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  1. So fake, no airforce would keep a plane that dirty. I suppose if it was abandoned it might get that shitty looking but in reality.. forget it. Too much , way too much darkening.

  2. I wish I could select the "like" button more than once…. Your attention to detail and realism is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your brilliant skill!

  3. I really enjoy your channel. Would you consider building a Moebius Models U.S.S. Kelvin from Star Trek?

  4. Hello David. I have found it fascinating watching your videos. I have 2 requests for you. I have the Titanic Minicraft Centennial edition with all the Photoetched parts. I am glad I haven't progressed to far with it, as really want to make it as detailed as possible… PLASMO style. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing the build with PhotoEtching, Fibre Optic Lighting etc. I found that you can get Artwox Wooden Deck Planking also for the model. The other challenge I have for you is Airwolf. I have been unable to find any "Decent" models out there. They all seem to lack in one way or another, proportions or some major details are often completely wrong. Then I have one question for you. Could you do a video on how you thin your paint for your airbrush? My airbrush seems to clog up every few minutes. Don't know if I am not thinning the paint enough, or if my little desk hobby compressor is just maybe not up to the task. I sincerely hope you reply to this post. Enjoy your videos. Keep it up.

  5. I really want you to see this, so I am commenting it again here: Deck Planking for "Minicraft 1/320 Titanic Centennial Edition".

  6. Incredible as always! Could you demonstrate any man 'o war models? sailing ship models from your hands will be such a masterpiece.

  7. Вы очень хорошо делаете диораммы сделайте пожалуйста диорамму с т 34 76 в 72 маштабе

  8. I like this jet. looking style and nice. and u did the great job to construct it.
    красивый самолёт. очень нравиться. раньше я тоже склеивал самолёты и рафаель был одним из самым любимых

  9. hey plasmo! i have an idea for your next build. you should make an xray model where you split the vehicle in half and make it where it shows all of the mechanics. i hope you take notice to my idea and i'm sorry for my wording, english is not my first langauage.

  10. Sorry I couldn't quite make it out, what was the reason for adding weights to the nose cone? Awesome to see you work as usual!

  11. Very nice job ! I would just mention that the Rafale M doesn't carry two scalp missiles under wings. The reason is if it lands on deck with just one unfired missile, it creates assymetrical flight and dangerous approach, so french navy equip Rafle with only one missile under central attach point.

  12. Hi… ever wondered how a diorama or a model of a crashed airplane would look like… any chances creating one soon? I'd love to see that. Thanks for your soothing videos BTW

  13. I have a question, why is it that all model kits first get glued together and then get painted?
    Why not individually?
    Also is there an other option aside from glue to let it just "stick" instead of permanently having it glued together, say you want to replace a gun-type with another one would that need to be cut off or?

    sorry, I am relatively new to models and was just wondering some things (I have some experience in miniatures, wh40k)

  14. Might seem an odd request, but please build the revell 1/32 P-51D with the metalic camo, you'll do an extraordinary job on a unique model

  15. i really hope after all your projects there is still fun involved for yourself greetings from germany

  16. May I know what type of airbrush that you used? or you can suggest the good brand of airbrush

  17. I love your work, especially when you build WW2 fighters, and the commentary, it makes the video more entertaining.
    I challenge you now to build Revell's Ju 88C-6Z/N in 1:72 and deal with their confusing instructions.

  18. I do have a quick question. Any help and anvice would be great. So, i was wondering, how to I get the washes for panel lines to come completely off? Sometimes, they smudge or dry out completely so that they cannot be removed by q-tip, no matter how hard i try. Im new to the hobby and have made a few fairly nice planes, except that whenever i try to use the washes, they never come off well.

  19. my frend navy aircraft aircraft how to oil wehathering use step by step please ..will you readye tutorlias …pls

  20. David Damek, I am twice your age, but you make me look like an amateur when it comes to model building……….EXCELLENT WORK!

  21. Its just so amazing how all of the techniques used work together to create an amazing model! Great work!

  22. What a great build. I have often wondered why the Eurocanards are so spectacularly neglected by the mainstream manufacturers like Tamika, Hasegawa, Academy and the like. I know there is a Revell kit out there but I understand it’s a bear to build. Even this kit has its problems. Thanks for giving it some love.

  23. Very great work! But am I the only one thought it looked too old? Some 2nd gen fighters are preserved better than this lol

  24. great work. Though thought modern aircraft are generally quite clean from what i have seen but maybe i am mistaken

  25. Kinda wanna see a gripen-ng now. Or a thunderbolt. Or any plane really, cant get enough of it.

    Though… if you wanna a challenge (and something fresh), how about one of those? Its our modern piston engine aircraft, a T-27 supertucano (there is also a light attack variant, the A-29, i only saw a green color scheme and external tank variant though)

  26. You are a bit too in love with weathering techniques, the end resault is just to much.
    The air force do clean the planes you know…

  27. Beautifully done sir! Very nice work indeed! I haven’t done a model in years, remember my last one was a 1/72 Hasegawa FB-111A and converted it to a RAAF F-111C. Finished that probably in 2006. Very rare and hard to find kit now. Got a few in the tash my wife has been wanting me to sell and I keep resisting. First model I used an airbrush on was a 1/72 Revell Harrier GR7 and think it was a reboxing of a Hasegawa kit. Now married, kids, mortgage etc. One day will get back on board and thank you for a very inspirational video!

  28. Hi plasmo, I really enjoyed watching this clip, if I may ask you, can you tell me the settings of the airbrush while you mark the panel lines please ?
    I have the same airbrush as yours, and I can't find a setting for that fine line.
    Btw when are you going to make a tutorial video on how to use properly the evolution airbrush ?

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