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Deluxo review! – GTA Online guides

August 24, 2019

hello everyone and welcome back to another GTL 9 guide where today we’re going to be taking a look at the deluxe Oh way back to the Future car added as part of the doomsday heists DLC so let’s get right to the guide shall we so at the very steep price of 4.7 million you can get a car that’s basically a homage to Back to the Future like it’s not even sold this vehicle unlike the rune or 2000 where it’s sort of a throwback to Knight Rider this thing straight up just copies the DeLorean from Back to the Future I guess it doesn’t have all the cool time-travel stuff on it like from the movie but still I’m surprised Rockstar can get away with all this stuff without being sued left right in the center anyways as you may have seen from the trailers of the doomsday heist dlc this thing can fly even without any mods at all you can simply press the toggle hydraulic button to toggle fly mode on and off out of all the land vehicles that can fly I would have to say that the DeLorean is the most easy to fly that is once you’ve got the thing in the air at first upon taking off it does feel a bit we’re pulling up it’s a bit wobbly but it gets Sam when it’s in the air this thing will go pretty much wherever you want it to go it’s definitely what I would expect from a hover car GTO was set in the future like in the year 3000 but inconsistent technological advances in the game’s time setting aside what’s his car like when fully upgraded well to upgrade this thing unlike some other vehicles in this DLC this thing requires the use of the Avenger to upgrade adding another paywall to an already overly expensive vehicle anyways the thing can be fitted with the usual upgrades performance weapons the usual there are some body parts that can be changed around like the hood and a spoiler but otherwise customizability is pretty limited the car can be fitted with machine guns and rockets which makes this a sort of M rated version of the Back to the Future car where Marty and the doc have to go back in time to kill before something anyways we have the thing modded to the max so let’s see how good it is well I gotta say flying around in this singing Grand Theft Auto it makes me feel like I’m playing Saints Row that or I installed a mod which adds back to the future flying cars to the game which is supposed to take place in the present besides that this thing is really slow even with all the performance upgrades attached to it this thing is way too slow to be useful in any combat situation the defense is the same as a normal car and because of the low top speed both on ground and in fly mode this thing won’t stand a chance against any homing rockets that happen to fly towards it but let’s pretend that you didn’t get this thing to blow people up like Isis from the Year 2098 this car is a pretty nice thing to fly around the city to go on like a tour or something as I said earlier flying this thing is pretty easy and is able to come to a complete stop in midair and even go and reverse so you could use this thing as a sort of futuristic taxi if you’re a really big fan of the Back to the Future series otherwise I wouldn’t recommend this car it’s far too expensive there’s similar pieces of hardware that can do more than this thing and can even do more for a cheaper price if you want a vehicle that can fly shoot missiles and be good at doing what it does just get an oppressor or a Hydra sorry to disappoint all of you fans of back to the future out there but in any case I do hope you enjoyed this short video about the deluxe so if you did make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the pyrin gaming channel for loads more videos coming to you very soon see you around everyone

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  1. I know this is an old video but they can not get sued by deloreon Mister deloreon got arrested by trying to save his company so its allowed

  2. the back lights on my deluxo are lightblue as if it is on hover mode but how do i get them to be darker?

  3. There should be a feature on the deluxo where if you get killed in it you have the option to travel back in time before you were killed to do something about it and then you’d straight away end up back in the live game world. Then it would appear in the corner ‘you changed history’ and the kill and death would be altered in the stats. That would be epic!

  4. your channel is 100% better than that Mr boss dude he's so annoying and you're so simple and quick with your videos and you rp to describe and review stuff in gta

  5. I got the discount price it went on sale and I did the double money bogton problem glitch with a friend finally got my dream car love it

  6. I have this, im usually a passive player but when i get attacked by a person on foot, i put it into hover mode and just full speed ram into them.

  7. wouldn't it technically be ok if a time travelling death car is added to a game set in any time period?

  8. The reason they can get away with it is the car isn’t “from Back to the Future” it’s a real car that was used in the movie. So it would be up to the original creator of the car to sue them, and considering he went to jail for fraud over how he handled his company (basics, you can Google the DeLorean story) he’s not really in a position to sue as the entire company is defunct and gone.

  9. You can finally have a car that has weapons and that can fly and you don’t even need to use a attack helicopter but the buzzard is my favorite attack helicopter

  10. This is definitely my favorite car in the game. I kept it stock steel color, added an OUTATIME license plate, and put on a set of whitewalls with red hubcaps. I feel like I have infinite iq driving this thing around.

  11. I'm not disappointed a griefer try to blow me up when I was in my regular car and I just used to homing missiles and it destroyed it

  12. This review is meant for people who play in full public lobby’s, for someone like myself who does ceo missions in solo pubs with friends, it’s much more fun and enjoyable because you aren’t worrying about griefers you’re just flying round having a good time with friends

  13. I have the delexo and it’s amazing used moc funny and it’s a boat heli car and plane and it’s the deloren also have 30 rockets instead of ruiner which has only 10

    I dislike this misinformationn video he lies

  14. My gta wallet :6.000.000
    Me:i dont need it
    I defenetly dont need it
    I dont
    No i dont
    Defenently not


  15. I bought a deluxo and put it in the garage of the club and disappeared as I recovered it does not appear anymore =

  16. You can actually upgrade it in the mobile operations center to if you already have done running plus it's cheaper

  17. Dude this video is bs I was thinking about the guy just looking how to even get up in the air which you didn’t show in this GUIDE. Also it’s pretty damn good at being elusive even to jet planes if you spin around at the right moment. Wth

  18. Honestly it's one my favorite vehicles in the game and I pretty much use it all the time to get missions done easily.

  19. Yeah all that was true but it's great for martin mission and such and makes me a loooooooooooooottttttt of money

  20. I am so torn on this car, it is on sale this week and I just completed the Doomsday Heist to get the trade in price.

    I feel the only reason to get this is for the Back to the Future nostalgia. Other than that, how does this car stack up with griefers? How great are the missiles?

  21. If this car can take down OP2 griefers, than it is well worth the sale price. I hope to find a video showing this car vs OP2 to make my decision on buying it.

  22. This was a good purchase for me. Even though it's slow and low armor. This helped me do missions that would take long or be difficult with out. Well that my opinion

  23. Lol I have deluxo, opressor (mk 1 and 2) and hydra, I love deluxo for tricks and a backup if my opressor gets destroyed, and for cargo missions, it is one of my favorite weaponized vehichles in this game, if your rich or looking for just that then go ahead and get it, it's awesome!

  24. Little did he know, it’s very possible to dodge all middles other than ruined mussels by doing a circle in the air or by exiting hover mode to move quickly down

  25. This car is a good purchase imo. It's extremely easy to fly, there is no danger from crashing at all, it can be used in land, sea and air. The rockets and machine guns are plenty enough for pve and can get you out of a tight spot in pvp.

  26. Lol in my Kayla I can take out all of these vehicles oppressors deluxo and jets u just suprise them shoot mussels fly away in stealth then look behind u next thing u know there’s an explosive and SOMONE died on the log ha ha

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