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August 26, 2019

Hey everybody it’s Blue Duckie and
welcome back to another doll review in this video I have the Jakks Pacific DC
superhero girls bumblebee who is super large like their Wonder Woman the giant
bumblebee action pose doll to review and also I’m going to do a quick comparison
at the end next to the Mattel version of bumblebee which is much smaller but just
quick I wanted to show you the similarities and differences other than
of course the size and her outfit and just the take that Jakks and Mattel did
for the same character here is a look at the back of her box it shows you what all
is included you get the doll her cuffs her jetpack her shoes and it doll stand
and then the other ones they have out are a Wonder Woman Batgirl and Supergirl
here’s a look at bumblebees face up close
once again they put the glitter on the upper eyelid and she has bright pink
lips and they also have the glitter in the inside corner of her eye again and
it’s once again kind of looking like it just on the white of her eye instead of
on the skin she does have a star in her eye and brown eyes with light pink
dusting on her cheeks as a blush her brown and orange blonde hair is very
very soft oh so soft and curly and the one side has two little braids in it
that’s the side that’s supposed to be very like tight and braided to the side
but it’s it’s kind of it’s loose it’s not done that great but the rest of it
is super super curly and it’s very soft and nice to touch lots of
curls very very soft I love her hair here’s a look at her winged backpack it
is removable you just pull those straps out you can take it off going down into
her outfit the top and the pants are sewn together so it is actually like
more like a jumpsuit the top has long sleeves with a black material with
silvery glitter on the sleeves and then the
front panel is gold with gold glitter over top and it looks like honey combs
the the gold glitter I have to say though is not falling off or coming off
on my fingers I don’t see any glitter coming off so the one thing that bothers
me though is this part this white part in the middle it is supposed to look
like a belt which is on her art but it ends up looking the way they did it kind
of looking like either a white of her shirt is coming out or underwear is
peeking out I think they should have definitely just had a belt here instead
of including it into the shirt as that because it doesn’t look that
aesthetically pleasing to me that way and then we have the pants which I
really love her pants it’s again like a vinyl thicker plastic material and the
print on them is pretty cool there’s this gold stripe going down the front
and then you have the honeycomb pattern again in this gold glitter and this gold
glitter you can tell has been treated on top and none of the glitter comes off
when you rub it you know Sani glitter so that’s always nice when
you don’t have glitter rubbing off on clothes or toys also has these two
wristbands that are blue with yellow bumblebees on them and finally have her
sneakers which are orange with black accents
she has a star on the tongue of each sneaker this giant bumblebee also comes
with a doll stand and yes she does stand completely fine balanced on her own
without the doll stand but I do appreciate the inclusion of one given
her size I think with dolls it’s always better to include a doll stand and not
need it when then to need one and not have one included okay so here is
Mattel’s next to Jakks Pacific giant version of bumblebee and in the face I
had a really hard time choosing which one I like better but I think overall
style I kind of like Mattel’s version a little better I’m not really thrilled
with the glitter on Jakks Pacific’s makeup that they just seem to want to
put on each one of these giant DC super hero girls next we come to the hair
which for Mattel’s version the one side you can see it’s not shaved
it’s very tight braids there’s three of them Mattel didn’t even try to do the
braids they just molded and painted those and then on the other side she has
the brown and the golden blonde hair not very like not super curly just waves and
then for the giant bumblebee she has really really a lot of curls and then
for that side of that hair they tried to do some braids but they’re not super
tight it doesn’t look really tight to the head there’s two there so well I
that they tried to do it they didn’t do it successfully and it was a little
disappointing so for the overall outfit if going by the artwork neither Mattel
nor Jakks Pacific in their outfit 100% replicated it perfectly but I think
Mattel did make it a little closer to the image the pants are more like the
artwork of bumblebee from the show and the top is a short sleeve top and except
for the two black polygons and the white of the belt I think it’s closer in the
top and her gauntlets look more similar than the Jakks Pacific but overall I
think I prefer Jakks Pacific outfit I think it looks cooler and I think it
easily could be a bumblebee outfit just not the one scene in the show like an
alternate outfit the only thing that bothers me is that white part that’s
supposed to be her belt but it does not come off as a belt to me but her pants
are really cool the rest of her top is really cool and she looks really cool in
it and just so you guys can see the size comparison between these two dolls all
right so these Jakks Pacific action pose dolls are very posable to um they have
joints and the shoulders elbows wrists hips knees and also there is a chest joint too so they are very posable and my overall rating of the bumblebee from
1 to 10 10 being the best and again this is my own personal opinion yours might
which is perfectly fine the downsides that I could that were cons for me were
again the shirt issue there and the fact that her braided hair style
I don’t think was very successful and also I didn’t much like the glitter on
her eyes so those were the three downsides for this doll for me so but
other than that I still really liked her so I’m gonna give her an 8 out of 10 so
thank you guys for watching this doll review and I’ll see you next time bye

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  1. I love the glitter eye shadow!! It's fantastic! But not when it's accidentally put on the eye.

    I love this doll, the design is great!

  2. um well you can see why Mattel molded the braids when you look at the giant doll's hair. it's a MESS. Stop saying they do things because they are lazy. do you watch them work?? No you're just judging right away because you personally do not like a feature on the doll. I think they went the right route with molding the braids on. less chance of it becoming a mesa like giant bumble bee's hair. if they didn't mold it on you would be complaining about how Mattel makes everything messy.

  3. I like this doll's face a lot better than Wonder Woman's. I just wish they got her cornrows right. I prefer the plastic ones to those braids in the 18" version.

  4. Great video, I'm trying to resist in purchasing her ­čśé I have the Mattel one haven't taken out of box. I like them both, glad to see the doll stand. ­čśŐ

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