dDamage Itw: Aeroplanes LP (English sub.)

September 18, 2019

Straight to the point ! ‘Aeroplanes’, it’s here ! On the LP, you’ve got
Roi Heenok from Montreal, Jon Spencer from the Blues Explosion (NY),
Tim Simenon from Bomb the Bass (UK), Agallah (NY), Tes (NY),
Kumi Solo from Japan, who did some strange stuff
for us, but nevermind, Raoul Sinier (FR),
Krazy Baldhead (FR)… Raoul Sinier, yeah… Raoul ! Good evening ! Good evening ! What’s up?
I’ve been looking for you ! Doin’ all right ! [stupid pun based on cheese and coffee] I’d like to know, first of all, if I may
ask the first question… Please do ! Which Internet is this? Azimuth Quatorze You make experimental music… Electro-sprutz ! …experimental, indeed. … So can we do
an experimental interview? Like, for example,
I don’t know, you put this glass
on your head? Let me show you
an experimental interview. So, ‘Experimental interview’: Come on, any question. All right, watch out: so, can you both
introduce yourself?… Let me introduce myself: That’s the way it is. Good evening ! Good evening ! Would JB introduce himself? ‘Gérard Baste [Svinkels],
alcoholic, it’s been four seconds
since I last drank alcohol…’ Shout out to Baste ! You’ve made a music for a
McDonald’s commercial, Yeah ! for the ‘Premio’ burger,
I love it, it’s really good ! Thank you ! But how many Big Macs
did they pay you with? Hurray for vacations ! Hurray for dDamage ! What we’re asking for is burgers, so at McDonald’s we’re like: ‘Nice to meet you,
we wrote the music for the spot of the Premio,
no offence…’ Er… I eat this burger,
which I didn’t pay for, and when I go back home,
guess what’s happening to me? I get mouth ulcers ! On the gum, the tongue…
I get mouth ulcers ! What about that?! Free burgers: free mouth ulcers ! This music, this track… ‘Aeroplanes’? Yeah, we remade it two years ago
for this Aeroplanes LP, but for the ad, it’s the version from the LP
of 2004 on Planet Mu, ‘Radio Ape’. Why does an old track
feature on a new album? People… It’s like when there
were no Internets… much faster their homes so it comes in and today, it’s people understand and it’s stuff so that’s it, the Internets. We’ve been asked,
and we wanted to make synchros, my brother has made the
score of a Japanese movie, plus 2 tracks by dDamage in it; we’ve made another score
for a movie that won in festivals… We almost put ‘Aeroplanes’
for the Red Cross campaign… The A.D.s were listening to it but one of them didn’t want it
in the end, so… But then, the track is still
playing in the ad agency, when McDonald’s release
their new sandwich. They find and choose
the track. That’s it. Did they let you know
or was it like a hold-up? I don’t give a shit you know, because after that,
we have our new album coming up in April,
it’s called ‘Aeroplanes’ ! It was scheduled for March, right?… Yeah, now for April, because of the Premio,
which has melt too long… So this track ‘Aeroplanes’
is an acoustic version of it, but this new LP has been
scheduled for a long time now ! Anyway, people who follow us
will recognize some stuff, or alternative versions… Is there a buy-one-burger,
get-one-free-LP offer? You know when I met
the people from McDonald’s, they didn’t just
offered us burgers… First of all, I enter the office
and I slip on parmesan ! Cousteron cheese, dude,
there is no fantasy ! Fantasy is science fiction,
Illuminatis, the Internets that make you believe
that it’s not what you believe ! That’s why it’s 4 euros, they thought: ‘we’re gonna make
a deluxe burger, and we need a deluxe music !’, see? It’s McDonald’s, they want to beat
the French cheesemongers!… It’s true ! They want to beat the French
baguette sandwiches ! They want to create a mix between French ‘Jambon Beurre’
[ham and butter baguette] and the America
(with Algerian sauce), and it seems to be
the Parmigiano… Jambon Beurre, and the Algeriano… the Americano. If you have mouth ulcers,
don’t eat the Parmigiano. That’s all. You’ve got the names of the guests… Yeah… On this fucking shit,
you get a wraping, man ! A wraping !
A wraping on top ! You’ve got this sleeve
with our faces and on top of it, you’ve got
