Dobby — Smart Pocket Drone In-Depth Review [4K]
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Dobby — Smart Pocket Drone In-Depth Review [4K]

October 19, 2019

Today I’m here to review this. Dobby. A drone for ants! A drone that understands voice commands Dobby go! can track objects, can track faces, can orbit, can perform a cute reveal shot, can return home take really good photos and fits into your pocket Has a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core 2.3GHz processor. has 2GB of RAM, has 16GB of storage, it weights only 199g (3.49oz) that means you don’t need to register it with FAA flies for 9 minutes, not much, I wish it was much more than that It has GPS/GLONASS dual band positioning system Has two sensors, optical flow and ultrasonic wave Has 100m (109 yards) range, works with WiFi 2.4 and 5G frequency The camera on this has a 13MP 1/3.06-inch CMOS sensor. And it has a 75 degrees 28mm f2.2 lens It shoots 4K 30fps video but wait don’t get too excited since it doesn’t have a gimbal it uses electronic image stabilization which is why the footage you have in the end is 1080p This is what is looks like when the electronic image stabilization is turned off And this is what is looks like when it is turned on. And that is why you have to be a smooth drone operator if you like to have good looking image Connects to your phone very easily has a great app If you’re flying indoors you select this, if you’re flying outdoors you select that this is to take off and then this is for voice commands These are the tricks Dobby can do Here you have the timer Here you have your settings Single photo, burst shot Parameters, auto white balance, exposure value and then you have your electronic image stabilization Let’s set it to zero as you can see it zooms in a little bit This is to take a photo This is to choose between photo and video And here you can see your gallery There is something funny about this. If you select a photo and accidentally hit delete It doesn’t ask for confirmation It just deletes it So remember when I said the Dobby review was coming soon and it took so long that is because I went to my gallery and hit select all and accidentally hit delete. I deleted everything But it is really hard to get angry at a drone that can do this. You can go to your gallery and select this photo and hit this This is dobby crystal ball it is hilarious It scans your face. Sophisticated, age: 43 actually that is true. It is unbelivable And when you hit this, it says x-men apocalypse. I don’t know what that is. I’m guessing I’m from x-men apocalypse of something? Before you fly, you have to decide on the camera angle you need. Also if you like to use the Electronic Image Stabilization you have to pick that angle you set your camera to in the options Now let’s see what this $399 pocket drone can do Dobby go! Now let’s take a look at the tricks Dobby can do. Short video. With this one hit record, it flies backwards and shoots a 10 second video And that’s it that’s really cool as well. Oh and now it is coming back It came back by itself. I wasn’t expecting that Ah that’s really cool Now let’s test the orbit function So this point, wherever the drone is standing it is going to be the center poing select orbit, skip, next radius, 3m. I think this is good. And then when I hit this See it is kind of difficult to adjust the center point But it still works. Now let’s try target tracking, alright we’re up to 5 meters. Target tracking, Yes it is set to 45 degrees, Electronic Image Stabilization is on. I select myself I think I’m being tracked right now. What happens if I turn around? Oh it is still tracking me That’s cool. Stop tracking Face tracking. Yes caution, we know. Select myself What happens if I go towards you? Now I’m going to hit return home No obstacles It is coming back It is not bad. It is like couple of steps to my right And landed like a boss It is really tiny but it is surprisingly stable Low voltage. I’m not landing. You’re on your own Dobby! And I flew dobby around me until the battery got fully drained. Towards the very end dobby tried to land but allowed me to keep it flying. And then the expected happened. And it stopped flying. That was really good Good job Dobby Now this doesn’t have much battery left, has %42 battery left but let’s see how far it can go 89, 92, 97, 100 meters. I’m turning around because I can not see the drone Aldright. So Dobby reached it’s 100mt range with no problems at all There it is Nice! %10 battery left That was a little adventurous. But yeah we went 100 meters and it was fine And it came back fine. It’s a little miracle It also resists the wind pretty good but as you can see it affects the image stabilization. I think dobby is a fantastic little drone that truly fits into your pocket. For smooth video it requires a little getting used to it but that can be achieved after couple of flights. It takes great photos too Don’t expect it replace any major drones out there but also don’t underestimate it Because it is a lot of fun. Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it Please hit that subscribe button, I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen. Hit that button and join the World DO’mination! And let me know what you think about Dobby in the comment section pillow And until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and hoşça kalın! Dobby go! … Dobby go! Dobby go!

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  1. How do you compare it with another drones of same class (same size/fly time/video res)? Which use it fits better (travel places, wild trekking)?

  2. The image stabilisation on it looks a bit wobbly. Does anyone know if the results would be better shooting in 4K then using image stabilisation in final cut x and save in 1080?

