Discovering An Astronaut Carved 1700 Years Ago – Fort Ancient, Ohio
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Discovering An Astronaut Carved 1700 Years Ago – Fort Ancient, Ohio

August 16, 2019

Hey guys, this is a stone mound at Fort Ancient
in Ohio that was built around 1700 years ago. I spotted some tool marks on a particular
stone, and as I removed the dirt, the entire carving came to light. The strange thing is
that this figure looks very much like a modern day astronaut.
You can see his Helmet, carved separately from his face. The eye is carved very big,
as though he is wearing huge goggles. He has a strange device attached on his back,
similar to oxygen tanks or jetpacks carried by present day astronauts.
But there is also a wing coming out of his back, and look at this part right here, it
shows that it is clearly carved with a tool. This confirms that we are not looking at a
random shape in the rock, but a deliberately carved figure. It is interesting how archeologists
have no record of this, so I think I just discovered this 1700 year old carving.
Look at the end part where it looks like an aircraft’s tail. And his midsection is arched
like a bird to show that he is in fact flying in the air. When you look at the entire carving,
you can see how aerodynamic the whole design looks which would be perfect for flight.
Were ancient people visited by this astronaut who came from the sky? How else could they
carve something like this? Historians say that Fort Ancient was built
around 300 A.D by a Native American clan who we call the “Hopewell People”. However, historians
agree that they still don’t know why such a large site spanning more than 100 acres
was built by these people. They initially thought it was built as a fort, but they now
agree that it NOT a fort, and they don’t know the actual purpose of the site.
Alternative theories say that Fort Ancient and other sites nearby like the Serpent Mound
were built by Giants who were more than 7 feet tall. These Nephilims used strange star
shaped devices, and they built these structures to be seen from the air by extraterrestrials.
Fort Ancient has a distinct geometric design that is visible only from the air. Was it
designed to signal alien astronauts to land at this site? And if an ancient astronaut
did land on Fort Ancient, is this how he looked? What do you think?
I hope you liked this video, and please do let me know your opinion. I am finding a lot
of intriguing stuff like this, so please do subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching
and talk to you soon.

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  1. Always stunning sharing, wonderful and exquisite presentation, very attractive, dear friend, All the best. ♥♥ ~ Maggie ~ ♥♥

  2. Someday, mankind will prove, without a doubt, that people from outer space visited our planet.
    Thank you for your excellent video.

  3. Incredible finding. It looks like a much more advanced astronaut suit than what we have now. It is a mini aircraft combined with the suit which would have helped in flying. These ancient astronauts were far ahead of us when compared to our current day technology.

  4. If you would have bothered to go to the museum you would have learned that that mound (and the other three stone mounds) is a modern reconstruction. Those are not the stones used by the Hopewell.

  5. At 3:02, for example, it looks like his arms can be seen to come up and make hands and hold a scope that he's looking through. There's some pretty serious indentation there that's bound to be part of the diagram. BTW – I'm going to sell everything I own to hopefully get enough money to just follow you around and get you coffee and stuff. Watching your videos, especially one like this where you're DISCOVERING things in plain sight fills me up with so much feeling that I can't hold it all in and I get overwhelmed by it and little water balls fall from my eyes and I have to pause to wipe! So, I can't imagine what actually being there could feel like! THANK YOU for posting your videos! 

  6. I don't know about jet pack or what ever.  But your colored in part of the video showing white helmet, red body, yellow pack.  Makes me think of the people with wing suits, and maybe a parachute rather than jet pack.  Base jumping, white helmet and black shades, polarized of course.  Yep, sure looks like a base jumper in a wing suit and a parachute on his back.  Cool video, keep up the great videos.  Kind of like going there, traveling the world and taking tours.  When you can't afford to even travel out of your own home town.

  7. Most of your vids are awesome but in this video it seems that you are also paranoid. If you really want to pass on knowledge then sometimes you have to let go somethings even if they matter.

  8. you usually do good videos
    but what happened on this one..
    hahah its nothing … this is similar to looking at clouds and imagining.

  9. i think you have completely believed that aliens are visited before this world(though we don't have complete evidence on that), you are doing videos on that perspective, think out of the box for some time, Ellora is not carved by aliens , neither aliens provided that technology, it is our ancient saints innovations..

  10. Ye sab structures banaya hai na vo log hi aaj ufo mein aa rahe hai
    Ufo mein aane waale koyi Aliens nahi hai , wo hamaare purvaj hai unko bhagawaan dharti isliye bhej raha hai ki hame vo dekhe aur unke structures dekhane ke liye dharati pe bhej raha hai .. it's damn truth .. please believe this .

  11. First of all I am a huge fan of your videos, I never contradicted any of your video but bro this one… It's just a random shape in that rock which don't looks like a astronaut at all. For you to realize revisit that shape watch carefully head of a human but body of "I don't know what is it".

  12. Where is your proof that this "astronaut" was a visitor from the sky 1700 years ago? Ever heard of prophecy? Those people hundreds and thousands of years ago could see the future, they were given visions, and they knew their God and honored him and they saw our day. They saw the future and knew what would happen to us since we were their decedents..

  13. Pareidolia ! What you think you've just "discovered" is all in your imagination. You usually make very good videos. This is your absolutly worst.

  14. I have subscribed your channel thinking i can learn these kinks things but in this video this looks like zero….please do not upload these kinda videos…that looks like a normal stone

  15. The ancient astronauts from india from hoysaleswara temple look beter than those image, i have seen here only a rook which haven't some evidence like the evidence from the india i bett some americans will have some historical facts there almost thinghs should happend only in USA ,not in other place they have build even some pyramid there in las vegas and sayd the china do copy for all things !

  16. Only guesses & conjectures with no TRUTH in it: the usual & common state of mind of people who know nothing of the TRUTH. I wonder what & how you know why you are here on earth? Masha'allah!

  17. Could it be an early scuba diver? Could it be an early firefighter? Why does it always have to be an early astronaut? Alien?

  18. When our current society gets into the thermal nuclear war predicted and all cities are made to burning rubble, 3000 years from now they will say that our generation was only cave men living in jungles wearing skins of animals because they will find only the remote tribesmen in the Amazon Africa, and Australia, and other areas on the earth. All our modern technology will have burned or broken down into dirt. If they do find some "out of place technology" they will call it alien! It is from aliens! LMAO!

  19. This is my first comment on your videos. I find them very interesting. This one is just fantasy. If you turn picture of the rock about 90 deg. counterclockwise you will see the face of an alien. That is also just a fantasy. 🙂

  20. These rocks are ancient sea bottom laden with fossil mollusks shells , shell impressions , crinoid stem segments ( the white round bead looking things ) Etc. of the Paleozoic Era. If you were to dig at the site where these rocks came from, you would find tons of astronaut carvings.

  21. Yep i agree with others u r trying to see the things which aren't really real. Take a break mr praveen i feel your completely lost in your alien world and i still recollect one of your videos were u discussed about cutting a huge boulder in to two equal halfs well still its possible to split a huge boulder with simple chisel and hammer it just requires a skilled labour and our ancient civilisations were filled with such skilled people its all about technology not about alliens and your also trying to potray gods as alliens i don't think so well we have failed to analyze the scientific part of the facts well that is a quite appreciable job by you well still our ancient temples are filled with inscriptions they have enterd everything except the things your taking about y haven't the inscriptions tells us about the technology your taking about are even about alliens

  22. Ohio is just one state of many that has undiscovered artifacts. If we discover anything the government destroys it or hides it . So why look ?!! Dogma sets its own rules!


  24. Better remove this video. Shows you are too much into alien thing. I really like your other videos.

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