DIY Aviator Hat Tutorial. How To Make A  Steampunk Flight Hat From Foam
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DIY Aviator Hat Tutorial. How To Make A Steampunk Flight Hat From Foam

August 14, 2019

Got some adventures planned this summer? Well
we all know that nothing says adventure like an aviator hat. And you can make one yourself,
just follow me. O.K. let’s get started. First watch the video
“how to make foam look like leather”. Use this technique to create a textured surface
on the foam. Cut out your pattern. Trace them onto the
foam, being sure to copy all the markings for future reference. When cutting two of
the same piece, be sure to flip the pattern over for the second one, otherwise half your
hat will have the texture on the outside and half your hat will have the texture on the
inside. And cut it out. Now, starting from the front, glue the two
number one pieces together down the centre line. Apply contact cement along the centre
line of both pieces. Let it dry until it’s tacky and then firmly press the two sides
together. Now repeat the process with piece number two
on each side, always starting from the front and working your way back. Sometimes it’s
easier if it’s laying on a flat surface while you push the two sides together. Okay, line up the center of the front piece
as shown and glue it on. If it sticks out the side a bit, give it a little trim. Glue
piece number 4 on each side, trim the back so it’s even, now put it on your head and
do a little dance. But don’t get too crazy, we’re not done yet. So crank up that hairdryer and heat the hat
up a section at a time, holding it down onto your head as it cools to smooth out the ridges. Give the section that goes over your ears
a little stretch. Cut a piece of foam for the strap, and a bit for the buckle, and glue
them both onto the hat. Use something sharp and pointy to make holes for the buckle. And
if you want to add some bits to make it look all steampunk, now’s the time to do it, but
I’ll save that for another video. And that’s it, you’re done. It’s so light
and comfortable, you might even forget it’s on. Oh, yeah, you might want to paint it brown.
Again, for more thorough painting instructions, check out the video “how to make foam look
like leather” Hey thanks for watching my video, if you want
a copy of the pattern it’s over there, if you don’t want a copy of the pattern, maybe
subscribe, or watch some of my other videos, that’d be cool. Now where did I put my airship? I think it’s
over there.

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  1. Two thumbs up to this! Awesome idea!
    May I suggest, a few coats of either wood glue, mod podge or school glue diluted in a bit of water to make it sturdier? It's a common tip by cosplayers when working with craft foam, because it helps the paint to adhere better and makes the foam stronger, or at least, or so I read/been told 🙂

  2. Haha, all tutorials should be like this.:) It´s funny and creative, entertaining and easy to follow. Yay, good job!

  3. yet again another incredible video! i love how you present the materials required, always a good laugh! your ideas are so fantastic and well done, so keep it up! and i would love a video on how to steampunk things out, just basics (:

  4. Got the plans – they're excellent as usual! Didn't need 'em, just had to have 'em! Thanks indeed, and all the best to you and yours.

  5. Wow, that was some dramatic supply-collecting at the beginning XD.  I don't think I could hop around my house like that– good job!

    Another very cool project.  Thanks for sharing!

  6. I would love to make a bowler cap similar to the top hat, do you have a pattern for that? I need one by the 26th of this month :O

  7. Do you have to paint the hat after it's glued together? Or can you paint it before you assemble it? It seems like that would be easier, but i dont want to screw it up!

  8. We have dove right into making an aviator hat…Me and my kids, I could have eyed out the pattern but love that you are doing this and just wanted to support you in some way.. but we have been mustering away for hours at it!! thanks so much for sharing..  I enjoy every single damn one of them. 🙂 

  9. Could you please make an archangel mask. It's like a steampunk batman. You can go on Google images and type in archangel mask. Please. I need it to be easy enough to be made by a kid

  10. Great videos! They're always super useful. Although would I want to paint the foam before I start or after the hat is finished? I need to make a cat woman costume and since real leather is super expensive (and I want to make it not buy it) this seems like a great option.

  11. I love your videos.  They've been a great help.  I am making a steampunk aviator costume for my dog, Dana.  It's going to be soooo cool.  I've never worked with foam and contact cement.  I love how workable it is and how lightweight but sturdy it is.   You sure have an artists touch that I don't possess but I do the best I can. 😉

  12. Ok…. it's a good thing you had a closeup of your wedding ring (and loverly wife), because I want to marry you after watching this. I hope my son grows up to be you. Thank you! What a delight to see someone care about their production values, as well as valuable content. 

  13. LMAO! COOL video thanks for sharing…I did my first Comic Con. in New Orleans last weekend…IM HOOKED! I have always liked the steam punk look and I'm researching know 2 get my costume right! Thanks

  14. This is perfect! You might just be one of my favorite youtubers! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing all the tutorials and patterns! I can't wait to see more! 🙂

  15. Hi! That's awesome! We are from Spain and we're very interested on getting the pattern of this amazing hat! But when we try to buy it, it says that it's not available in our country! Do you know how else can we get it? Thank you so much! 😀

  16. you know i was excited to make something using the templates you have but only after i bought the foam did i find  that i have to pay for the template too oh how great is it to spend more money on things

  17. Thank you! This is awesome and exactly what I needed to make my daughter an aviator cap for an Amelia Earhart costume! She was beyond excited when I showed her your video. I will post photos…
    I have one question, would you be willing to post measurement for the different sizes? I can't find that anywhere and I am horrible at trying to guess or visualize that sort of thing.

  18. The image of the cap and pattern has a $5 tag on it, but when you click on the Paypal icon, it brings up a price of $5.99.

  19. I have paid for and downloaded the pattern, am cutting everything out, but…. help! How do I know what size head I have!?!?

  20. Hey what width of foam sheet do you recommend, cause I'm getting a good deal on bulk size. They say either I have to buy 1mm or 2mm

  21. Hello Amigo. i want to have this pattern ,could you please post here because i cant find better one. thanks

  22. Love your videos! Made the top hat for my husband last year and it was amazing!! Working on this aviator cap with my niece now and having just a few little issues…. it fits great on the back and sides but there's a large gap on the top of her head. Also, we've been working with the hairdryer but the seams are still pointy. Any suggestions for these two things? Thanks!!!

  23. haha your opening xD
    You could also sew "x"s over each of the seams to make it look really realistic 🙂 / more support

  24. You are actually watching the lost wax video on how to make it look like foam.

  25. My first attempt with hot glue was a hot mess. It was my first ever try with foam. It only cost me .50 cents and i learned a lot. Going to try with contact cement tonight

  26. I understand it might not be your cup of tea but how about a video on motorcycle helmet mods? You seem to have the skill and I'm out of ideas on how to change helmet's shape without adding weight or undermining its integrity. In my case it started as a predator helmet project but now it shifted towards a more original steampunk piece. I just find it a fun subject and thought it might interest you as well. Cheers!

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