Divinity: Dragon Commander Launch Trailer
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Divinity: Dragon Commander Launch Trailer

August 18, 2019

You are a young Dragon Knight,
the lovechild of Rivellon’s first emperor Sigurd. Alas, your father was brutally murdered by his own sons and daughters,
and now they are waging a bloody war for the throne. This ship you’re on, the Raven,
has been given to you by the wizard Maxos, for he is certain that you are the only one
who can reunite the empire and establish peace once more. We are now on the bridge of the Raven,
where you will plan your conquest. Before diving into that though,
there is much more to be done on board. So let us proceed to the Throne Room, Where the council gathers to address important
political, economical and sociological problems. You are an emperor after all,
not a mere warlord out for gold and glory alone. I was dangling millions in front of you! Each decision you take
influences your empire in a variety of ways, Be they of a political,
military or other sort of nature. Speaking of the military,
if there’s something you don’t want to neglect It’s the bids and requests
of your generals! Their influence on the battlefield
is not to be taken lightly. Have a sherry to calm those nerves. In the Queen’s Quarters – decorated according to her tastes – you can have a chat with your wife. What this chat will be about depends
on which princess you chose to marry. As queen of the realm
she has to contend with all sorts of dilemmas and it goes without saying that political sensitivities too,
tend to lurk around the corner. You only need to take a look at the Rivellon Times headlines
to see how well your policies are being received… On to the Engineering Bay
where you research new units and upgrades. Equip your dreaded Juggernauts
with Imp Bunker Busters, for instance, and lay waste to entire bases at once. Or perhaps you appreciate
a bit more subtlety, in which you could opt
for your Zeppelins’ cloak ability which will let your armies
slip behind enemy lines unseen. Don’t forget about your dragon powers either! You may be a mighty creature from the start, but being able to cast destructive spells like Pillar of Flame, or turning the tide by charming key enemy units,
is not to be spurned. After all this is said and done, let us return to the Bridge
and cast a conqueror’s glance on the strategy map! The strategy map is your key to victory
if you make your moves wisely. Other than building armies
and moving them about the map, There is a great variety of things you can do
that influence the empire as a whole. For instance, you can erect buildings
that increase your gold and research abilities, or recruit mercenaries to even the odds. Several strategic tricks you can play
come in the guise of cards. These allow you to do fun stuff
like sabotaging your enemy or giving yourself unfair advantages. Inevitably, combat will be in the offing. Though you can choose to let your generals
or the Imperial Army do the dirty work for you, Nothing beats spreading your wings yourself
and leading your troops into battle! On the battlefield,
it is imperative to build Resource Citadels To secure a steady influx of fresh recruits
which you’ll need to create an army! Units are produced in structures
like Battle Forges and Aero Factories. All that’s left now
is to obliterate the enemy! Unleash the destructive prowess
of the Devastator! Direct your Bomber Balloons
towards the advancing foes! Watch on as your Ironclads torpedo enemy ships
and pluck airborne adversaries from the sky! Or watch on no longer
and take to the skies yourself! Heal injured troops, Engage enemies on the ground and in the air. Show them you are the dragon
and finish them off with a well-placed Eye of the Patriarch! Glorious! If you want to go for a quick fix,
you can play skirmish battles against AI players. Try out new strategies,
or see if you can beat the insane mode! There’s even a custom campaign mode
which features a fully randomized storyline. Once you are familiar with the game rules,
why not try your hand at LAN or online multiplayer battles? You can of course play skirmish matches, But the multiplayer takes on a whole other dimension
when you play a campaign with or against others. You can even change the game rules to your liking! When you’ve got the hang of it,
try playing on our ranked servers, And your battles will count towards
your score on the global leader-boards. Not only will you be matched with players of equal skill,
you will also earn bragging rights once you hit the major league! Larian Studios presents
Divinity: Dragon Commander. Command Massive Armies. Become The Dragon. Master The Art of War. Forge an Empire.

