Disney Quest – Lucky Hit Arcade Perfect
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Disney Quest – Lucky Hit Arcade Perfect

August 18, 2019

Back in September of last year, me and Cherry Terrier were in Orlando, Florida. during our stay we squeezed in two visits to Disney Quest. Located in the Downtown Disney area of Walt Disney World. it’s a multi-floor indoor theme park that
opened in 1998 very much like what the sadly departed SegaWorld in London was like. unfortunately some the interactive
rides are starting to show their age a bit such as the virtual reality Aladdin
game complete with heavy uncomfortable VR head sets and a Pirates of the Caribbean
cannon shooting game which is made long before the famous
movie series…and it shows. The best ride here by miles is Cyberspace
Mountain It lets you design a virtual rollercoaster
which can then ride on a machine that spins you about with the large screen in front of you as far as the rides go, this place could do with a bit of an update is all. But we’re here to talk about how arcade
perfect this place is and that’s one area where Disney Quest still shines as one of the biggest and best arcades I’ve been to yet. For starters, you pay an entry fee to get in but all the games are free to play! This is an excellent idea that arcades are only just now starting to try out, such as the Heart of Gaming in London and Astro City in Southend with it’s all nighter locks ins. Considering how much play these machines get, they seem to be very well looked after too with barely a knackered stick, screen or wheel in sight. In fact the only game I did see out of order on my first visit was repaired by the time we returned to it less than a week later, so they must really keep on top of the maintenance here which is great to see and trust me, there are a lot of games
here! Of the five floors contained within, the majority of the floor space is filled to the brim with machines both old and new, famous and rare. They clearly make sure to get a lot of the latest arcade games in but you will also discover some real gems in this place that are probably very difficult to find elsewhere especially the one we discovered as we first entered the building… “Just as you walk in look it’s Wreck it Ralph!” “AUUUGH I’M GONNA WRECK IT ETC!” “and er… OH MY GOD!” “They have Fix it Felix Junior
machines, like lots of them!” “They’re actual…oh wow.” That’s right, actual Fix it Felix Jr. cabinets! These were made in very small numbers by Disney purely for promotional purposes during the release of the movie Wreck it Ralph, and as far as I know were not for sale at all outside of the odd auction. This might be one of the only places to find this machine now, let alone seven of them in a row! These are lovingly crafted to look like they have been around since the 1980s, with Donkey Kong like artwork, tinny speakers and fake wear and tear, and they have been built with quality sticks and buttons you would expect from an old classic. The machine doesn’t have Disney’s name anywhere on it, instead all copyrights and logos are of a fictional game company called ‘TobiKomi’. “Wow I think I actually nailed it!” If you have seen the movie or played the web based versions of the game, you’ll know what to expect as Felix you have to jump from window to window, repairing all the wrecking that Ralph has er…wrecked. “Oooh he got ya!” While doing this you must also avoid bricks being dropped down by that giant fisted bloke. “You’re getting good at this!” “Nice one!” Everything from the game in the movie is present, such as the opening that shows why Ralph is so grumpy in the first place and the stage completion scene where Felix is given a massive medal and a pie! This is such a convincing cabinet I wouldn’t be surprised if some kids believe this is actually as old as they want you to think it is! Very clever Disney, verrrry clever! “Ahh he killed ya!” “Rest in Pieces!” “Aww he has a little flower and everything.” Even the machines that would normally be ticket redemption games are free to play! They obviously don’t spit out tickets in this case, but this is a good place to practice up on them! Normally the luck based nature of these games mean they drain your wallet, but here we can truly test out just how cheeky these machines can be! for example: Flamin’ Finger. Created by Namco in 2003, this touch screen LED light game pumps out funky electro music every time you play, and the premise is simple: navigate the maze with your finger without overshooting the corners and make it to the end on time. At least, it’s simple on paper, but not so much in execution. Apologies in advance for the filming by the way. “Oooohohoho It’s harsh! Very strict time!” “The music is amazing!” “Hohohoho this is really hard!” “Oh come on!” “Aahaha! I wanna beat one! I wanna beat one!” “Yeah it’s burning my finger it hurts!” After several goes I started to realize why this game is called Flamin’ Finger. “Wha? Aaaaugh!” “Wow!” “Come on ya bastard I’m having ya!” “Ugh! Whaaaa?” “What’s going on?” “My finger is going raw!” The