DFES Dauphin Helicopter – Remote Resupply & Rescue

September 30, 2019

Yeah we were tasked to fly out to the community Tjuntjuntjara, which is out in the, out north of Forrest on the Nullarbor Plain. It’s been upwards of 200 millimetres
on the community over the last week or so and obviously unable to get vehicles
or anything in there to give them a resupply.>>We we’re also involved
for the police operation which was to retrieve a missing car crew, their car had been bogged.>>[Phil] They didn’t know where they were they just knew that they were somewhere between
the Trans-Australian Railway line and the community at Tjuntjuntjara. We located their vehicle and
obviously they weren’t there and we headed a little bit further north and
eventually found them in in two groups and picked them both up. To say that they were happy was probably
a bit of an understatement, and obviously the smiles on their faces were enough to tell us how happy they were to see us there.>>I think there’s a great sense of reward
in doing this kind of work. I mean this is what we’re called to do, that’s our role to you know, effect this kind of work but yeah definitely, definitely a sense of achievement.>>[Phil] We were out there to do this
resupply to the community, and when they realised that there
was a rescue to be performed, this was the only aircraft anywhere near that location that had the capability to be able to do that.

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