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Discovr – iPad App Review – Frackulous 210

August 10, 2019

I do love a good music discovery app, and
Discovr is a really, really good music discovery app. It’s like taking a wander around a record
shop on a Saturday morning, picking up albums and reading the back because they have good
art work or they were on the shelf next to someone you love, but on your iPhone or iPad.
Based on finding artists similar to your favourite bands, it couldn’t be simpler to use. Input
an artist, and then tap it once to see a web of influences and similarities. Do it again,
and again, til you have a marvellous web of lovely music stuff. To delve further into
any of these bands, double tap. In this deeper level, you’ll find bios of all the artists,
and the opportunity to buy the singles through iTunes, or share the tune on twitter, facebook
or by email. You can also view the live performance and music videos on YouTube (although it’s
a fairly basic search so might bring up some false results). You can also view blog posts
about them, read reviews and finally, see the links to the artists’ MySpace, last.fm,
itunes and Amazon pages. Good lord, is there nothing this app won’t do? AND whatsmore,
can you belive it’s completely free? Happy, happy times.

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