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DOOM: How to train your Cyberdemon | LORE in a Minute! | History of DOOM Universe | LORE

August 18, 2019

In the future, mega-conglomerate, The Union
Aerospace Corporation has expanded to Mars and its moons, Phobos and Deimos, establishing
some super shady laboratories and a strong military presence, just in case. As UAC experimented
with teleportation, they developed dimensional gateways and opened a gateway to actual hell.
Eventually, one scientist, Dr. Olivia Pierce, made a deal with the devil. Pierce and the UAC scientists enhanced the
demons, integrating powerful weaponry and even jetpacks into their demon-flesh. They
even forcibly possessed humans to become cannon fodder in the upcoming invasion, then Dr.
Pierce opened the gate and demon’s flooded the base. She had sold out humanity to usher
in a hellish new age or something. But Dr. Pierce and Satan forgot about Doomguy
who was taking a nap in a nearby bunker. As everyone’s favorite one-dimensional space
marine protagonist, you’ll fight through the UAC base and take the fight to hell as you
show Cyberdemons that real bad asses don’t make plans, they run around in circles with
a chainsaw stomping their enemies faces into the dirt. So throw on a helmet and dust off
your BFG because you don’t need a great story to feed a demon its own heart before it explodes. Have fun!

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  1. Love this idea of Lore In a Minute. As a full time mugger, I struggle to find the time I need to understand today's games with their complex story lines and glands. Thanks Lore In A Minute !

  2. Holy shit spoilers.

    And yes, the irony of spoiling a game series that's never had a story to speak of.

  3. I love how normally it is the main character that makes that face at the end when facing the daunting task ahead of them but this time it was a demon seeing what he's up against

  4. Lore forgot the fact that DOOMGuy is an ancient demon slaying badass who has been wandering through hell kicking ass and taking names (such as: the "Doom Slayer").

  5. This was not a lore about the game it just explained the current events it doesn't talk about what actual shit went down because markiplier found way more

  6. This is a sequel to Doom 64, At the end of Doom 64 Doomguy STAYS in hell to make sure no demons rise again BUT… he got locked in a Tomb and is found years later.

  7. This is probably one of the worst LORE videos they made. As in it completely ignores the whole game lore.

    Where is Samuel Hayden? The Doom Slayer? Argent Energy? The Night Sentinel? The Wraiths? The fact that the Demons had to collapse an entire TEMPLE on the Doom Guys head to be able to capture him?

    People are to quick to jump on this "dur hur, Doom has no plot!" bandwagon.

  8. can someone explain the story to me is he the same Doom guy from the rest of the games ? at what point did he become King of the Night Sentinels ?
    also how did he get trapped on in Hell and why ?

    sorry to be annoying

  9. hahaha strong military..ya right..cant even defend their own base. The demons kill off entire bases yet I got kill everything alone.

  10. Hmm… a group of scientists working on teleportation which released creatures from some dimension… didn't that happened in Half-Life?

  11. Honestly this was the worst Lore video I've seen yet . It didn't actually talk about basically any of the seriously badass lore or anything, glossed over a bunch and was even totally wrong.

  12. I know this is just a vid for gigles so i'm not taking it to seriously but i do think DOOM guy has a personality. In the startlevel DG gets talked to by Samuel Hayden who tries to explain to DG that what they did was for tbe good of mankind. While he was talking DG looks over to the corpse of an employee after which his hands start to tremble with rage and he smashes the com device. So they do show personality but more with his mannerisms than his speech which is cool.

  13. Actually the new doom is a continuation after DOOM II. After doomguy cleanses earth he goes into hell to try and kill them all. The demons realise they cant kill him and seal him in a demonic empowered coffin. He is then woken by olivia pierce later. This is referenced in the new game when they talk about "last time" and how the "doomslayer" already has a reputation.

  14. Are we just gonna skip over stuff like Samuel Hayden and Argent Energy, including the presumed energy crisis on earth, The DoomSlayer's origins and the fall of Argent D'Nur, and the Crucible?

  15. someone tell me. Is the end of this like DOOM 1? Where you finally get into hell and then they want you to buy the next game.

  16. There's about 5% Doom1, 0% Doom2 and 95% Doom4 here. Phobos and Deimos were mentioned even though nobody talks about them in Doom4, and everything else is just Doom4 except without taking into account the fact that this actually is the original Doom Marine, who killed the Cyberdemon under the Tower of Babel, fought through the demon invasion of Earth, and went to Hell once again where he killed the Icon of Sin. Then he stayed behind to keep murdering the demons until they managed to lock him up in a stone box.