screen is very resistant and as a result after a while of playing your finger starts to burn! “F*ck! My finger’s on fire!” “This song sounds like the Venga boys!” “Uuuugh! Come on, that was right on it!” “I don’t think this is actually meant to be possible.” And yes, being a redemption game it’s safe to say it is partially rigged, mainly due to how the timer speeds up rapidly as you get to the very end of the maze. “Ugh come on! This game’s fixed!” I was determined to see a level to the end at least once, despite not getting any prizes for my time, but in the end, I gave up I think I almost gave myself a blister on it, but I don’t regret playing it? “Come on you bastard!” Maybe I’m just glutton for punishment, or maybe I just wanted to keep hearing those FUNKY BEEEEATS. Sorry. “The seconds definitely go down too quick at the last nano second!” “You’re rigged Flamin’ Finger!” Disney Quest was chock a block with games I had never even heard of before, such as this one by Sammy from 2003 called Sports Shooting USA. What makes this game really unique is its light gun that has a lit up reticule inside it that you need to line up with your sight to correctly aim at the targets. It’s hard to show in a video but it’s amazing how well this works you really have to be pin point accurate otherwise you will just miss everything. The game scores you on how close to the center of a target your shots are, but doesn’t game over you for failing too many times thankfully. It’s an ingenious and enjoyable light gun game that I wouldn’t mind finding again sometime. Sega Race TV is a game I’ve always wanted to play, but could never find anywhere. That is until now. This game was broken down when we first visited, which made my heart sink. “Are they both not working?” “Oh no they don’t work! Uuuugh!” But luckily it was back up and running on our second visit So I finally got to play Yu Suzuki’s last arcade game from 2008 a crazy Racing game that feels like a spiritual sequel to Power Drift and so much more. Being my first encounter with
this game and not knowing when I’ll see it again, I sat and played it for quite some time.. “This is hard to play and film at the
same time but it’s so good!” This game is everything you could
possibly want from a Sega arcade racer; ridiculous characters with cheesy
dialogue, embarrassingly catchy disco and butt-rock tunes, beautiful colorful graphics and
perfectly tuned drifting controls. This game has a big emphasis on boosting with a big fat boost button that you be wanting to smack every time it lights up. so long as it doesn’t send you smashing into a wall anyway.. The courses are wildly creative and full of surprises, like a wrecked statue of liberty that stabs at the ground, and a lava stage that has ramps that fling you into the air spinning! “Wow I got first!” I’m glad that I finally got to try out this lost Yu Suzuki gem, and still hope for Sega to one day port it to consoles so I can play it more! hint hint! One of the floors is entirely dedicated to retro titles with far too many to list off here! A good chunk of classics are represented here, from Arkanoid to Burger Time to Centipede all the way to Zaxxon. Though unfortunately no Yu Suzuki games like Hang On or Space Harrier. Still, what was here was far more than we could scratch the surface of in just two evenings. I could easily spend an entire day in this place and probably still not play everything! comply me kangaroo picked out my bros her jungle on predicts got on a plane again perfect
gun yeah I’m in hand make track Google I made up the I know this game by I think I know this
like Rush roll-up this grown from another pic the pics to your
millipedes centipedes K have repro a came home i three games on it and loads a pinball machine there’s some room read James here dunno
see but this one controlled a midway game
from 1990 in which he plays a claim Donna so
clinton 812 death in came into play so they don’t be hearing charming pac-man style game that for some reason was important to
many councils and is pliable about the whole quiet on this massive cabinet God good ok go to bed go ok do but they are bloody karate champ that’s
quite unusual they say that every day this fine day by ate at least from 1984 uses two
joysticks no buttons it appeared to be stuck into
them item cherry Terriers busy on the Dr say I
just kinda family the Google got it weekend you know me being going i hope i kno out the always home cool wellpoint playing it by myself at the moment board all all all okay I’ll keep you there along the way joystick controls help yeah awful right yeah nobody a crappy down yeah pub crawl call well have a why with another oddity was call a midway game from 1981 as a lot Space
Invaders make a move about more with this big
brought steak and has one at the earliest uses of synthesized spain %eh a call got year now okay about it I able I I collected year you are yeah rrrrrr die-hard right guard up there who yeah Yahoo yeah you die like a man I think it up I yeah I Power & Light of dollar behavior wreck today the moral it alongside the original machines I also has a multi-game immigration cap
