hey, that’s pretty good, though, right? That’s pretty good. If you enjoyed please do subscribe that we greatly appreciate it And yeah, there we go. That’s the new mode. That’s how to win the mode

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