  3. Hi and thanks for your great video. Was the test footage (upscaled to 4K) taken with the EIS on? Or did you stabilize it yourlself in post production ?

  4. I Subscribed. Very nice demo. You have a great personality and make things fun and exciting while you go into detail on some features. Looking forward to more of your videos in the future. Happy Dobbying !! ha ha GrampaKenCanada

  5. I truly think you could fly a kite and tape a polaroid to it and make it look great!! Enjoy your vids for sure. 🙂

  6. Would you say this would be a good drone for us guys in Canada as we have been screwed by the new laws and this is under 250g?

  7. Mine doesn't work, I bought a new dobby after I checked this amazing review. My dobby stays on the ground, doesn't like flying very much…the propellers doesn't work…a shame because I expend 350 dollars….

  8. i was looking for a good review after watching unbox therapy….and this is the best review so far !!! I subscribed too lol

  9. If your phone is just a wifi phone – not on any cell plan- will this work way out in the countryside flying and video recording ?

  10. You're videos are great! I love watching your reviews, they are always beautifully shot, sequenced and edited superbly ??

  11. if you are a beginner and you had to choose between this and the Maverick Pro that isn't really available should I get this first before stepping into something like that

  12. Hey, hope somebody can help me. This review is awesome, but a lot of others reviews do not like the drone. Does anyone have an opinion?

  13. Ha ha! You are awesome Bro! 🙂 Great review, and you have a great way of explaining things and making watching your videos FUN!!! 😀

  14. 7:10 look as his battery meter and don't buy this shit. He probably spent hours in that depressing park, recharging this, "Dobby".

  15. I'm just curious on your phone holder… it looks interesting but I cant really see how your phone holder works. can you send me a picture of it . really appreciate it much! Keep up the good work for the drone industry!

  16. Really enjoyed your very well thought out review. This video is the one that convinced me to buy one that will arrive this Friday.

  17. Precise Positioning

    GPS+GLONASS Dual Satellite for outdoor positioning;
    Sonar + Optical Flow for indoor positioning;
    2.4GHz/5GHz Dual Band Wi-Fi;
    Withstands wind speeds of up to 28 km/h.

  18. Your videos awesome better than most cost you legit try everything the drone has to offer and give your opinion on it not many do that, I really have been wanting one of these ever since I found the ad , I got a little elfie drone it’s similar but a lot cheaper for like $60 it’s ok but when I’ve got some spare money I really want the dobby drone

  19. I appreciate your video tutorial. I notice, however, that the screens and functions your show don't seem to be available on my Dobby. Mine is 'Dobby-Obe4ca'. Wonder if this is a different version of the software, and whether it might be an older version than you have. Thanks for any pointers you may be able to give me.

  20. All these drones have the same thing in common that the Karma doesn't need. Your cell phone screen and downloaded app. I really think this option is a cop out by manufactures that sell u a drone at a very high price without getting involved with software and remote controlers. Gopro bad or good took on that challenge by providing the consumer with all those possible issues . I think it's a matter of time before Gopro and it's Karma drone comes out with something that will blow the socks off drone companies bidding for a position in this market. I don't use a cell phone and don't want the harmful radiation that comes with a screen needed to fly their drone. No thanks !!!!

  21. Hi, I'm interested in the dobby, but I wanted to know if the videos that reggistra are really so painful, or for family use like holidays, can vacations go well? I found the dobby at € 140 again, it is worth spending € 4/500 to get the spark, certainly better but more expensive? Or do you recommend another foldable and portable drone better than this, obviously under 300 grams?

  22. Hi , thank you for the review , i would like to ask a question , i am dong a car filming not a moving car but a stand still car , would you recommend it to do an orbit video around the car ? is the video shoot steady and smooth ? Thank you

  23. OK. This one is a little too gimp and gimmick. What've you got for me in about this size, maybe a bit bigger that is money on the honey? Serious question; stick it to me and I'll sub.

  24. I've done a small tutorial tu use gamepads to control a drone like this, maybe can be useful

  25. Like…….. because for such small drone it's packed with a lot of higher priced drone feature and as you described some of these the Go pro and phantoms don't have and since I'm just starting out DOBBY take the cake hands down

  26. Its strange because it looks like that i dont have the same apps because i dont have joystick but some Button to use the drone

  27. On my first flight with my dobby I turned off selfie mode (reversed controls) took off, then landed it. Shortly after without turning off the drone, I took off again and ran into a wall even though I was trying to go forwards. The drone got some big chips and the prop tips are rough and I'm wondering if this is a defect and what should I do.

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