DIY Steampunk Doll Jetpack – Part 2
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DIY Steampunk Doll Jetpack – Part 2

August 12, 2019

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  1. If anyone is having trouble finding the ends for the tubes and you don't want to buy yoghurt in a bottle go to your local elementary school and ask to rummage through their recycling bins. You will have all you will ever need. My daughter is a teacher and she brought me a bag full. Water bottle lids too for the goggles.

  2. I filled my canister by mixing my paint and sucking it up in a syringe made for applying glue in fine lines. Then I simply injected it into my can. Then I sucked most of it out again. This left the inside of the canister painted. If you do a lot of crafting you really need one of these. They make things so much easier. They can be found in most hardware stores.

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