Doja Cat Calls Out DC Young Fly & B. Simone 😱 | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle
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Doja Cat Calls Out DC Young Fly & B. Simone 😱 | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle

January 23, 2020

– [Nick] Yeah, D-Wrek drop that beat. (hip hop music) Uh, clap, clap, clap,
clap, yeah, yeah, uh. Oh alright, Sky gon’ step
up, we do it like this? – I’m like, the first one. – Gotta stay fly, I’m so
fresh to death I might die, and you looking like an angel no lie, so let me up in that heaven, so I can touch the sky. (audience oohs) (bell dings) (audience laughs) – I got it, come here clips, Yo, hit man, I’m the baddest around. When it comes to battle
rapping I’m the best in town, look, I leave a murder scene, is it me? Or do clips look like the
head coach from Burger Kings. Ayo, Scott,
(bell dings) I could go all night, I know you’re used to Black
Ink, but mine shoot out white. (crowd heckles) – [Nick] That’s nasty, that’s nasty. (crowd laughs) – [Chico] Alright.
– Yo. – Okay.
– B.Simone, – Oh wait, wait. – B.Simone!
– [Chico] Hold on, okay. – Yo, you as hairy as a
man, the way you looking, you could be your own boyfriend. – [Nick] Ooh.
(bell dings) – You made a song about a cow, I know you think you the bomb. Ayo Nick, chicken heads
they belong on the farm. (crowds cheers) – Doja Cat, heres something
you won’t believe, I went back stage, and found
the rest of your weave. (crowd laughs) (bell dings) And I got loot, if she don’t
wanna use it for her head, put it on your boots. (crowd laughs) – [Nick] Kiss my ass.
(bell dings) (crowd laughs) – Yo, DC.
– Oh(beep) – Every time that I see you, I say damn, you look like the blue
monster from space jam. – [Nick] Oh, monsters, the little ugly one.
– Alright, check this out. Look space jam, now that ain’t white. That’s why you look like
a fake ass Gucci wife. (audience laughs) (bell dings) – Gucci wife, fine, I don’t. – But don’t she look
like the fake version. – DJ, Cut the beat for me (audience ooh) Ah, you know I can’t catch the beat. Ah ah, Chico. Hi. Chico, I know why you slow, ’cause your head is shaped
like an Idaho potato. (audience laughs) (bell buzzes) – I had to cut the beat for that? – Yeah (laughs).
(crowd laughs) – It was very funny (fake laughs) Ay, come here baby, ay. Yeah, I’m Chico Bean and
I’m known to get cash. I got a Idaho potato, you
got them stuffed in your ass. (audience laughs) (bell dings) (air horns) – Some very intense and
disgusting Wildstyle, DJ D-Wrek, who won? – I gotta give that to the black squad, so make some noise for the black squad. ♪ Wild out, we gon’ wild
out, we gon’ wild out. ♪

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  1. Get Eminem on the show oh wait he been dropped Eminem show, nick says he got flow but the only he got is shoes for the snow. Lol lemme stop

  2. 1:12 why did those girls laugh like they dont have weaves in their head☠️ that made it very funny kinda sad too🤣

  3. 2:16 all of them are like this but shes weird seriously and why’d she get her butt done so many times. Damn. Same with the red hair black girl. You know you cant sit on your human butt for weeks just for that shit! & it makes you focus on men and sex value more than self seriously its sad I hope those girls live a beautiful life like they obviously have the opportunities to do it, money could be taking them around the world instead they put it into their bodies but maybe they’ll see it someday if not that’s fine too. This generation is just too much & being a regular person that isn’t famous is a BLESSING everyone!!!!

  4. Didn’t she say f*ggot on Twitter, deleted it couple minutes later and then apologized because she didn’t know what it meant? Girl, bye. She’s trash lmao

  5. Why these girls jealous of Doja Cat!? They hella thick… oh wait. They’re plastic bodies while Doja’s a natural bombshell 😍

  6. Doja with the Natural Black Girl Body come thru💪💪 other girls on show was mad mad🤪 they had to go broke for theirs and have scars but B Simone was big mad cuz if u know her she's all laughs and giggles like play all the time 😂

  7. Wait what did DC young call Doja cat did he say she look like a fake version of Gucci’s wife ??? He talking about keyshia??

  8. You all are ridiculous. Just because someone had a certain look on their face, you all assume they're jealous??? 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

  9. I have such a crush on Doja… ugh…

    Like I could never dream of keeping up with her so imma just stick to admiring her from a far

  10. Y’all being dramatic in the comments. I don’t think anyone was taking doja serious. Chill. Sky looked really pretty in this btw.

  11. I remember back when I watched this the vibe was so off. I'm watching it now and the vibe still off! they were hella hating but doja reign successful at the end of the day, so…

  12. Lord, y'all talking about dona intimidated them. Have you never seen the show? Know anything about acting? 🤦🏿‍♀️

  13. I know these hoes ain’t fronting like Doja ain’t Badd asf. She got a top notch thick n curvy body with a beautiful ass face any body would love to wake up next to. Damn… Jealousy really is an ugly disease.

  14. B Simone be getting off looking at Doja cat like that 😑 she been catching attitudes lately when people talk about her like THATS THE POINT!

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