with hundreds of games on even if a favor if yours is lacking its
own cabinet it’s very likely to be found on one of these such as based on the right classic do it you si Haber yeah going her there on and time for black that okay like oh nice I can play and P carrot with the travel points main cabinet: the three ballplayers the much sale how to make a lego okay maybe I’ll
probably nm like Dave and a good other plane everything badly deny it it ok table the the jumpin Jack call number redemption game unempowered
much of anything goes covered in bright colorful LED lights and pumps out
electronic beats but this one is more than exercised
anyway but now I mean you might use what you on looks over the play enough is
basically a dish to skipping rope we have to jump over the redline
abilities as a rotating bomb only you’re jumping off a floor price
that is extremely harsh and timing you have to jump I am pass from
the get go and as it gets faster with the
successfully it comes next to impossible I MO well yeah okay this I approval go a guy of pop up the L yeah it’s just not
a one-man well I yard are determined to be a high school in
just two or three of them game here and eventually off-camera managed to
change 6 let me know and him were easy mess you know what I loved it got a hard kept 00 I betting on wanna play money every time
I by a wondrous on free to play here indeed the quest it
was fun Matt Greene exhausting fun in cool but but but but but it’s our harsh this pumping money out it was free well I it 0 look up in my surprise while the newer games he was
an arcade version where my favorite mobile phone game Jetpack Joyride pretty crazy see this
game in a massive noisy cabinet Jeff pash HA containing
seizure inducing flashy dots on the back anti triggers
for a single button gameplay game still plays roughly the same the aim is changed instead have been
about how far you can travel before being if by some is more back how many points
grab within a time limit it in of schools no don’t kill you this
figure is going to explode all over the place I G kinda wish I could buy this
burgeoning game behind maybe as a new modem I’m game as is even more fast-paced in
chaotic than the original there was also a large scale so you have
another heartbreak game fruit ninja still swiping your finger
across a small screen displays you acquired your entire hand walking across a big screen does seem to
lead to some um pleasant squeaking noises I were good a moving on hosted by the Sega develops
Texas game in the world biggest joystick could textures giant
and Super Monkey Ball game the world college track ball the pill act you so miss wake-up call the area is K my one that many tickets accepted the
free play games there’s no ticket the speedy like the game we have smack
their collars the light much as possible it wouldn’t be fair to
good hey and of course we just have to place
be like how dimly if you’ve never seen it before we need
to do is smack as many of the randomly up buttons possible with compass course tiny enough
for how many you can hit quick succession so how did I do on my
first gun cool becomes a finale here all the buttons as
fast as you can and I’d like to be abandoned in my case I managed to get 274 at sea cherry
terrier be tax we get around right now he would have been now probable but not before wow ok really good Neng Gao 163 so not quiet something tells me having long
lanky arms worked in my favor can we did do a lot better map on
apartheid will supply the 2000 who spits the game up into two parts at
the buns making you know we need to get combos we can film however as those to us but
rest assured it was a proper love had another guy gonna be my previous
record just about 285 that time thank you all in all Disney quest has account the
selection games up very well looked after and in the two towns with it it wasn’t
so busy that we can possibly get on anything about how so many games are you crazy
spoilt for choice even have little noses scat brown ass comprise not the whole
machines office to get ago soviet on holiday twill Disney World
Florida we should definitely get it can even in 02 or Fri to these massive expansive arcade
you fill out your I know you can the bus ride of games you lights it up yep just watch out for these freaky
Hannah Buddha is a big scary goin for Nokia rule went in d way d well stacy is a crying out this and you cool by it stays here to get compressor

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  1. America and Japan really seems to put the rest of the world to shame when it comes to arcades, The UK really needs to up their game! But we're getting there… slowly… 🙂

  2. I can hardly wait to check this place out when I go in November. I've so got to play the Fix It Felix jr game.

  3. Wow they added newer machines too like the sonic all stars racing. It's kind of nice to know they kept adding to the arcade, did they still have the bunch-of-games in one machines?

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