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Don’t Do It – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

August 11, 2019

Ne fais pas ça Oh mon Dieu! Non non non ne fais pas ça! Ne fais pas quoi? Saut! Du calme! Je ne suis pas blessé Espèce de trou du cul! Tu aurais pu attraper ce mec! Le pauvre gars… …Aurait du avoir un jetpack!

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  1. Hey guys!I recommend you guys to search" Ibeastmode"!!He is a dude who makes vainglory montages and is damn good!!!Pretty random right???

  2. These twists get me every time, and they really shouldn't, but dammit, I cream myself with laughter every fucking time!!

  3. I mean there's two options:

    1. The dead guy committed suicide. In which case, jet pack guy was actually just respecting the dead man's autonomy and right to make his own decisions. If he had saved him, he would have been continuing a life that the live person clearly finds to be unbearable.

    2. The dead man thought he'd survive when he jumped, in which case, jet pack man was just respecting Earthly order by allowing natural selection to take its course without interference. Not only is that respecting the natural order, that is doing a service to mankind as a species by eliminating clearly inadequate genes.

  4. When 2 planes were gonna crash into twin towers and then this dude flys in shouting SHOULDA HAD A JETPACK, it was 9/11

  5. back in the days when cyanide and happiness was good and not all about shitty teasers, trailers and their new shitty pay to watch website thingie

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