  17. minus 900000. doesnt tell the lore from the game. doomguy in 2016 has a backstory and the demon weaponizing took place prior to the lazarus event…

  18. I could have figured out most of that from watching a trailer for they game I'd like to actually know wtf is up other than a basic oh hell is invading with cyborg demons go stop them

  19. ''One dimensional space marine protagonist'' so we're gonna ignore the fact that he's actually the leader of a Knight order that he betrayed to revive his own son by making a deal with the devil, this resulting in his son becoming a literal monstrosity?
    The fact that he's this angry and destructive, because he vowed to kill all of hell for tricking him?
    The fact that his own knight brother's forgave him for his betrayal and he now hunts all of hell?
    Right, yeah, let's ignore the guy's entire story and personality, hence him having mercy on the damn A.I. that he made a copy of and saved in his own damn suit.

  20. This isnt the actual story, it actually has a good one, if you look for it in the Datalogs and Corax Tablets.

    Long ago, the Doom Slayer was a ruler of a group known as the Night Sentinels. The Night Sentinels were the gaurdians of the wraiths, extremely powerful souls that the demons sought after for their immense power. The demons took the Doom Slayer's son as a ransom, and they threatened to murder him if they refused to let them take over the Night Sentinels. The Sentinels were forced to allow them to take over, but they had performed a cruel trick. They had murdered the Night Sentinels transformed the Doom Slayers son into the Icon of Sin. The Doom Slayer was enraged, the only survivor of the murder of the Sentinels, for his soul, and his alone was uncorupptable, therefore he was given his inhuman abilities and his praetor suit by the angel Seraphim, and has brought fear and torment to the forces of hell, staying for all eternety, even killing The Icon of Sin, and the Titan, with no weapons but the crucible, until, the demons collapsed a building on him, rendering him unconcious, long enough for the demons to steal the Crucible, strip him of his suit and trap him in his sarcophageous, until he was found by the UAC, and, inevitably, woke up. Just because a character can't talk doesn't mean They're 1 dimensional. Doomguy probably doesn't know how to speak english, he lives in hell.

  21. One dimensional? That Doom Guy has more character through his expressions and actions than most shooters do in entire franchises.

  22. There's also a really sarcastic and scary looking robot named "Dr. Samuel Hayden" who just wants nothing more than to do science.

  23. Revanants arn't actually from hell they are in fact uac soldiers I'll type in An extract from the uac handbook given with the Uac eddition of DOOM 2K16
    Clears throte ,"REVENANT: UAC Military operatives have donated their lives to undergo demonic transformation. Each subject withstands cybernetic augmentation while alive and without anaesthesia. Through undoubtedly a tramatic procedure for the patient, to serve the UAC as a Revenant is an honour. Volunteers return to duty with greatly enhance agility and tactical instinct, bringing into full effectiveness the Multiple Launch Rocket Battery (MLRB) mounted upon each shoulder. The key to a subject's final transition is exposure to Lazarus Wave blasts over several weeks. The pain is excruciating, resulting in their glorious passing." Phew that was long. The reason I bring this up is when he talks about cybernetic augmentation of demons a few revanants pop up and he talks about humans as cannon fodder and while most are I'm here to correct him on that some became revanants.

    Edit: I know I'm a massive DOOM fanboy.

    Edit2: Scrolling through comments can't find a single comment to come even close to the length of mine, I'm proud of myself.

  24. There actually is a story to Doom 4. A pretty good one too. It actually explains doomguy's behavior. He has many reasons to rip and tear.

  25. "Because you don't need a great story to feed a demon its own heart before it explodes"

    Nice mancubus glory kill reference there

  26. LORE you havent heard the slayer's testamets ? doomguy is very deep but in his deph theres only anger and hatered faced to demons of hell

  27. Wrong doom guy has loads of backstory. He hates demons and cares about life also he is from argent de nur who had to sell his soul and betray his people so his dead son could come back demons betrayed him and turned his son into icon of sin he went berserk and just then some character appeared called doom guy who killed with absolute vengence. It is speculated doom guy is the betrayer and him saving the ai makes sense.
    He has absolute contempt for demons and he might be doom 64 doomguy

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