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  1. I don't *know*, but I can't really believe that, as in Dragon Comander there are guns and whatnot, while in Divinity and Ego Draconis there aren't…

  2. That's wrong, Netherfly. Original Sin is prequel taking place about 1200 years before the earlier Divinity games. Dragon Commander is a prequel taking place about 10,000 before the earlier Divinity games. The story makes it pretty clear why this technology exists, and why it is no longer present in the future.

  3. That was a great trailer, clearly outlines all the crazy features this great looking game has.

    Really hope it works out well for you guys, and I'm really looking forward to Original Sin

  4. Who cares about being bad, just play single player, besides this is so much more then just a strategy game, its an adventure !

    Also about this awesome introduction I've gotta say…DAT ENDING LOL!

  5. The fun political system, with the advisors and all, reminds me a lot of Nation States… Everything else just looks like a side project the creators of RISK thought up on while binging on heroin… in other words looks like a 10/10 in my book

  6. Personally, I wish this had been more like C&C and less like Supreme Commander. Not a fan of this style of RTS games at all, unfortunately. I might give this another shot later and auto resolve all the battles, but for now I'll just go back to waiting for Original Sin. Kudos to the music team, though.

  7. Now THIS is how you make a trailer. Long, explains the basics of the game, familiarizes you with the setting, and shows a shitton of actual gameplay.

    Also, no wubwub.

  8. My god this game looks AMAZING!!! It's so thought out, and it shows everything that a Emperor/Empress goes through politically and strategically.

  9. The strategy map looks pretty great in my opinion. But yeah, the combat system looks a little ridiculous but nonetheless fun.10/10 as well.

  10. Really? weird.. I'm a kicksrarter myself.. Thanks for the tip! Last I heard was there was a delay because of the success which I'm totally cool with. I just don't like hearing about other kickstarters via a kickstarter I'm in you know?

  11. wha… the female skeleton could be one of your queen….?!?!…thas umm …nice.. I suppose…could anyone ever thinking about boning her

  12. I can still remember when I got my copy of Beyond Divinity. The guidebook smelled so good and I was happy playing through the amazing storyline. What happened to those days.

  13. It doesn't matter how skilled you are, as long as it's fun. I have been playing Total War for over a year now and I have never completed a campaign, but the game is fun so I keep playing.

  14. it's okey… you can bind your troops and your buildings to seperate keys as well. Aslike in sc2 or Age of Empires 2/3 … just Needs a bit of time to get used to it. Even I had my problems with it in the very earlie of the game but due time you'll crush your enemies. And if you still have problems.. just use your Dragon when it's neccessarie, your dragon can't finish battles alone..

  15. Only if you can take a loss like a man and are open to new ideas. (Oh and also if you're not overly republican… All the political figures in this game are extreme parodies of real life counterparts but republicans seem to be the only ones getting butthurt about it because of Yorick and the Dwarf)

  16. The RTS part isn't the best, the AI is a bit dimwitted at the moment and you can win a 15% Victory chance game just by rushing. And in my opinion the units look way too plain and generic for this scale of game.
    Don't get me wrong it's still an AMAZING game, I'm just pointing out the one issue I personally have with it. 8/10 🙂

  17. Yes but because of the dragon mode and pre-battle planning, this is an actual RTS and not an APM. (course being able to macro mid-dragon form helps but it's still more depth than "here's the #1 strategy of all time, fastest clicker wins; GO!")

  18. You don't HAVE to do the RTS part either (…at least not in single player) you can just have your generals fight your battles for you and play it like an RPG Risk game.

  19. The WASD controlls in dragon form are special but required, but once you get used to it, you can play in Dragon form all the time.

    And if you play well, you can beat everything with the dragon alone ^^ (just a tiny number of units to capture some buildings, but you can win with the dragon alone).

  20. that maxos and his drugs…
    …and what about Damian he wasn't in the last boss fight ..this like way before or after the games ?

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