Do pilots always fly the same route and aircraft?
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Do pilots always fly the same route and aircraft?

September 6, 2019

hi everybody and very welcome to mentor and yet another short video podcast I hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic and welcome once again to the office today I’ll be answering a few questions that I’ve had very recent than you guys both from inside of the mentor aviation application and on the YouTube channel so for example do we as pilots always fly the same aircraft the react eyelid or wave fly with the same first officer and do with like the same route okay so stay tuned [Music] okay so the answer to those questions are fairly simple alright it depending a little bit on your company how big your company is or how big the bases and if you are going to slide the same aircraft or the put the same pilots okay generally speaking and you will not fly with the same pilot all right if you’re flying at a very very small base or in a very small company it can happen that you are off – together with the same copilot – the same captain many many times however if you’re flying as a bigger company or bigger base you are simply going to be rusted together with whatever first officer captain who has enough hours to do the flights that you’re going to do so the answer to the first question is no most likely you will be flying with many different people which is great because you have the possibility to learn from from all of these people and everyone is going to be slightly different everyone is everyone is going to have a slightly different take on the SOP for example and as the first officer is great because you’ll have the opportunity to ask the captain you’re flying with why he or she is doing something in a particular way and stuff you know learn from their experience to the to answer the second question whether or not we fly the same aircraft it’s pretty much the same thing if you’re flying for a very small company it might be the case that you’re flying with the same aircraft many many times but if you’re flying with a large airline like I am for example then the air like the aircraft will actually be rotating in and out in the base depending on maintenance schedules so you might fly with the same aircraft for a couple of days or you might never fly with the same aircraft depending on how big the basis and depending on if dstean or the aircraft have been rotated out to do some major maintenance for example so if you’re flying for an airline that has 400 different aircraft well then it’s very unlikely that you’ll fly with the same individual very often however does it making a difference not really because if you look around here the aircraft that we’re flying at the moment looks exactly the same as any of the other aircraft that is in our fleet and that is for the reason that we are supposed to be able to fly ship aircraft basically fly one aircraft during half of the day and then continue out with a different aircraft if it’s needed okay so will you fly the same route all the time as a pilot and the answer to that is no you won’t okay it’s the same thing there yeah sorry we’ve got a little bit interrupted there so to answer your questions whether or not you are going to fly to the same destination of the pilot all the time or if you’re going to fly to different destinations that largely depends on your airline and your bings okay so if you’re applying for a small airline that might not have too many destinations well then it is possible that you might be flying to the same destination or similar destinations quite often but if you’re applying for a bigger airline or you’d like them a bigger base well then you are likely to be flying to a lot of different destinations okay the airline will always try to utilize your flight hours as much as possible they want you to fly within the flight time limitations that efficiently as possible this means that you might be flying some really long for six days and mixing that up with some shorter two Saturdays to different destinations depending on what kind of operation your airline is doing might be long-haul might be short haul but you know the bigger the airline is the more destinations they have the more likely it is that you’ll be flying to different destinations so that is to answered our question so I hope this has been helpful guys you know I really love interacting with you guys so I hope that you all sign up to my next coming live streams and that you’ve downloaded the Metro aviation app because I advance there quite a lot of the questions and I also use that for you guys to be able to ask me questions during the live stream so get the mentor aeration app and absolutely contact evening bye bye [Music]

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  1. With the crew and destination question

    When I flew to MALTA with AIR MALTA I flew from MANCHESTER airport to MALTA international and I had 2 totally different aircrafts their and back one was much much older and one was a lot newer

    I saw the pilot and co pilots on both flights on the coach in MALTA and my captain was different but I realised that my FIRST-OFFICER was THE SAME both flights

  2. Love your work, very informative and interesting!
    Two questions –
    1. How many hours can a pilot fly per day?
    2. Does humidity affect lift/v1 speed?

  3. What do you do if, as a captain, if you get paired with a co-pilot who (for whatever reason) you don't feel comfortable with — maybe his demeanor gives you the feeling he's not totally competent even though he's got all the ratings and passed all the checks and everything, and management has approved him to fly?

    And what do you do if you if, as a co-pilot, if you get paired with a captain who's an ass-wipe and treats you like poo-poo for every little silly thing — like maybe you waved at a child waving to you from the terminal as you were being pushed back — or if you said "November two niner" in a way that wasn't "professional enough?"

  4. I got told that online virtual simulators for flight sims are useful as the company can look at your flight logs and is important to log flights using flight sims, is this true?

  5. My question is that can an airbus a320 pilot be switched to airbus a380 or even to Boeing 737 and 777s?

  6. Dear Mentour Pilot:
    I want to ask the following question: When do pilots throttle back the engines from full power to efficiency setting after take off?
    Is it after the plane reaches the highest height it can reach?
    Or is it when the plane reached the height assigned to it by Traffic Control?
    Or is it when the plane reaches the speed which matches the most fuel efficient cruising velocity?

  7. When you say that a pilot is supposed to be able to pilot any aircraft in the fleet does this apply to even different makes or models of aircraft? So a pilot should be able to fly an Airbus 380 one day and the next day pilot a Boeing 747? I thought you had to qualify for each type of aircraft?

  8. ReHi Mentour:

    The various series you do might be categirized, or it may already be tand I have not noticed the categorizarion in a Hot Link style.

    With the large volume you are putting out, all good stuff, the size alone would justify this, but I also am not sure what facilities You tube Itself makes avalable as backend resources for your productions.

    On another personal note, being one who loves public speaking it's too bed for now that I am not totally ready tu upload voice, but I am working on what is in the way of doing that at this end.

