Display Multiple Social Feeds on Your WordPress Website
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Display Multiple Social Feeds on Your WordPress Website

August 10, 2019

– Hey y’all, my name is Kori Ashton, and it is another Monday Marketing Minute. Today, I’m gonna show
you an amazing resource, in the budget of free,
that can help you bring in all of your different social feeds into your WordPress
website and display them in a really cool grid format. You don’t just have to have
the link icons living there, now what you can do is
go out and get the feeds, everything that you’re
posting on those networks, bring them in and display
them in a real-time effect on your WordPress website. How do you do that, I’m gonna show you the resource right now. Hey so remember if you
like videos like this, every Monday and every Wednesday, I’m producing content to help you improve your online marketing inside
the world of WordPress. So be sure to click subscribe, hit the bell so that you get
notifications every week. Here’s the tool I’m talking about. Flow-Flow Social Stream, this is it. It is living right now inside
of your WordPress website. If you go to Plugins and click Add New, you can do a search in
there for Flow-Flow. They do offer a free version
that allows you to have several of the major
social network streams already sit on your website, that’s the example I’ve just shown you. But if you wanted to do the pro version, you get quite a bit more. I’ll put the link to this over
in the description box below so that you can click
and come check it out. But look at all the different networks that they allow you to kind
of pull in and display. They even allow you to do a custom post and kind of sprinkle in
different advertisements if you’d like to do. So you can have custom
posts that you can create and add to this feed that
live down your website. It’s a really cool opportunity. You can see this ad living here. You can bring in Google Ads
and have them displaying here for an extra little boost
of affiliate marketing. Anything like that, you can
add with this particular plugin if you go in the pro version
and get Flow-Flow Pro. So be sure to check that out. I hope this helps you, I
hope this gets you excited about the opportunities. Super simple to install, follow the instructions
step-by-step, and you’ve got this. If you’d like to see me do
a full tutorial on this, please comment below, I’ll take time to do a longer
video on a WordPress Wednesday and actually teach you how to install it and how to set it up with every
single one of your accounts. But they already have a lot
of really cool tutorials on their website in the link below. I hope you’re having a great
Monday Marketing Minute, I’ll see y’all next week. Bye, everyone. (gentle music)

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  1. Thanks for this video Kori ! I've been using Feed Them Social for one of my websites, but they charge about $70 a year licensing fee. I never got Feed Them Social to work properly as the YouTube videos would always spread into the other containers. I'll give this a try ! Thanks again for another great lead !

  2. this was an EXCELLENT tip & heads up -video THANK YOU!!! I had to set it up right a way. The authentication process is a mess, especially the API-methods. I suggest that you make a tutorial to cover at least a general AUTH-video (different methods that WP-plugins use). THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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