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Don’t Talk – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

August 17, 2019

[Eerie Music] (Grunts) DON’T GO IN THERE!!!!! Oh, ok! Thanks! (Ignition Turns) (Car Drives) (Page Turn) [Climax Music] (Booing) Hey, thanks for the heads-up back there! Huh? yeah, no problem. You, uh? Wanna go back to your place? Do I [Love Music] (Squeak) (Smash) [End Credits]

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  1. The movie was live and there was a microphone connected to the studio, thus the 4th wall, also, there were special 4D effects.

  2. So I know that the ending kinda undoes it but to me THIS is the perfect explanation for horror movies and movies in general. As the master Hitchcock said when ask why they don't just call the cops like smart people would:
    "Because that would be boring"

  3. That's funny, the title is "Don't talk" and at the start I thought this was the joke that thw mam was not making any sound… But infact my volume was 0.

  4. Watches scary movie —-> tells hot girl not to go in spooky door ——-> makes movie have happy ending (a boring one too) ——–> gets despised by audience ——> hot girl comes out of the screen after the movie's over ——–> gets laid

    If only MY life was that

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