DJI – Proving Drones in Search and Rescue
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DJI – Proving Drones in Search and Rescue

November 19, 2019

(low, energetic melody) – [Romeo] In the drone industry,
there are a lot of claims that drones save money, drones save time, and, drones save lives. At DJI, we really want to put effort
into validating those claims. – [Gloria] Black Channel comes with
a cumulative 55 years of experience in running very rigorous trials. We’re trying to measure the difference
between the performance of a search and rescue team with drones versus a team without drones. – [Alfonso] EENA is a Brussels-based NGO that works to drive innovation in public safety. We want to understand
how drones actually improve the performance of emergency services and how can we actually use them in the field – [Steve] We’ve already discovered through the use of drones and our drone being one of the busiest assets we’ve got in our organization that it is a vital tool. – [Gloria] We need to control the sites we use, the scenario we’re using, the number of people we’re using. We need to collect data at a specific time point, so that what you’re left with
is a neat, clean, robust, valid set of data. – [Joe] The trials were conduct in Sligo, Ireland Wicklow, Ireland, and Wales. We conducted over 40 trials, over the course of 4 days,
within a 1 week period – in order to get enough data
to do statistically significant tests – [Romeo] As expected, we learned a lot during these trials. Not only from the data gathered, but also by observing how operators
and visual observers work together, and how they communicate with ground assets. Furthermore, we also learned that the tactical approach – how you utilize the drone in regard to terrain and the resources on the ground,
was a crucial factor. – [Gloria] Advantages are in the safety, in the ability to plan and predict search path and search patterns better, and ultimately in enhancing
our ability to understand the decisions that we need to take
for search and rescue.

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  1. If we are able combine on board analytics to drone, it will increase ability of drone to spots persons or vehicles any specific objects . Yes drones are here to change the way live
    Long live dji. Thanks

  2. I’ll be on the rescue as soon as this stupid drone stops updating, oh wait I can’t rescue you there is a stupid geofence ! !!!!!!!!!! Get it dji !

  3. These unmanned vehicles are great tools for search and rescue because they provide better and wider point of views for area surveillance without steeping into unsafe areas. Drones are also great tools for event security, police surveillance of crime scenes and events and also fire safety responses

  4. Since when does SAR take place on nice weather days ??? Weather or water proof your new versions of recreational drones DJI !!!

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