Did MSR Copy Soto? | MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe vs Soto Windmaster
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Did MSR Copy Soto? | MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe vs Soto Windmaster

January 27, 2020

Huh That was an accident. Oh Man, the Soto wind master versus the pocket rocket deluxe from MSR Are they the same stove? So we’re gonna cover three really specific things about these stoves today The first is what really makes them similar and what makes them different the second is how do they perform against each other and the third is after a few days of testing them against each other and really getting some good use out of the pocket rocket deluxe Which one of the two stoves do I like better now diving in deeper into what makes these stoves different and how are they similar? Let’s talk about the Soto since it is kind of the originator of this design the aspects of this stove that really stand out are that you’ve got the micro regulator which for various different types of temperatures and as you have a canister that loses pressure as it gets cold and that kind of thing this regulator is going to allow you to Have a consistent output of a pressure of gas into the burner And so the pocket rocket deluxe also has the micro regulator The piezo igniter that is on the Soto is down here at the bottom they call this their stealth igniter and it does come up through the center of the stove and Then it comes out right here. So when I activate this I Don’t have something on the outside that is having the ability to get damaged basically, so the spark is coming off of the Igniter in there now notice that the pocket rocket deluxe you have a piezo igniter as well Right here that uses this action It also has the line that goes up through the center and then comes out right here So when I click that it’s going to ignite. They’re inside the burner now notice on these burners that They are very similar in size. They both have a concave type of shape to them Both of the stoves also because they have that concave shape. They’ve got this lip of metal right here that acts as a windscreen and you saw at the very beginning of the video that I took an air compressor and Just obliterated these stoves with high pressure wind and they perform both of them very Well, however, I do believe that the Soto performed a little bit better in that particular test and What the situation is on that? I can’t be very scientific it just was my observation that I feel like the Soto did a better job in that regard getting into very nitty-gritty millimeter Details on the differences between these two stoves the pocket rocket deluxe has a burner width so this space here of 40 7.31 Millimeters. Yes I took my digital calipers and measured these stoves the stove height from the bottom of the stove to the Top of the burner here is eighty two point six four millimeters and the weight of the pocket rocket deluxe on my scale was 83 grams or two point nine five ounces the other thing to note is the space between the windscreen which is going to be the top of this lip right here and the bottom of a pot on the pocket rocket deluxe is 10 millimeters or 0.4 inches Now talking about the wind master. You’ve got a burner width of forty six point five two Millimeters so it’s slightly smaller the burner size though of the actual holes of where the flames come out seem to be Basically the same type of pattern the holes on the MSR do appear to be a little bit bigger But we’re talking again really finite details here guys the stove height from the bottom of the wind master to the top of the burner is Eighty seven point nine three millimeters. You have a weight of 68 grams or 2.4 ounces, so the difference between these two stoves in terms of grams 83 grams verses 68 grams so the Soto is taller, but it’s also a lighter weight stove that does also include the weight of the triflex pot stand since this is also a tri flex now the space between the windscreen and the bottom of the pot with the tri flex and the 4 flex on the Soto is 7 millimeters so 3 millimeters difference in height and that’s why I feel like the Soto in That wind test did better because you’ve got I mean 3 millimeters is not a lot of space here guys But you’ve got less space between the bottom of the pot and the top so harder for when to penetrate between that gap versus Through this gap right here but let’s talk about just a really basic simple boil test that I did between these two stoves and to be Very very frank and honest I did not weigh the canisters For to see how much gas they used to boil 2 cups of water all I did was take two cups of water straight from my tap right outside and I lit the stoves put the thing on and then started the timer and these things literally boiled within a second of each other at least of me starting and stopping the timer so I Mean it I’m not gonna get scientific because I don’t necessarily leave that Boil test can be that accurate in that precise because there are so many variables and for me to do a boil test In conditions of where I don’t normally use a stove I don’t cook in in my backyard I go into areas that are upwards of 10,000 feet And so it just doesn’t make sense for me to really try say this one performs better because it boiled faster It’s just really minuscule unnecessary details for me but for those of you that care 2 minutes 27 Seconds on the pocket rocket deluxe and 2 minutes and 28 seconds on the Soto wind master I do like the design of this thing the the way that the pot supports fold down is pretty cool it’s nice that they That’s interesting, huh That was an accident and I wonder if that’s going to be an issue huh? Interesting What that does if it still works Haha, it does Crazy Wow Well, that was unexpected Alright, well now we’re to point number three of deciding which of the two stoves I like better and I’m gonna be very frank and honest with you guys it is not fair for me to choose a favorite because I have several months of use with the soda wind master and so I feel biased to choose this one because it It’s it’s been a stove that I’ve been very familiar with I’ve only had the pocket rocket deluxe for a short period of time and so it’s not really fair for me to say That I like this better over the Soto or vice versa so the pocket rocket deluxe a really neat stove and I’m gonna be taking this on a trip with me here very soon to get some more testing with it and To provide a really good thorough review on this stove for you guys. It’s it’s an MSR product Which means that it’s gonna be reliable it’s gonna be effective efficient and just a great Long lasting product the Soto wind master really is my favorite canister stove I love this thing. Are they more or less the same stove in a lot of ways. Yes and It’s not really fair for me to say that MSR copied Soto I just I don’t know enough about patents and the way that design things work and all of that However, they are very similar in Characteristics a lot of these same design features. We’ll see how they do against each other in the long term So guys pocket rocket deluxe soda Wynn master boom battled it out Really cool stoves check them out for yourself. I’ve got links down in the description Thanks for watching guys. If you are not subscribed to the channel, please do subscribe Have an awesome day. We’ll catch you on the next video

