Darth Maul vs Boba Fett
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Darth Maul vs Boba Fett

August 29, 2019

So today I was talking to my friend the score master cannoli you can find his channel link in the description and Basically, we’re talking Star Wars which is something that we do often and we’re talking about the fact that you McGregor is apparently coming back as a Kenobi in his own spin-off Disney Plus TV show Whether or not that’s actually true or valid That’s still up to debate and we’ll see as time progresses, but I was sitting there thinking what movie what spin-off movie could be cool wouldn’t be a cool leg and I thought it’s sticking with the obi-wan Kenobi, I’m sort of like I Thought why have a Darth Maul? spin-off I thought that could be people but what we’ve dark multi because you basically Explored they everything for those who don’t know Darth Maul dink died in Phantom Menace he actually survived he ended up in Clone Wars and he appeared recently in Sona and then he appeared in rebels and where he eventually faced Obi one again, and then So basically where would Darth Maul bone Darth Maul dude in this story? And so I just came to thinking about it and Basically, I account the idea way if the Empire like hunted him down what if the Emperor’s like? Hey, this guy is still out here. We need to go take care of him So basically like he sends out a bunch of bounty hunters again start too long. Well, What other what famous bounty hunter and Star Wars are people most excited to see you who want to see a movie Bubba Peng? what if we saw but with that vs. Darth Maul and my mind was blown like It would be so cool. Like it’s an interesting idea. That was never that hasn’t really been explored like prophetic Verses like a traditional like old syslog like you see you see, uh, but with that against like Luke Skywalker, but I wouldn’t consider him like a traditional Jedi because he wasn’t like trained in like traditional Jedi ways like he was kind of like throwing full force into learning about the force and he had a very unconventional or like Upbringing into the force so we didn’t really know how like Boba Fett would do against a traditional forces that use it much less a Dark Horse user are a support like Darth Maul So basically this whole video is basically breaking down and how I would think Darth Maul versus Bubba Fett will go and yeah, is this clickbait sort of but it’s a funnel idea that I thought so basically I’m thinking that the Landscape of this fight would probably be on my tattoo. So let’s just say it tattooing like Desert just a random flat desert. Not many Hills or anywhere and They have all their essential tools. So Darth Mahajan’s metal legs double-play lightsaber And all of his horse Stuff all his force abilities and Boba Fett has his blaster his body armor his flamethrower and his jetpack, obviously so basically the way I would see this sort of running down is Oh that would put up like a valiant effort but Darth Maul having the forest is just that one advantage like That’s too much for our row effect because both Beca basically He’s very capable guy and he came to find a weakness and almost anything The problem is there’s no real weakness in the force The way we see it being portrayed in movies and comics and TV shows and whatnot And the other Star Wars media is that there’s no real way to counteract the force There’s no real like alternative like hey, this is how you to keep someone with them with the force. There’s no like Counter force unless you have the force Yourself and as cool as it would be to see both that game before his his he does. He’s not force sensitive So he wouldn’t have the forest and wind able to counteract Now the only caveat to this is we don’t know the extent of Darth Maul’s force capabilities we don’t know like how Conflicts obviously in the movies. He like force pull of something and hits a button in the doors opened And the bigger duel of the fates if that amends and He’s been like I I don’t remember that much from rebels as far as his capabilities as a force user Like I don’t think he can do force lightning And I think he might be but a force trip that might be like as far as he can go but he’s much more like capable and much more like Handy with his double blade lightsaber than he is using anything else but I Think that that one advantage is enough to defeat both effect well I think he I don’t think he would kill him Necessarily I think probe effect could like find a way to plead for his life And I think you come back and try to finish the job Excuse me, but I don’t think that Profet has anything that can counteract Darth Maul’s force abilities So yeah basically It’d be it’d be a post-fight. It’d be an awesome fight It would be a great movie to see it if like the Emperor’s like hey, we need to take care of this loose end But with that go in there and try to kill him best you can Just go take him out and like they just fight and punch each other down for the entire movie that can be a really cool style movie like it could like bounce between their perspectives and It can be Terminator vs Like Terminator and they’re hunting each other or something like that because they’re essentially like unstoppable killing machines. Like really Boba Fett is probably like More scrappy than Darth Maul But Darth Maul is much more like skilled and finesse, so it’d be very interesting if I you’d be really like cool debate to have With someone Ike I wish that I brought someone on like the brother so he could vary another perspective into this maybe he knows a little bit more than I do, but Yeah, let me know what you think too would win a fight Boba Fett or Darth Maul? Let me know in the comments down below like share and subscribe I know this was kind of a shorter video but I kinda wanted like do more these shorter like little discussion videos and stay like Half hour along rankings like we did with the Avengers movies. But yeah, let me know what your thoughts in the comments And yeah, I’ll see you guys later. Peace

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