DIY Steampunk Doll Jetpack Part 3B
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DIY Steampunk Doll Jetpack Part 3B

September 6, 2019

I’ve got both my knobs installed. Now what I’m going to do is install my jet tubes. You are going to want to use your super glue for this so I’m just going to give this little cavity that the jet tube is going
to sit in a really good coating. And then I’m gonna let that set up for a little
bit. Try and get it along the edges of your 2 mm craft foam as well so it will really stick on there. Alright I’ve let this set up a bit and
now I’m going to apply my jet tubes. I just want to make sure that I have
this little eyelet facing forward. As I’m holding that in place I’m gonna
take my other side again making sure the eyelet is facing forward. And…whoops! And
I’m gonna lose a jet nozzle. It’s okay. I’ll glue it back on but we’ll just
leave these pressing them in place. I’ve given this some time to set up and
reattached my little old jet nozzle there. The next thing that we are going
to do is to take our plain black strips that are 1/8 of an inch wide, and we’re
going to apply them all along this edge where the tube meets the main body of
the jetpack. I’m going to be starting and ending the strip here at
this joint on the back because… I’ve got glue strings everywhere… this is going to
be covered up by one of the bands with the rivets on. So these strips are going
to be probably a little bit longer than you needed. I made them a little
bit longer just in case, so you may have to cut one end down slightly. But better
too long than not long enough. Now your choice – I like to apply the glue on the back of the foam strip and then lay it down because I can control where it’s
going and how much glue is on there, but if you feel more comfortable putting the
line of glue on to your jet pack and then pushing your strip on, that’s
perfectly okay too. Alright so I’ve reached the back and I
did need to chop off about an inch of my foam strip. I’m just going to apply a
tiny bit of hot glue on that cut edge and when I hold it down it should join.
And as I mentioned before we’re gonna be covering this so if it doesn’t look all
that pretty, it’s not a big deal. Just one more little tip for you. I noticed as I was starting to do this, this side has a bit more of a gap between the tube and
the body. So if that happens, you can just fill that in with a little bit of hot
glue. If you’re using a low temp glue gun like I am, you might be able to just run
your finger along… much the same way as you would do if you were adding caulking
to a joint on your baseboards or something like that. Go ahead.
Add that glue. Give it some time to set up so it’s it’s good, and set, and dry, and
cooled down, and then apply your strip. You’ll have a little bit more of a base
to put that strip on if you have a big gap. Now that my black strips are on,
we’re going to start applying these bands. If you look you can see that there
are two that are right in the middle so what we’re going to want to do is get
these two middle brads centered on the back of our jetpack. And we’re going to
place it along to hide this seam. So I’m just going to place a little bit of glue
onto my jetpack here to get started… two, three… and these are the middle two so
I’m going to lay them down and try and center them as much as possible. And then
we’re going to continue gluing these bands… bringing them around to the front and the edge meeting up with our black strip. As you’re bringing
it around just make sure that you eyeball it and line it up visually with that
side. Once you’ve got that band in place, we’re gonna put our small ones on it. There’s no a specific place that you have to put them. They’re just meant to
go somewhere up near the top so you can kind of play around and see where you
would like them to go. The only thing that you need to make sure, is that
you’re lining them up visually so that they are at the same spot on your jetpack. And again, we’re just going to glue them around till they meet in the back
at that black strip. We are ready to install our hoses. You need one piece that is about 3 1/4 inches long And that one’s going to go from
here to here. Then you need one that is about 2 3/4 inches long and that one’s going to go from here to here. You’ll need to change those sizes depending on whether or not you use the same doodads as me. And you’re
probably also just going to have to measure because we likely put things in
slightly different spots. I am using a pair of jewelry pliers to just put a
bend in one end of the of the longer piece of weed-whacker line. This is going
to sit in top… on top in that eyelet that I put on top of the goo canister there.
You can heat this up to make it a little more pliable but I’m always pretty
cautious about heating plastic because if you don’t know exactly what
the content of this is, it could produce toxic fumes. So
be careful. I’m just gonna add a tiny bit of glue into the top of that eyelet there so that when I stick my piece of hose in, hopefully it’s going to
stay. And I’ll give it a second to set up and just make sure I’ve got it at the
right angle that I can stick it in there. And then I’m gonna do the same thing for
this guy down here… just a bit of hot glue. Stick that in and hold it in place
till it sets and then we’re basically going to do the same thing for the other
side here. I’m going to do the bottom one first because this nozzle on the front
is a bit deeper. And just stick that in there give it
some time to set up. And then I’m gonna go and clean off my jetpack of all the
little glue strings and globs of hot glue that may be clinging to it. There’s
quite a few glue strings. And get that all cleaned up and then we’re going
to work on getting all of our straps installed. First off I’ve noticed that I
have not placed a hole for the buckle strap where it’s going to be riveted
onto the shoulder strap. And I’m sorry I forgot to put that on both the 18 inch
doll size and the A Girl For All Time size. So this is the 18 inch size. What
I’m gonna do is just use my jetpack Middle Strap to mark the rivet placement.
