DMC DeLorean at Tech – GT Spotlight
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DMC DeLorean at Tech – GT Spotlight

August 31, 2019

[upbeat funk music]
♪♪ Kyle: What’s up,
GT Spotlight ? Today I’m here with Jas, a third-year mechanical
engineering student here at Tech and the proud owner
of this DMC DeLorean! Would you like to talk
about the car, Jas? Jas: Sure. So this is my 1981 DeLorean that
I’ve had for about two years. Before I got it, it sat for about 20 years
in a garage, and it was in really bad
condition. I’ve spent the last two years
restoring it back to the original specifications. [car starts, revs] [door shuts] Kyle: Oh, I have to close it
really tight, right? Jas: Yeah, harder.
Door handle’s right here. Kyle: Gotta close it tighter! [door slams] Jas: There you go. [door slams] Yeah,
the ’81s don’t have good doors. Kyle: I gotta say,
it feels very ’80s in here. [chuckling] Jas: Definitely, definitely. Kyle: You’ve got the very ’80s
feel to the instrument cluster here. Jas: Yeah, and I like
how this little bezel always kind of comes off. It just━kind of nudge it
back on there. [laughter] Kyle: Yeah, I’d definitely say
the keyword here is “quirky,” and I think
that’s great! Jas: Oh, yeah!
For sure, for sure. That’s really what this car
is inside and out. Kyle: Can you tell me a little
bit about the designer? Jas: So that is━so that’s
Giorgetto Giugiaro. And he was the guy that penned
the overall exterior of the car. He designed the car to look like
it was folded out of paper to kind of give an essence
of it being light. Kyle: Sometimes I wish I could
go back to the ’80s. Jas: Yeah. Kyle: In fact, I was thinking
about this the other day. I was looking at the hairstyles
and the music, and, for some reason, I had more of an appreciation
for it. Maybe it’s because I knew I was
going to have a cool ride in this car and━ Jas: [chuckling] Yeah. Kyle: ━could really experience
the ’80s to its fullest, but umm━ Jas: This is definitely the ’80s
car. Kyle: The ’80s car,
the quintessential Back to the Future
cult classic━ Jas: Oh, yeah. Kyle: ━cult classic ’80s film.
I love it. Jas: It’s not a flashy car. It doesn’t have chrome,
you know, big rims, and that kind of stuff. It’s very simple-looking, but yet it’s still somewhat
elegant. Kyle: They’re called “tollbooth”
windows? Jas: They are. Kyle: So they’re called
“tollbooth” windows, and why are those a thing? Jas: You couldn’t physically get
this entire window━ if this were one piece
of glass, it would not fit in the door. It would, you know,
it would stick out of the door, because this glass is so big
and the shape of the car is so steep. So the way they kind of went
around that was with this “tollbooth.” And so just this goes
down in the door. This is fixed. Kyle: How long did you spend
restoring this? This is━I understand you
completely redid the interior, all the seats. Everything was pretty much
completely rotted out, correct? Jas: It was all falling apart,
full of cracks and everything. But it took me about year
and a half to get it to the point where it is now. It’s about 90 percent done. I still have some problems
here and there, mostly with, again, the fuel injection system
I was talking about. It’s a little finicky. At some point, I’m planning
on converting it to EFI, you know,
electronic fuel injection like a modern car has where
the injectors do turn on and off when the cylinder doesn’t need
the fuel. And so hopefully that will
modernize it, you know, make it a little bit more
reliable. Kyle: Well, thank you
so much, Jas. Jas: You’re very welcome. Kyle: I had a really, really
good time in this car. It’s a cult classic ’80s car
from the cult classic ’80s film Back to the Future , one of my favorite movies
of all time for sure. Jas: Oh, yeah. [upbeat funk music]

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