DJI – On set with the Ronin-MX

September 27, 2019

Today our short film is about two drivers
in a heated race to get first place. We were lucky enough to have the new Ronin-MX with us, which enabled us to be able to carry one camera from our handheld gimbal configuration to an arm car configuration and the new M600, DJI’s new heavy lifting drone. One of the really cool features about the new MX is the fact that it has two batteries. One is for the gimbal and the other one is to power your camera and any accessories. It even has industry standard connectors like P-tap so you can put whatever follow focus
or whatever transmitter you want on it also. As a Director of Photography, there’s many
times where I get asked to do things that I know we barely have time to do.
Having a tool like the Ronin-MX really lets me be able to jump back and forth and not really have
to fiddle with the gear so much. The biggest advantage of the Ronin-MX is the
fact that I just have one gimbal for everything I need to do.
I don’t have to configure one gimbal for aerial work, I don’t have to configure another
gimbal and a camera for handheld work. We just take the same setup and we just go
from one to the other so it makes it really easy to go from aerials to car to car to handheld
to any sort of tracking. It’s saved us so much time today. Another really cool shot we did today was our 360 donut shot. So we were able to put the camera on the heavy lifter again and with the Ronin we were able
to follow the car 360 degrees as it’s doing donuts around us. The MX performed really, really well today. We threw at it some pretty difficult shots,
moving pretty high speed around some of these tight turns on the race track. It did fantastic.

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