    This does very well using audacity, except that if I am recording a speech or presentatoon, and managing the running of audacity at the same time, I end up having to stop, cut, edit ald ganerally clean up many thimes reusultingin a lot of time to get an audio track that I would consider acceptable for upload.

    Audio can be hosten using Google Drive (in Linux there is no app for Google drive as such, but normally the API or application interface that sits in the backkground for the Windows app, ":Google Drive" integrates well with Nautilus, so my frivespace would normally alppear and fuincionn the same as any netwporked file system.

    However lately I notice that the API in question has acquired some "quirk" which prevents it from working with Nautilus for now.

    This I think will disappear by itself sooner or later, as there are Linux developers working on it, but so far their solutions are not totally readym, and still require complex command line setups to run. Eventually this will likely get ported to fully compiled RPMs (redident process managers) for those distributions around the world which use that infrastruicture, and also DEBs for the Debian style systems.

    In the interim, I keep on with the work that is most immediately in fron of me, and the rest will fall into Place sooner or later.

  9. Do you fly one type of aircraft or you can fly 737 today then airbus 320 tomorrow then 747 next week or it requires training to transition to different aircraft.

  10. if a first officer fly's with a different captain, then how about the flight number, how will they know their flight number, and how do they remember their flight number?????
    I am very curious and I really wan to be a great pilot like u

  11. i am more expensive becoz you need to fly for me haha

    a few lucky person get this job ….

  12. Dear Mentour Pilot, where is the lavatory indicator light located? In the overhead preparation checklist you have to check it if it is off.

  13. hey can we actually see how your lifestyle work as I want to see your houses and how long do you usually come back to the family

  14. Q Thanks for your videos, just one question do pilots put on Auto pilot and go to use the Toilet? in case that he is flying alone? thanx

  15. I've read in a book (Skyfaring by M. Vanhoenacker) that he never in his career flown two times with the same plt/fo. how is that possible?

  16. Mentour Pilot, I was thinking the "same aircraft" question would refer to type. Will a captain fly an A320 one day, and a B737 the next day. My understanding is NO, pilots specialize in one model of plane for proficiency, in other words, a B737 pilot knows exactly where all the buttons and switches are in all B737s, but would have to look and find them in other models.

  17. Regarding the question if you always fly the same type of aircraft, doesn't it depend on your pilot license??. Let's say for example that your pilot license is 737-800…. Can you fly a 757-200???

  18. Do you always fly the same MODEL of aircraft? For example, could you fly a 747 today and a 737 tomorrow? How about a Boeing one day and an Airbus the next?

  19. Why do planes that fly the same route have the same callsign? For example, if u fly from los angles to sanfransico on delta,ur callsign might be delta 324, but a different flight flying the same route will have the same callsign of delta 324, why is that?

  20. Quiestion : will you be flying the same type ? If yes , at what level? ( say one flighting the 777 will the pilot flight multiple variants?)

  21. Per my first hand info there are exceptions. I worked with an Air Canada pilot that did the YVR to Hong Kong run once a week, every week. That was his entire job. Essentially was away from home for 4 days, then 3 days off. About 24 hrs of flying and some 12 hrs spent resting in HK, plus commuting between home and the airport (which was a good 3 hrs away ).

  22. mentour great chanel i have a question it may Sound stupid ,but i always think about when im at duty free shops,,can pilots buy at duty free shops yes no any retrictions im guessing that yes only not tabacco and alcohol.

  23. You say that you may fly different aircraft, but you mean the same type? You can't fly a 737 one day then a A320 the next surely?

  24. Why do pilots always run the front wheel over the runway lights on takeoff? I understand they want to keep the aircraft as straight as possible, but on top of being noisy & uncomfortable for the passengers, doesn't it increase the risk of causing damage to tyres, wheels or undercarriage?

  25. I was really curious about this actually. I knew about rotating crews and planes but I didn't know anything about flying to the same destination all the time

  26. Do you have a favourite 737 in your fleet? Even though they should be all the same, I assume they aren't. Would be an interesting "Podcast" about the tiny little things that make one 737 different from the other 737.

  27. I would love to know if you do much flying outside working hours? I was very fortunate a few years to be flown from Fort Myers to Key West in a 4-set overhead wing plane by my Uncle. If so I bet it'd make a fantastic video as those smaller personal planes can fly quite low 😀

  28. Guess polots atleast fly the same type of aircraft. Somebody who is trained on a 737 would fly a 737 and somebody who is trained on a A320 woul fly an A320.

  29. Mentour, do you ever find your job tedious? This will usually happen if a worker does the same thing day in day out.

  30. Mentour Pilot, I believe the question “do you fly the same aircraft” referred to aircraft type? Not aircraft serial number? Surely aviation fans don’t think airline pilots ever fly one specific aircraft?

  31. Can you fly if you’re girlfriend used to be skinny with a nice ass , but over time she got to comfortable around me and started eating everything not tied down, and of course she got so fat in such a short time that the airline we flew on wanted to make here sit in the luggage compartment with the live rhinoceros that the Philadelphia zoo was having loaned to them from South Africa wildlife refuge.

  32. When flying international, does the company pick pilots who are bilingual for those countries, or do most ATC have a range of bilingual workers?

  33. I think they meant the same airplane each flight, not the same model of aircraft. IE one flight you are on a MD88 and the next a 737-800.

  34. Uniform…means as one…one form.
    Like interchangeable parts in a rifle….
    Everybody doing the same thing..reacting to the same situation the same way…in the same equipment.

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