the monkeys sleeve!… A wraping ! You think everybody bothers
making wrapings?! It’s a concept, actually… The concept,
it wants a glass?… It’s not true,
we are not big stars in Japan!… It’s the labels on which
we sign who… Fuck !
Michèle Torr is a big star in Japan, Nana Mouskouri is a big star in Jap…
You’ve seen my face?! Adjani ! Except for the glasses, I’ve got
nothing of Nana Mouskouri ! Around 2011, there will be a new
dDamage project with only Ds… A big D, right? Come on, I’ll give the name ! Nah, don’t say it ! Don’t say it ! I have to ! It’s a 100% French project, deeply rooted French,
from France for sure, and it’s gonna be called… You mustn’t say it ! It’s gonna be called
‘Big Dédé’ ! [dD] Remember that scratch ticket
with this pig called Dédé?… Big Dédé ! So we’ve made a collaboration
with the French lottery: it’s a big dice [‘dé’ in French]
with a gorged piglet in it, it’s like:
‘Wiiik ! Wiiik !’, and on each face of it
(you can throw it like that), you have the face of Junkaz Lou
like this, DJ Gero’s face like that, Netik like that, and Trouble. And the faces of my brother and me.
And you can scratch it ! And if you scratch the right face,
you get one year of free gigs. Dj Gero’s. So are you here for dDamage
or not at all? What?! dDamage… Yeah, as well. A 100 euros bill
might be better… Do you like the sounds here? Yeah, that’s dope !
Incredible ! Inexplicable.
You have to come and see them ! For those who are not here:
on Internet, on TV and so on, but The Internets. you have to feel the thing
and be tactile on it ! When I study the tracklist
of your forthcoming LP, ‘Aeroplanes’, I can’t find any featuring with
Teki Latex. How come? Some people live on the meteorite
which is a planet, and these people are afraid
of a meteorite which rushes at them
and it’s the Earth ! There you go:
Teki Latex is the Earth ! It’s like a big stuff ! Teki Latex, did I destroy you?
I don’t want to ! I want to lick your belly button ! Can you make something,
if you make an editing, and I go: ‘You want to lick my belly button,
I want to lick your belly button !’ and you make something
with a techno kick… OK ! He’s nuts ! You’ve still got questions?! A lot of them, 1 billion, actually ! Anyway, can we say that
it’s the album of the maturity? OK, this… I’m sure you dream
to be asked this question… – This is a question…
– Is it a good question or not? …I don’t spit on it. All right, because I feel you’ve
become more mature, and happier, you wear
glasses, for example… What do you do when you’ve finished eating?
You’ve eaten well. Yeah, I’ve probably eaten well… So you’re like:
‘Mum, what’s for dessert?’ And you’re used to, you know:
an apple pie, a clafoutis… A chocolate eclair… And then Mum says:
‘Well, it’s Sunday noon and I haven’t been able to go to the patisserie:
I haven’t bought any desserts.’ So then Mum says:
‘Go and have a look in the fridge, you’ll find some yogurts left.’ Ouch! Disgusting strawberry yogurts
with real fruit pieces… Check this out: Yeah… The yogurts… They are mature yogurts.
[ ‘nature’=’plain’ yogurts] Ouch!… So you’re eating your mature yogurt,
and you’re like: ‘Fuck !’… – I have to say, I pull a face here. …’Fuck ! I’ve always been
a mature yogurt !’ ‘I’ve always been
a mature yogurt.’ It’s the album of the maturity,
but the former LP as well, and it has always been
the maturity ! Always ! And is it the confirmation album? Come on, stop your bullshit!… With JB, our goal
is to build a robot, in 2018, Terminator-Einstein type. OK? This Terminator-Einstein robot will consist
of the body of the Terminator and the head of Einstein,
recreated with the big moustache and the tongue
always sticking out. You get it? And some elements
will be added to this creature: (well, you all know that: pedophilia, you want to fuck
your mother and father: Freud) we will inject drops of Freud in the brain
of this Terminator-Einstein, (you’re aware of Freud, right?) and Marx. That’s it. Interview by Simon ‘3.14’ Bittan
Video and translation by Azimuth Schwitters Live track:
dDamage – ‘Hard like a criminal’ Venues:
L’International and La Flèche d’Or

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