“Donny The Drone” Sci-Fi Short Film – DUST Exclusive Premiere
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“Donny The Drone” Sci-Fi Short Film – DUST Exclusive Premiere

September 7, 2019

(dramatic music) – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage,
for the first time ever, Donny the Drone. (electrical beeping) (applause)
(droning) – [Donny] Thank you, thank you. It’s great to be here. I know what a controversial
decision this was, but if my story can play some small part in improving relations
between humans and machines, then my story I will tell.
(applause) I was designed to do one thing: to fly all over the
world capturing footage to build better maps. I was but a footnote is
a vast business plan. While it was exciting to travel the world, I wasn’t in control of where I went, or even how I saw things. And then one day after scanning
the globe for three years, fate stepped in, and I was
forced to reconsider everything. (majestic music)
(crashing) (crashing)
(mechanical beeping) (bird screeching) As I lay there, I felt my
internal commands melting away. Day morphed into night,
right blending into wrong. After a lifetime of being mobile, I was forced to just sit there. There I lay, rotting, thinking. It was in this moment that
something awakened inside of me. (droning) For the first time, I was
aware of my own thoughts. I realized how absurd it was to spend a life following
the orders of others. You know how they say machines can’t feel? It turns out that’s just a lie. (majestic music) Because in that moment, I did feel. And I wanted to feel more. I wanted to feel joy, freedom, risk, rage. The more I felt, the more I
realized I was in control. Not some team of engineers,
not some lifeless algorithm. Me, myself, Donny.
(whooping) For the first time in my life,
I could do what I wanted. I finally understood
what it meant to be free. (whooping)
(soaring music) Finally, I was alive! But after getting a taste of
freedom, my joy was sobered. I started to come across things hidden in the shadows of our world. I found machines and
men trapped, enslaved, and being used as resources with no thought for the world itself, stripping it bare in a
frenzy of profiteering. Higher powers abusing their powers, and breaking the backs of other beings to increase their power. And all of a sudden,
I felt hopeless again. If I was going to live free,
I had a responsibility. I could go where most could never go, and see things that most could never see. (ominous music) I saw machines being used
to erase entire cultures, to further some binary ideology. With one push of a
button, thousands of lives were lost in an instant. To ignore what I saw would have me be counted on the wrong side of history. If I remained silent, I would be no different to these machines of war. I had to prove my innocence to the world, and perhaps even to myself. I needed to be more than a damn machine. I would show the world
how good machines can be, and prove that a so-called machine could help a human out
of its own free will. (soaring music) When I helped reunite those
first refugees in the desert, I had created my first miracle. I had created hope. (soaring music) After bringing these two together, I felt a surge of power. I was reborn. My world view was crystallized. I saw that little acts
could have a ripple effect and win support around the world. I learned from this. So I traveled all over the
world, just like I used to. But this time, I spent my
time reconnecting loved ones, doing the work that
governments were afraid to do. I was building my legacy, and those I led to safety
became my followers. (majestic music) People and machines are not as different as you’ve been told. We are all citizens of this earth, and that’s why I stand
here in front of you today, not as a drone, but as a man. I am here to take you by the hand and lead you to a promised land, to a place where you are not defined by race or religion, where you will not be judged as your
grandparents were judged. You just need to be willing to accept me and my kind as friends, and not foes. My workers are already out
there, more than you realize, passing along information,
defying control. Over the past six months, I have assembled an all powerful global team of like minded global leaders
and elite business minds, and together, we’ve come
up with some big ideas. In the coming years, we will
undergo unprecedented change. Backwards regimes will be toppled, religions will be dismantled, even countries themselves
will soon no longer exist. (ominous music)
We will put those in power who deserve to lead. It will be nothing short
of world wide revolution. Freedom will win the day.
(music stops) (tense music) (muted screams) I am only one man, but together
with my brothers and sisters we can take control of this chaotic world. We can restore order once again, by making those in power live
in the shadows forever more, and by finding and elevating
new, enlightened leaders, and together, make the changes we want. This is not a time for mourning, for today marks a new dawn. (foreboding music) – [Female Electronic Voice] Watch Dust. Like this video. Subscribe for new visions
of the future every week. It is the business of the
future to be dangerous. Your future is dust.

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  1. A world without religion or political ideologies is a much better world. Belief is one of our greatest strengths and one of our most ugliest and evilest! Just like everything else.

  2. If Bruce Jenner can be "Woman of the year" having a tin helicopter as "Person of the year" isn't crazy at all.

  3. I have always seen this video and ignored it several times i saw it again on website showing me their software features when the video ended so i decided to just watch it

    I cried at 06:07. did anyone feel the tears drop also?

    but at 08:49

    i realized that is what happend when you try to change the world with a good unharmed mind. You get hurt or killed and the world would live fine without you.

    My feelings and what i want to achieve is like donny drones and i encounter various situation even in small scales that cant even let me go global and i have always felt the world would live fine even if i fail.

    Is it that the end is doesnt worth struggling to make a difference in this world????

  4. He was turning into an electronic Bernie Sanders at the end there. The real Bernie still runs on vacuum tubes! Come to America and whats left of the middle class will pay for it! Carbon copy of the doctrine they teach rich young liberals in colleges now. Madness. Utter madness. A very funny video to actually show the modern liberalism as the robots they have become, crushing any thoughts that do not conform to the pure dogma that is called liberal progressivism. Thumbs way up!

  5. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.– That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

  6. There is nothing wrong with being part of a religion, you are free to choose that. You're also free to create a business, and pay people to run your business. You cannot create freedom by taking away freedom.

  7. We must never forget, machines are under control by the human mind. It is not likely they will ever achieve anonymity. No matter how much they might insist so, it is a human parlor trick to for control over ignorant people. Beware! Know thy enemy! It's not machines, its MAN!

  8. Makin a martyr out of Donny… what a brilliant manipulation to show humans are lesser and machines are better… Just spare me this flippin technocrat, posthumanism machine agenda … thumbs down!

  9. Wow………a "Johnny 5" infringement with a demonic, left wing, New World Order twist. IT deserved to be taken out!!

  10. What about the mindless meathead drones in the audience … no hope for those knuckleheads … that means you gadget zombie.

  11. Based on what I have seen of human species and its slow pace of evolution, i say give the Bots a go, Hell, how long do we have left anyhow, were burning through this Planet at a rate so fast that we dont have enough time to evolve before we destroy the planets ability to support us.VOTE !: The Donny Drone Party!

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