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Digital workplace at Austrian Airlines

February 22, 2020

Today, with the Center of Excellence Digital Workplace, we offer the IT workplace for the entire Lufthansa Group. Starting with the infrastructure, the applications and the operation. I wanted to join the Center of Excellence, because it consists of a young, dynamic and strong team. Here we define the hardware – like laptops, iPads and telephones. We also provide the software which we then deliver to the customer. The SkyPad makes the workday easier on the ground as well as in the air. With the Crew Flight app we have insight into the weather, flight prepartions and the number of passangers on board and we can look up our guidelines under the app Libary, where we find security and service related topics. We link data from technology, flight operations and meteorology. We provide indicators for weather conditions, the number of passengers arriving in Vienna and the condition of the fleet. We combine this into an index, where we can then forecast the risk for the operations for the next two days. We then derive the measures from this. Measures that we can take include, increasing the number of staff at the airport and security checks to reduce waiting times and ensure that passengers get their connecting flights. We at Austrian Airlines IT are a very well mixed team and I also believe, that our strength lies in this diversity. On the one hand, we have a very long-standing employees, on the other hand, our young talents whom we have now brought on board. These are eight students who started with us recently. They are integrating very well and are already working on important projects. Our dual study program is characterized by twelve weeks of theory at the university, followed by twelve weeks of practice. We get the opportunity to work on various projects, such as Cloud Service Management, and thus to learn continuously. I am very happy with my career choice, because we are faced with new challenges every day. IT is changing very quickly in our sector and I make sure that the bad guys stay out. We provide the IT infrastructure for 137,000 employees and there are exciting challenges to master every day.

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