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  1. This is the best part. Declarative UI ❤️
    Why did they not do it earlier? 😍😍

  2. Isn't reassigning mutable variables in a data class inside the function a side effect that makes the functions non-pure?

  3. They are paving the way for Android Developers to become Flutter Developers because of Fuchsia!

  4. Hmm they showed `extends View` and contrasted it with Fragment; but what about `extends FrameLayout`?

  5. I always wondered why scattering all UI code was "best practice". Great to know this will fix it. It would take a year or so for this I guess.

  6. Every year you go forward and you continue to make a mess of services and addons of issues. I don't truly understand why….as a good thinking man once said. Over the years i started reading more code than writing… would be to keep your Flutter in Flutter don't mess up Android also.

  7. Does this still exists ???
    But whyy 😅😅😅
    Flutter have overtaken native 😅
    Atleast for me 😅

  8. It's just what Flutter is doing even with the "Apply Changes" hot reload feature. I thought I heard it will also bypass platform widgets and draw the view to the screen directly, very like Flutter.

  9. mark~
    history of android UI
    5:50 refactor UI

    14:14 jetpack compose!
    23:45 data flow
    29:50 recap


  10. This is truly awesome, very much like Flutter but for native Android with Kotlin! Can't wait for a stable version!

  11. 24:47 Finally, code is data (is code)! This will open up a new world of easily programmable UI. The apps of the future are going to be very interesting…

  12. As someone who left Android development mid 2015, this has tempted me to come back as it looks a lot easier to write and manage the UI.
    Since 2015 have basically only used web apps, since most stuff needed to be cross-platform.

  13. How you use Styles with this? Styles were useful for things like white labeling and different device size support..

  14. Every time he says "so it turns into something very simple" I get goosebumps ;).. Yeah android and "simple" :))

  15. Seems for me like an attempt to solve a problem that have never existed. Build an ui from code? A very fresh idea! How to preview it? How to build constraint layout from code and doesn't use 1k lines? Should we just build and see like flutter says (with wasting a few minutes)? Thanks, but no thanks

  16. I don't get. It looks like all those teams inside Google are fighting against each other. PWA, Flutter, now Jetpack Compose… Why do they invest so much time to invent so many instruments for different languages just for 1 OS. Just make 1!
    I'm trying to step up my android game, what should i learn? I was going for flutter, but now we have similar declaritive UI in Android and i'm hell confused. Like most of the newcomers.

  17. Hey this was the flutter style of building UI. This was one the cool feature of flutter..but flutter has many more cool features like this.but Thanking you Team

  18. Seems that good old Java for Android will gone in a next couple of years.

    The question is which one would they prefer more Kotlin or Dart?

  19. Romain is the best speaker @Google , he doesn't hesitate to even talk about Google's/their inefficiency or mistakes and he is also humorous… We want more lectures and videos from him…

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