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January 23, 2020

Do you know the feeling too? You’re stressed, confused, everything is too much. I was looking for
a path to inner peace. And found transcendental meditation. This meditation increases health
and decreases stress. But there is more to it: enlightenment. My great role model,
David Lynch, advised: and that would then be … this young man: Because, can the Beatles and millions of fans be wrong? And that’s how I learned Yogic Flying. The miracle of financing. I have a hardworking wife. And all kinds of other news. You don’t have enemies,
you only have friends. Only when everyone’s
your friend and you have no enemies,
you are invincible. Invincible Germany. Invincible Germany. Pardon? And the longer the search lasted, the more complicated everything became. But one question always remained
until the very end. “Adventurous, humorous and investigative” “An experiment with enlightened scepticism”

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  1. Looks interesting seems like a fucking cult but the aspect of relaxing twice a day sounds nice in my stressed out new parent life but I’ll leave the nonsense out of my relaxation ha

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