DRAG RACING R44 helicopter vs Southwest 737
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DRAG RACING R44 helicopter vs Southwest 737

November 17, 2019

Jerry: Oh my gosh we’re racing a Southwest jet…
I think they’re winning already Bruce! Bruce: Tower TV3? Tower: TV3? Bruce: TV3 I’d like to make an approach to runway 7R or 7L if it’s available Tower: TV3…low approach to runway 7R is approved. Tower TV3, any way you can turn all the lights up? That’d look great. Tower: TV3 Wilco. Bruce: TV3 Low approach and then we’ll cut/break off to the right about just past midfield. Tower: TV3 approved as requested. Tower: TV3 Do you want Southwest to depart next to you? Bruce: That’d be awesome. We’ll just hover here if we can hover over the numbers of 7R. Tower: Southwest 1088, Phoenix tower. Helicopter traffic is hovering over the south complex will be no factor. He’d like to take a nice picture of you. Winds 0-9-0 at 1-0. Runway 7L, clear for takeoff Clear for Takeoff 7L, Southwest 1088 Bruce: Everybody say cheese! Southwest 1088: Chz. Jerry: Punch it! Jerry: Yeah, they got more… they’ve got a few more horsepower than us …a few more horsepower “You’ll never catch us!” Yeah, we gotta try and get that on (TV) You are now free to move about the

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  1. Idiot helicopter pilot "he has more horsepower.." bull..he has one thing you don't have…aerodynamics.. the plane is just built to cut the air more efficiently than the helicopter which is a brick with the rotating wing…

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