Donatello, What We Know…So Far | Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Donatello, What We Know…So Far | Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

August 23, 2019

Well, you know in this market, it’s actually very difficult to find good Subterranean housing. Hey, we could always go back to the old sewer then Dudes and dudettes everyday we get closer to Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the new show that’s gonna be coming on Nickelodeon and as we get closer, we’re probably gonna be getting more and more Looks at the show information about the show, but today I want to talk about One specific turtle and that’s Donatello and I kind of want to do these for all the turtles in the series Leading up to this series. So this will be One of four videos, I’m gonna do covering each Ninja Turtle in this new rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles While we’re waiting for new information to come out so we’re just gonna do this video on Donatello and all the information that I’ve found on him up to this point And we’re gonna go ahead and talk about it and then in a couple days or maybe next week We’re gonna be talking about the next turtle and so on. So today Donatello. Let’s talk about them. So Let me pull this over here and let’s get all this information from turtle pedia. So that’s right here and Okay, so this is pretty much the bio so far on Donatello in the rise of the TMNT show Let’s take a look. So it says Donatello is a mutant softshell turtle and the team’s resident tech head so If you haven’t heard each turtle is a different species of turtle Donnie is a softshell turtle Nickelodeon actually just dropped the video on this by the way just kind of explaining traits of the different types of turtles that they are but in the real world and I can probably I’ll splice that in here right now When they talk about the softshell turtle, so here it is well
It turns out I cannot fix this Softshell turtles have a flat shell that’s more like a thick leathery skin than the hard shell. They’re predatory carnivores But they’re also very easily scared Especially by mutant pig people but let’s talk about some of this stuff that’s in the trivia here section for Donatello So let’s look at this first point right here. It says Donnie’s fueled the study revolves around engineering robotics and technology Which is pretty much what we’re used to when it comes to the Donatello character, so not much has changed there Let’s take a look at this second point here Donnie is the second oldest of the Turtles unlike previous incarnations where he was the second youngest Which I believe they’re referring to I believe Leonardo and Raphael being the two oldest and then it was Donatello under them. So in this one, it’s a little different looks like Raphael will be the oldest if I’m not mistaken and looks like Donnie’s right under them. So It’s curious or interesting how they made Leo so young so that’s it. We’ll talk about that a little bit more though when we get to Leo Okay, let’s look at the next point here in this series Donnie is a softshell turtle, which means that he may have more sensitive shell than his brothers as well as previous incarnations of the character The to compensate for his soft shell he built an entire fleet of battleships So this is like the purple covering you see here on his shell I don’t know if you’ve seen pictures of it with Mike. It’s almost got like Helicopter or like turbines on it? Where it looks like April is writing it Kind of like like a jetpack with Donnie kind of just chillin underneath it. So I’ll put that up right here, too So that’s kind of what I’m talking about. That’s probably one version of This armor or this fleet of battleships? To see what the rest of them are gonna have when it comes to like capabilities and stuff So definitely something to look out for as the show comes out So the next a point here is he stated to be a little bit more confident than previous incarnations and is known and Knows he’s good at what he does. I kind of like that about him. That’s that that that’s a good change. I Kind of like the night the nineteen nineties live-action version was kind of like that. So that’s kind of cool Let’s see what the next one here is he’s the most mature member of the team Interesting. That’s very interesting to know I don’t want to say it’s like a leadership role but to be the most mature or level it’s almost like being the most level-headed which a leader would have to be so maybe he’s kind of like the Default leader, but kind of like unspoken obviously Raphael is the leader because he’s the oldest and strongest is what they’re saying But maybe as Leonardo and Raphael are trying to figure out which one of them really is the leader Kind of a lot of that responsibility might fall on Donatello It might look like that’s just me speculating though but it does say he’s the most mature member of the team so I could see a lot of decisions Eventually kind of being made by him just because if he is the most mature He’s probably the one that is the voice of reason in the team at least at the beginning here So it looks like the next one says Donnie is a huge science fiction fan so I wonder if we’re gonna get any thing of him watching like older movies or kind of like Talking about references to kind of like pop culture science fiction movies and stuff. I could see them doing that with Donnie And then the last bit of news here or the last Point here we have is Donnie will have a bit We’ll have a bit of a sidekick on the show. I Don’t know what that means. I don’t know if he’s gonna have his own sidekick. So Definitely something we can speculate down in the comment section and that’s pretty much it I don’t think I see anything else I didn’t really talk about up here where he says he wields a High-tech bow. So that’s that one right there. That looks kind of like a spear. I probably has some capability You’ve heard me in other videos. I prefer it when? Donatello just has you know regular bo staff, but I am curious to see what this will do. I’m not really Hating it too bad But again, we’ll have to wait and see how the show turns out but a couple more information here says Donatello Biographical information so New York City is his home date of birth. So this version was born in 2003 so after in real time, that would make them about 15 here when the show starts off so he’ll be 15 years old abilities ninjutsu weapon high tech bow occupation ninja scientists affiliation Ninja Turtles And then just a little bit more of the same Information that we already read up above so that’s pretty much it for Donatello That’s really all we really know about the character so far also that he’ll be voiced by Josh Brener Right here. Some of you may know him from Silicon Valley. That’s where I know him from plays a character named bighead on there It’s actually quite funny on that show. So I hope some of that humor translates over into this new show So he’s great on that. So I really have no worries with him his bio here Josh Brener is an actor, you know voice Donatello in the upcoming mines of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Okay, cool So yeah, pretty much. He’ll be waste by him So if you know any more information on Donatello, go ahead and leave that down below Maybe we can talk about it in a future video If you enjoyed the video Please go ahead and hit that thumbs up button if you like videos on Ninja Turtles and just want more Ninja Turtles content in your life. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button Ok guys. Thanks for watching. That’s it for this one. I’ll see you in a little bit with another one. Take care

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  1. Donnie`s sidekick is a little drone named Sheldon there is a picture of him and Sheldon in the behind the scenes video

  2. Josh Brener is another voice actor in the new 2017 DuckTales cartoon doing a Ninja Turtle character.

  3. At least they don't look like the 2003 beefcake ninja turtles where they all are just a copy and paste with different bandanas.

  4. Maybe Leo's age is why he's do playful and carefree in the series, and then later on in the series he will become the Leo we all know and take back the leader.

  5. I mostly like the new design of the Turtles execpt for Rapheal. He seems to Buff for my tastes. Though I'm glad my favorite Turtle (Donatello) has a design I like.

  6. In the old comics, Donnie was the defacto second in command of Leo in the team, there was a storyline that I read a while ago wear Don lead the rescue team for Leo when he was captured by the Foot clan I believe, and I'm pretty sure it was called "City at War." That story was so good in every possible way.

  7. I'm glad that Donnie's Bo Staff got an upgrade. He kinda needed it. A wooden stick is really not the best weapon. Now a high tech metal stick is way cooler!

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