Destination Trail – United Kingdom
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Destination Trail – United Kingdom

August 9, 2019

had an opportunity to come over to the UK. I’d never been here before. We dropped into the
village of Peaslake, and it was amazing to me how
many mountain bikers there were. CHRISTIAN FAIRCLOUGH:
Peaslake is like a quintessential
little English village. You can turn up, and you’ll
find all the riding pretty quick because there’s hundreds
of mountain bikers there. What better place to start
than the Surrey hills? Pretty English
countryside, there’s so many cool trails to ride. [MUSIC PLAYING] We didn’t have much
time down south, so it was good that
we were able to show Marshall the dirt jumps. [MUSIC PLAYING] Luckily enough, Olly
Wilkins turned up. And he’s a good guy to show you
how to ride some dirt jumps. OLLY WILKINS: I think the
reason why mountain biking is so popular in the
UK isn’t because of our amazing mountains
or our spectacular weather, but more the mentality
of making the most of it, making the most
of what we’ve got and keeping calm
and carrying on. CHRISTIAN FAIRCLOUGH: After
spending a few days down south in England, we
flew up to Glasgow. And we drove up through
Glencoe, up to Fort William. MARSHALL MULLEN: The farther
you went, the more amazing this drive got. It was just these huge rolling
hills and this riverbed that just ran out into the ocean. It was amazing. CHRISTIAN FAIRCLOUGH:
It was quite funny. Marshall had his head out the
window with a selfie stick. I mean, I know the
Americans love a selfie, but he really loves a selfie. MARSHALL MULLEN: We showed
up here in Fort William and the weather really
couldn’t have been better. First day here took
us to the Ben Nevis Range, which is home of the
Fort William downhill rate. HUW OLIVER: I’m Huw Oliver. I work as a mountain
bike guide for GO-WHERE, taking people a bit
off the beaten track. CHRISTIAN FAIRCLOUGH: Huw is
a perfect guide for up here. He rides this
stuff all the time. He guides people around
five days a week. So he knows all the good trails. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you’re riding
up there, it’s almost distracting because it’s
so beautiful and such an epic landscape. It’s hard to stay on
the trail sometimes. MARSHALL MULLEN: I think one
of the most exciting things about traveling with your
bike is everywhere you go, there’s some new place to ride. I think there’s some thrill
from riding a new trial. It’s pretty amazing. HUW OLIVER: We are on the
northwest edge of Europe. It really does feel a bit
otherworldly at times. The fact that there’s
mist and cloud curling around the mountain, there’s
not many places more atmospheric than here.

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  1. awesome location , wish we had so beatiful woods here . Bit we only had high hills 🙂 But i would ride the Destination Trail with my DH Bike

  2. A nice video but…I can't believe the Lake District was missed out – the riding is stunning and it is truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth, even on a "bad" day! And as for skipping Wales, don't get me started..

  3. Looks beautiful! You guys should make a stop in México at the Bosque de la primavera in Guadalajara, Jalisco! hundreds of kms of singletracks where only bikes are allowed to get in

  4. haha just moved to CA and im having same problem with getting distracted with the scenery. Never had that issue in England though but i guess im just used to it

  5. of course, you go to the 'U.K.' and ignore Wales. it's not like we have anywhere that people from abroad would like to mountain bike is there….Snowdon, Penmachno, Coed y Brenin, Marin (Llanrwst), Antur Stiniog, Cader Idris….and that's just North West Wales. I'm sure there aren't any places to mtb in south, east or mid Wales either….

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