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  1. Great video and great information! I am new to blogging and don't know a lot about which plugins to use. This looks like a great one and I have added it to my site. Thanks for all of the information you share!

  2. I can't find a good place to add the Digg Digg bar to my website. It is floating on the left now but it is hidden (I don't have much of a margin). What would you suggest? Any advice is much appreciated.

  3. Thanks Robin, be sure to click the link in the description box for my Blogging Tips 101 guide. Great for someone who is just getting started.

  4. Robin, you don't have to float the sharing buttons. You can put them at the top of the post. The other option is to increase the size of your margin or more the buttons to the right.

  5. This was a very well done video and I love you voice, very melodic,  I would only give you one suggestion and that is explain the difference between twitter and buffer name.  I did a search on it and came to the conclusion that it must be the same thing.  Anyway thanks again.

  6. This Video helped me when you first released it. Now years later i forgot.
    I'm back again and it still helps me!

    You are immortal!

    TY for the help!

    Like + Sub incoming

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