Because it’s going to be in the same place. And give that a quick punch using
my Crop-o-Dile. And then the next thing that we’re gonna have to do is install
our buckles. So for this strap, I know that I’m going to want to have the
buckle facing like so. I’m going to make sure I’ve got the prong falling on
the right side and feed this through. Insert the prong into the hole that I’ve
punched. Push it back out through the strap. And out like that. Now I’m gonna have
to sew these two pieces together. I find it helpful to put just a little piece of
double-sided tape there to keep the pieces of the strap aligned. If you
think that you want to do that, go ahead. Similarly we are going to be applying
the buckle to this end of the Bottom Strap.I’m actually just going to flip
this over. We want the buckle to be lying like this as well. So making sure your
prong is laying on the correct side, feed it through. Put the prong through that
hole that you punched. There we go. Okay so I’m going to take these to my sewing machine, and using a leather needle, I’m going to stitch these pieces of the
strap together. Alright now that we’ve got the buckles sewn, what we’re going to do is rough up about one inch of the top of the shoulder straps. The reason
that we’re doing that is to make it easier for the leather to adhere to our
jetpack. So I’m just using an emery board – It’s quite a coarse one – And I’m
just gonna go ahead and rough up this leather until it looks like that. You can tell
which end that you need to do because you’re gonna have your rivet holes on
the bottom side. This is the top that’s going to be attaching to the top of the
jetpack. So go ahead get those roughed up and then I’m going to apply some
superglue to this part that I roughed up and let it get tacky. Then we’re
going to attach it onto the back of our jetpack. Alright, I’ve put some glue on
these and given them some time to get tacky. What we’re going to do is place the top that you’ve roughed up and glued
pretty close to that black strip that we applied around the outside edge. Just
give it a little pressure to help that glue adhere. Same thing on the other side
here. Give it a little pressure. I just realized after I got these back…
these shoulder straps on, that I forgot to attach the grill. So before I go ahead
and unplug my glue gun, I’m just going to apply some hot glue to the back of my
grill. Oops! I’m going to stick my fingers to it. Stick it
right on top. Before we adhere the bottom strap to the back of the jetpack, what we’re going to do is get all the other pieces riveted in place while this is
still fairly free so that it’s a little easier to work with. Alright before we go any further we’re going to attach our little straps onto our shoulder straps.
You can reverse the order if you like. Just make sure when you put your
bottom strap on that you’re having your buckles on the same side and your pieces
with the holes on the same side. I’ve already got this one prepped here. What you’re going to want to do is take your rivet back, put your smaller
strap over the top of that first and then insert it through the shoulder strap so that the shoulder strap is on the top. Then pop the cap on. I’m
gonna go ahead and set these rivets off-camera and then we’re going to get
the bottom strap attached to our jetpack. Then we will rivet these. As I was looking at this bottom strap, I realized that I had forgotten to put a
mark for where we’re going to be riveting this Bottom Strap to the
Shoulder Strap, so the new pattern pieces that will be sent out with the
newsletter will have the updated pieces with the marking on it. Now what we’re
going to do is kind of mark where we want to center this strap on the back of
the jetpack. Because we know that this part is going to overlap the buckle when
we are securing it on to the doll, we don’t want to just fold this in half and
mark it. I’m going to go from the edge of the buckle to about the second hole
and just quickly mark that with chalk. Then I’ve measured my back bit here –
It’s about 2 1/4 inches. Using that as a guide, I’m going to mark off about 2 1/4 inches on the back of this strap so that I can use my emery board to rough this area up. Once you’ve roughed that area up you’re going to apply some glue. Give it a little
while to get tacky and then you want to make sure that you have your buckle on
the same side as your other little buckle. I’m just gonna mark this with my fingers. Lay that in place. Press it and let it sit for a little bit. Alright the final step is to get the Shoulder Straps secured to the Bottom
Strap using your rivets. I am going to bring my rivet back up through the
Bottom Strap first, and then through the Shoulder Strap. Pop a cap on there and
we’ll do the same thing for the other side Bring a rivet back up through the
Bottom Strap and then through the Shoulder Strap and pop the cap in place. Now go ahead and set those rivets. And there we go. Finished jetpack. I hope you enjoyed this video series on
how to make a steampunk jetpack for your dolls. If you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up and share with your friends. The more exposure I get, the better the chances I can keep on making these videos for you guys. If you haven’t
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