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August 24, 2019

Hey guys Dan here and today is the day the first of May where hehe where fortnight season 4 begins And I’m pretty excited Hey, check it out new title screen is that the is that one of the battle past dudes So it is a super hero theme, okay? That’s cool. Oh, oh We have a cutscene as well Telling us this sci-fi music just in case you didn’t know Those are the comments that we’ve been seeing the evil ruins movie night oh This is hype Dude this is insane Oh my goodness here are the superheroes watch out Oh Goodness look at that. That’s amazing ooh. Oh This is looking nice. How would you feel about this? Yeah? I feel exactly the same. This is very cool battle pass oh Oh, I’m purchasing this right. Let’s go so we get all of these outfits. Ah my mind, Oh guys I Love myself a little bit of superhero action as I’m sure everyone else does And I’ve upgraded my battle pass and let’s go I start on tier 32 Let’s let’s rewind and this is what you get when you unlock the battle pass straightaway you get the carbide skin He’s looking good his butt is impressive. You also get the battle hawk as well. He’s looking pretty amazing He wants to get the battle pass challenges as well Which we’ll look at in a sec and now we get sprays sprays are brand new to the game I’m guessing you can tag pretty much anywhere, which is very very cool. You literally just bust out a can and spray it We’ll check that in a sec as well seal pup Why not? No, no, it’s the dude. It’s the kid That’s sick. I’m so glad they did that that’s cool. Ah props to that kid he is a proper meme! Am I currently am well hyped right now here We are page 13 level 100 gets you the Omega Again what a butt but apart from that this is a SICK skin to unlock. I like it a lot. Oh my goodness What’s dusty divots risky reels ok? There’s a new place down there? We need to hit both of these spots look at that massive crater at the bottom It’s a film set it’s the film set at the beginning. We are gonna die here, though By the way, so if you thought everyone went to tilt it too much. You haven’t been here before what what are you doing? What are you doing? Are you okay? What is happening? I just got stuck disgust pipes Oh wait, look the prison the prison has a big crater in it as well. There’s craters everywhere. I might hit the prison I’m gonna hit the prison just to see what this big old divot is about oh hold on a second hold on what is this? consume I’m a superhero. I am a legit a superhero watch out boys oh My goodness. Oh you could consume the space rock and then you can float around for a bit That’s awesome. These sprays though. Let’s hit a rainbow Yes, this has given me like old-school Tony Hawk’s vibes These are very cool. I Like this you can leave your mark around the map wherever you like That’s awesome. You can have three and play at a time I Love that that’s so cool. I want a space rock. Give me a space rock Yes Haha, can’t catch me now pumps. This is crazy. How long does it last for I? Have no idea it’s still going. I’m gonna die go catch me now I’m out see ya war there’s police cars There’s trucks At least half of dusty depots here big chunks of asteroid just chillin. Haha here. We go oh My goodness Look at this place This is insane. This is crazy. There’s an ice cream truck. That’s stuck in the ground. Give me some of this I’m exploring no there’s someone here ready to ruin my fun you’ll be able to do some insane stuff with this space rock nonsense. Oh My goodness, this is crazy. There’s a big old rock in the middle, and then the rest is just a giant hole I’m guessing there’s usually chests and stuff around here but obviously people have been here already or the center of dusty divot right now, and this thing is crazy a helicopter – Imagine if we could drive this thing This is just colossal Look at the size of it We all knew it was gonna happen at one point But we didn’t think it was gonna be now aisa up as a telescope look at it. It’s just insane. It’s Just crazy and this is what the half bit of dusty Depot looks like now now cool dusty Divots I already landed here anyway right no Way dusty divots coming through Okay, yep, no one still no one lands here. No one lands here because I found all this stuff Definitely here’s someone around here there. You are I Got no health you join the golden scar boys I was playing squads by the way Gotcha what are you doing bro? Are you okay? I don’t think he was okay. Oh Yeah, this game. Just got a little bit easier. I love getting a rocket launcher. It’s so good. There are two supply drops over here Completely unguarded. I blame dusty divot everyone’s gonna be in dusty divot just chilling drew can I get away with this probably not, okay? that works Now what’s better rocket launcher or grenade launcher? I’m gonna place an argument for the grenade launcher, okay? It’s a legendary one as well, so okay. Someone’s over there putting down things. I think I’m okay to just crack this open And I did got a launch pad out of it as well another grenade launcher Let’s grab this and let’s get out of here right let’s build a base and try and win this thing There’s only eight people in this massive ring. What is going on really? Ready the song behind this tree as well Look at this if I didn’t throw that it would be fine Hey get out of my house dudes we’re in big trouble man like big big trouble I’m pretty sure there’s someone in that house, so we’re gonna die I’m gonna try and collect what this man has them run in it’s gonna be so bad come on No, one’s bought me. No one spot me We can go right to the tip and see what happens. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna die here, though Okay, this is watch our back and see if anyone comes in someone’s all the way over there. Okay? I Think I’m just gonna build something. This is stupid. This is really stupid Oh, this is not so stupid anymore. I could be in this John this tree won’t even let me move. Oh Oh that was nasty Real nasty, I built a real stupid base up here I’m gonna let them to fight it out, and then I should be able to get the high grounds I Need to spray this somewhere, I need to spray this somewhere give me a wall. I need to spray this somewhere hey Gigi boys that was not supposed to be a win But out of minds, I don’t mind that’s like my fourth game. No like my second game of solos. We could do victory whoa So before the video ends, I completely forgot to show you the new umbrella that you get because I didn’t expect to win But here it is wait. That’s not it. It’s this It looks like the one from last series, but it’s got graffiti all over it I think it looks pretty cool, so inserts week now five umbrellas this from season one This from season two this from season three there’s some season four and the founders umbrella if you feel like it back to me it Was not supposed to happen but it happened guys if you enjoyed this video and are excited for season four of a Fortnight battle royale then please do do a big fat like that. We greatly appreciate it also You’re brand new to the channel, and I’m excited to see more four-night ice cream an absolute ton So I hope you’ll stick around if you want to stick around Hit that subscribe button to join Team TDM today people daily videos, and I’ll see you in the next one good

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