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Developer Highlight – UI/UX Design

August 9, 2019

uh hi hi I’m Natalie and I’m the UX designer here at caucusing so this Factory is a very very do AI heavy game first year and a half the UI was just not working like it was working like it it served its purpose it was so boring like it was really boring and was also necessary to just are thinking about UX UI Newark’s like they really like they they blend together you can’t really do one without the other user experience I did this on my TV once so you could actually target because they’re ready if your UI is that like the entire experience becomes bad it’s the glue between the designer and the player for example you’re you’re out to go to this mission and you know you have no idea how to get there but you open up your map and it’s just absolute to use I’m sorry so then you’re probably going to quit this really screwed it we have like some exploration and like something some narrative in there as well so then Hannah like our level designer and writer now as well she started coming up with like this company and like these people that run the company so like Katrina parks and then Steve and we were able to put a stamp on like who that company was there there was just like no way to reflect that in the UI through that like the balls are rolling to make this operating system for the employees I’ll fix it here you’re actually a part of like the company and the world and the the UI creates a story for you as well and that’s how how do you I finally start becoming fun we were figuring out the workflow like how did we want to do things and what approached it we want to take and it depends on where in development you are so two years ago it was like getting stuff out quickly like getting prototypes out in order to be able like see like does this work do we enjoy it do we need it and the part like it doesn’t even really contain any art now that were mostly polishing stuff up it’s more about really like tweaking small things we need to change these icons because people don’t understand what these icons mean tweaking an animation or that color doesn’t really look like it should but a construction menu that we have in satisfactory that menu has gone I think through over 20 iteration it’s used so often and it serves a lot of different purposes in the game I wouldn’t say UI is underrated but I I would say that UI is misunderstood I want to use a example of like a conversation I have with someone our job is easy right you just drag and drop the buttons in there and I was like where do I drag them to how heavy does a button feel and what do you use it for how should it respond when you release or when you click doesn’t have to be a button hey those are all like the tiny little things and with you I like there’s always gonna be sacrifices somewhere often players ask for something or like even people here like designers or like means they present a solution it’s it’s like from there perfectly no it’s from their lens from their perspective yes English is not my first life so I say you are a designer you really gotta go in and try to you like to pick out their brain a little bit when it comes to accessibility colorblindness like is a major one and we try to like tailored our UI to people with colorblindness like with the different types as well so we we use like very contrasting colors but for example people that are blind like I I would not know how to design a game or for people that can’t see the world I do like read up on the subjects – if you like be aware of it as much as I can I would love to do better in that area I think some people but they can’t as a thing like there are tons of blind gamers out there that play games like overwatch and they play fallout any any game you and I play I do like the art and the implementation and the design and that was quite overwhelming in bigger companies like those three things can be separate jobs and they can be like enough to fill up a whole workweek for someone but seems like the last six months we have another UI UX designers now working with – and this is working out very well nice I’ve actually like gotten much more comfortable with programming we have very nice programmers here that just sit with you and they help you out and and they don’t mind doing up you know you’re there to help each other out actually like I helped Jace out every now and then the guy needs some help what kind of computer yeah I mean I know what software is but Hartford like it works um I use illustrator I use Photoshop I use After Effects I used to use Microsoft Visio for flowcharts but now I use balsamic to do like wireframes and flowcharts yeah and then there’s like Unreal Engine 2 to make it all work I haven’t worked with Scaleform or flash whatever the dinosaur used to work but of course you want to try to to step away from like the regular interface that you see a lot I think that space is a really good example but I also think hearthstone was a really good example of like things feel tangible and they feel like they’re they belong in that world yeah I think that’s what you need to do to make it you I how do [Music] here at the video downsizing yeah how long have you been playing runescape five years Lance started when I was nine hey I want to show how we exactly the same hey I like your outfit today Thanks it’s reading game

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  1. Awesome. Whats the difference between CSS and other studios? CSS has a lively bunch of unique characters working to make great games and other game studios are mindless corporate cash grabbers? Nope most game studios are like this… the former, not the later. The thing that makes CSS unique is stuff like this. Jace, you are doing a great job bringing across the unique and amazing personality that exists at CSS. Keep it up! CSS keep being the unique and colorful bunch you all are.

  2. I remember you putting the little pieces of paper on the tv :'). I remember me screaming about wolves coming as well … Trots op jou <3

  3. As a software dev, I hate doing UI and front end. Why? Because as I think Nathalie is explaining, it really is misunderstood, and the way I see it, UI is much more related to art than coding. Understanding user experience and UI design is a very different skill set than the one required to come up with an algorithm or writing a library, it is the more humane and less technical part of developing. Hats off to all who love and do it well. Cant wait to play it ^^.

    Also, I am nothing that dev vlog is becoming the new trend? So now that Early Access is old news is this the new gaming trend? Showcasing your product from even a pre pre pre alpha stage? Not complaining, just noticing a pattern

  4. UI design, you only notice it when it's bad, if it's doing its job perfectly, you don't even realise your using it

  5. Раз уж тут много русскоязычных, подскажите. Я месяц назад подписался на сайте на альфа-ключ. Ясны пень не выиграл.
    В среду ютуб меня уведомил о понедельничном видосе (вот же тормоз), я так понял о раздаче еще 1к ключей. Так вот, надо было новые телодвижения делать, или старая регистрация остается в силе на будущие розыгрыши???
    Кто в курсе, кто в ладах с английским???

