Disney Planes Aircraft Carrier Yorkie by Tomica Takara Tomy

September 20, 2019

Hey what’s up guys, today I’m going to
show you Yorkie of Disney’s Planes produced by Tomica of Japan. So I’ll start off by giving you a good look
at the box. On the front it says “furaizenhawa,” which
is Yorkie’s localized name for the Japanese market. There’s more shots of Yorkie on the top
of the box, as well as on the side. And on the rear of the box you can see some
detailed instructions. It’ll show you how to assemble Yorkie, as
well as how to deploy his ramp. So now I’ll do a brief unboxing. And as you can see, Yorkie pulls out quite
easily. If you pull off the main flight deck, you’ll
see that the inside compartment contains two bags of accessories. The first bag contains Yorkie’s head. You can see his eyes and his signature cap. And the second bag contains an antenna, two
dividers, the bottom of Yorkie’s head. And finally, a communication’s tower. In the rear of the boat, there’s a pullout
storage tray. And on the bottom, you’ll find four plastic
wheels. So now I’ll begin the assembly by inserting
the dividers… and replacing the flight deck. Then I’ll take the two pieces that make
up Yorkie’s head, and snap them together. Yorkie’s head mounts on this raised nub
on the side of the deck. And his communication towers can be inserted
behind him. So there’s Yorkie fully assembled and ready
to go. On the front of Yorkie, you can see his mouth
just under the landing deck… and his face in the distance. If you remove the flight deck and turn it
over, you can extend a kickstand and deploy the ramp. The ramp is held in place by this simple peg. So now I think we should bust out the planes. You can keep three in the rear, and three
under the deck… which lets you store a total of six Tomica
model planes. So here’s the aircraft carrier fully loaded
and rolling out. With the black backing of the flight deck,
you can see how the colors of the planes really pop out. They just look really good in person. So here’s Echo doing a takeoff from the
main flight deck. And one more time off of the side ramp. And here’s some landings. Because these
models have wheels, they can roll down the ramp without any issues. Yorkie’s a military boat, so here I have
just the military planes coming in for a landing. But if you want to see the whole cast of Planes
on this aircraft carrier, I’ll show you how many we can fit, on deck, at once. It looks like I can just barely fit 15 planes
at once. Not bad. So here’s another shot of Yorkie fully deployed
with all his friends. And when it’s time to pack up, you can fit
six of your favourite planes inside for safekeeping Or to rollout to a new location. So that’s Yorkie of Disney’s Planes produced
by Tomica. If you enjoyed this review, give me a thumbs
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