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  1. Yes it is a copy πŸ‘Ž

    My wind master has the four pot support option with all four supports having a collapsible section

    Fantastic stove

    Super quiet

    Fast boils

    How about decibels assigned while at full burn for each

    W M is fairly quiet

    And the pot supports really grip bottom of a pot

    Wind master for the winπŸ€™

  2. Which stove would you choose and why? The Soto Windmaster or the MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe? Very similar stoves…

  3. I’ve been waiting for someone to make this comparison! Thank you! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the PRD after field use.

  4. One thing from observation it looks like the MSR stove has a lot wider pot stand which may be useful for pots with a wider base. Is the pot stand much wider?

  5. I like MSR for the Non-removable pot stands. Less to lose. MSR has great support how does SOTO support this product?

  6. I think at this point I would go with the Soto wind master, primarily because it is just a few grams lighter. But I would use either one!

  7. Great video and great comparison. There's no doubt that MSR is a highly regarded company that makes some really great products. But IMHO, the Soto Windmaster was the first (and still the best) stove like this. So MSR gave themselves a "black eye" by simply copying the Soto Windmaster like they did. That's the kind of behavior that you would expect from China….not a reputable company like MSR.

  8. I have MSR but Soto looks great! Did u know that Diaso round cookie cutter makes perfect wind blocker for Soto? πŸ™‚

  9. I have been a MSR stove, going back to the 80s. But I am not a fan of the PR pot supports. No hard value just such a mi ima amount of the stand touching the pot. If the Soto is better I wind it may be in part to the fact that the stand legs also act as a wind break. But tomorrow you are really going to have to do a boil test again and weight the canisters. The other important test is wut a canister that is almost empty and or cold to see how good the regulator works. Thank
    I have a couple of near empty canisters, lol.

  10. Great review, a lot of people have been waiting to see them both next to each other running head to head. Thanks!

  11. Looks like it comes down to brand choice. They both perform well under the conditions you tested them and price point is the same. Curious how the MSR performs in the back country for you. πŸ˜ƒπŸ…

  12. Does the Soto Windmaster also have a removable brass threaded insert piece used for attaching the stove to a fuel canister ? Hope that made sense.

  13. I've had the Soto Microregulator for the past 10 years and absolutely love it. I was looking at the Windmaster because my Primus Eta 1.0L pot's flux ring is just a little too far out, and it only balances on ~3mm of pot stand. The tri-flex might fit inside the ring, and the 4-flex would cover the whole ring.

    Now I'm curious about the MSR, though. Would you be able to measure the diameter of the pot stand? I can't seem to find it anywhere!

  14. Does the ignition wire disconnect by design when unscrewing the burner head? It still worked but I wonder if that might be a problem down the road.

  15. So the Soto β€œarms” don’t break down like the Pocket Rocket? That seems like a nice feature for packing it up.

  16. I like the stove that works…. so either one will do fine with the tests you conducted… i like the way the MSR breaks down rather then the Soto and the two pot holders it comes with.

  17. I have both the Soto Windmaster and MSR Pocket Rocket 2 (not the deluxe). I found the Pocket Rocket to be noticeably noisier than the Soto. I would be interested to know if MSR's Pocket Rocket Deluxe version has been engineered to be quieter than the Pocket Rocket 2?

  18. i have both this two stoves
    i prefer the soto one
    because the 4 flex is more stable and the windproof the soto one is better.
    and also soto stove more meticulous.

  19. I have Soto Windmaster 4 flex. The 4 flex being loose is a concern. The stove is also taller than most. Something you missed in the review is how the 4 flex (and 3 flex) hugs the burner and extends above it. This acts as a wind break (4 being better than 3 (have both)) The 4 flex is superior to 3 when using wide pots and frying pan. The MSR igniter has another moving part to fail. I no longer carry a wind screen and suspect MSR version would enable same. The Soto is quiet. The regulator valves have a different feel than needle valves. Suggest you delve further into why's of regulator valves. Maybe talk about how heat transfer to canister effects stove height. I think the Soto is better and will continue to use it.

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