DJI Mavic Adventures | Episode 6 | How To Shoot Snowboarding With A Drone
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DJI Mavic Adventures | Episode 6 | How To Shoot Snowboarding With A Drone

October 15, 2019

This week we’re gaining some altitude. Welcome to Saas-Fee in Switzerland, and welcome to Mavic Adventures! The mountains offer some of the most stunning views on earth and snowboarding is the ultimate way to enjoy them. Capturing this wild environment is a challenge, but drones have made it easier and more exciting than ever, gaining incredible new angles that we could only dream of a few years ago. The Mavic Pro from DJI is one of the latest models. It’s super easy to fly and features a unique fold-out design that you can stash into a backpack before you jump on the lift. In this episode we’ve come to the glacier a Saas-Fee to run through just a few of the ways you can use your Mavic to get some epic winter shots. First things first you’re going to want to capture these beautiful Alpine landscapes. With its 4k camera, any footage from the Mavic as it flies through the mountains is going to look awesome. But for added impact, one trick to try is called the tilt reveal. Choose a valley or distant peak for your subject and fly towards it by pushing forwards on the right stick, keeping the camera pointed straight down. Now slowly rotate the gimbal wheel on the top left of the controller, and the camera will tilt up to reveal the full picture. It’s a great way to grab the viewers attention and pull them into the scene. If you’re shooting a ridgeline, another technique to add some drama is to start below the height of the peak now increase your altitude by pushing up on the left stick. As he camera passes the summit and reveals the background the foreground will appear to move faster, giving a 3D feel to the landscape When you’re ready to film some action the Mavic features several ‘Active Track’ modes. Just tap on the subject and the camera will lock on. One thing to be aware of when flying in the mountains is that you’ll quickly gain height relative to the slope as a rider descends, so it’s best to start low to the ground and finish your movement before the rider becomes too small in frame. Finally, if you’re shooting tricks in the park the Mavic boasts two super handy settings to help freeze time. The first is slow-motion video. You can capture Full HD at up to 96 frames per second perfect for reliving every moment in the air. If you’re taking still images check out ‘Burst Mode’. The 12 megapixel camera will fire off either three, five or seven photos in a single second, giving you a better chance of capturing that banger shot. So that’s it for this penultimate episode. Next time we’ll be bringing all the tips from the series together for one inspirational show reel. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Have you used any ND filters shooting this? and what camera settings (frame rate/shutter/iso) have you used on the mavic pro?

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