  6. Wait a second, is she dutch aswell and to be specific from Noord-Brabant then aswell bc "Hou doe" is Brabants for bye

  7. This was very interesting, thanks for making this for us! No really. It was… Satisfactory. Right that pun has been used way too much (by me).

  8. I dont know how you make the videos so intresting and so learningfull with it being soo cringe :P. Anyways keep up the good work (you to Simon) <3

  9. Well I get that people that are in the official blind category (aka <25% sight) can play games but what if somebody really can't see the screen? How is that supposed to work with fps-style games?

  10. how much money do I have to throw at coffee stain till I get a alpha key to satisfactory name it if I got it its urs I want that game in my life

  11. Content + But why are we supposed to care when people are gay? A devs sexual preference is just about the last thing I care about and I don't know how many times this has come up with yall.

  12. sympatische leute habt ihr aufjeden fall . bin gesammt

    sympathetic people a working for you im

    curious for more vid

  13. Just wonder, How many applied for alpha key? not saying i not have one or if i got one.. but so many thousands of keys given already.. when does the number given match the applied 🙂

  14. ♫Money hat, Money hat, where'd you go?
    They spent it all on hookers and blow!Money hat, Money hat, woe is me…I won't be buying this game unless they release it on steam.♫

    End of the day I would of never even heard of this game if it was not for steam recommending it to me. Hell, I never even heard of Goat Simulator until I heard of this game.

  15. An OS that helps the player, and helps set the story huh, I wonder where I've seen that before… Hey if it works and people love it, and your UI helps flesh out your universe? That's gotta feel good as a UI designer.

  16. Love it best way to learn, just thrower in in the ocean and hope she learns to swim! That how I learned my job AutoCad. Really excited to play Satisfactory. I love how she apologized for English not being her first language. You should hear me chew on Brazilian Portuguese, its dreadful. Also doesn't help they're more obsessed with teaching me expletives then actual useful words and phrases.
    I can't help but notice a lack of beta keys in this video…
    Its ok she made of for it with a shout out to Dead Space.

  17. Happy you made this CSS
    UI is massively underrated, and a poor UI can mean the difference between working towards an objective, or trudging through misery and pain towards an objective.

    I'll pick ARK as an example. No matter how much the creators put into the models, or the lighting effects of their world, it means nothing when everything I look at is bright colourful Calibri font in a survival game where I start of with primitive stone weapons. It's a serious disconnect between the player and the world and ruins the whole experience.
    So it makes me happy to see that CSS is showing that they care about the user experience by making Developer Highlights about what may at first seem unimportant or minor.
    Thank you

  18. Thank you for this video, its inspirational as a coder myself I want to get more into user experience and this was an awesome video!

  19. no idea if you read this (since the last comment here is over a month ago) but playing the alpha on this weekend I noticed that you can't rebind the buttons on the bottom right (Shortcuts). Would be lovely to be able to change these, until I want my interaction key on f and I can't bind it on this one since it's removing objects already. (Also, deleting/disassembling belongs on x !!11! 😉 )
    Had an awesome experience with the alpha so far. Wish your company all the best!

  20. I think one thing that should be dealt with regarding UI is, that there is a really bad type of sorting when you are at the workbench. Maybe you can implement more filters (steel) (Iron) ect.
    This would help finding things quicklier.

  21. welllllll i have to stop the video right now:
    so basically I'm working at a company which produces hardware and software for "public transport companies"(mostly busses) and I love my job.
    I'm a supporter for the frontend and backend software part even though I finished an apprenticeship as a computer scientist(System Engineer and some parts (sadly small parts) as a developer) in Switzerland. I really feel like it's hard to "form" the base between the users and the developers 🙂
    I had a conversation with my father about the topic of "good developing" (he had problem installing microsoft after buying office 365 for himself and his wife) and he said "a good developer needs to know what the end customer needs and make it as easy at possible"
    what I really wanted to say is: It's hard to speak between a developer and the end customer, you need to know both sides and this is the part on my job which makes it awesome when I remember "I really just showed the developers view (very technical) to the end customer" 🙂 I love the job and didn't even know there was a full time job for in between.

    and what I love even more is your FREAKING AWESOME STUDIO 🙂 sadly satisfactorio(pun inteded (i love factorio)) won't be realeased on steam until 2020 🙁 if you'd offer me satisfactory for 100CHF or what ever currency (don't do it in bitcoin please) me and my friend would totally buy it.

    and for the last footnote: the only people I've seen on social media were Jace and Nathalie and you really are the guys I'd love to work with <3 lot's of love guys you are amazing how you are (i hope you are the same infront of the camera as in the videos) 🙂 really thinking after your videos if I should look into getting a job at coffee stain <3

  22. Nathalie did a great job regarded the first state of UI 0:14 … and I like her personally UI as well. Sadly that you so far up there in the EU 😉

  23. Radial menus are bad! They're not a disaster for the scanner since it's always a no-pressure operation, but it's awful for vehicles.

  24. I wrote business software for 18 years and UI is Extremely Important. Check out No Mans Sky to see a pretty bad on. This young lady is SPOT on!

  25. Ребята! Отличная игра) И особенно круто когда ты видишь игру не только как готовый продукт, но и людей что стоят за ней! Great job!

  26. more dumb bitches this is why the game runs like AIDS cuz mipster cunts like this work on it……. be warned the game is BAD AS HELL RUNS LIKE A PILE OF SHIT 30 fps and dips to 20 on a rtx 2080 i9 5ghz…… BE WARNED DO NOT BUY! just pirate it and see if i lied.

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