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Drawrace 2 iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 17, 2019

The last time we saw RedLynx on the App Store
was after their release of 1000 Heroz, an ambitious time-trial style platformer with
daily unlockables (amounting to a crazy amount of levels if you happen to jump on board right
now). Drawrace 2 marks the return of RedLynx’s signature line-drawing title under the banner
of Chillingo with just about every aspect of the game receiving a turbo-boost injection
of shiny features. Just like some finely tweaked race-car, the
basic engine of simple cartoonish visuals have been replaced with the beefy and gorgeous
3D tracks and vehicles with detailed designs and lighting to put it in the leagues of games
like Reckless Racing. However, instead of taking control directly you’ll need to draw
one long, single line from start-to-finish across multiple laps, providing a road-map
for your vehicle to follow. The finesse and detail that comes from such
a hands-on approach can be ludicrous, with slower movements of the finger indicating
deceleration (up to and including braking) while fast swipes will have the vehicle putting
the pedal to the metal. You’ll need to take in to account the surface, general speed and
momentum of the vehicle to prevent useless spin-outs, collisions (only with the environment;
vehicles thankfully slide through each other in an act of mercy) and slides that would
otherwise ruin your final times against the AI. Tracks are unlocked as you tackle levels multiple
times, increasing the difficulty each time and providing tracks and vehicles for use
in the multiplayer modes. Those who feel they’ve practiced enough can push themselves to the
limit against human opponents either via local pass-and-play or a World League system that
seamlessly pits you against multiple challengers around the world to increase your position
on a global ladder. The inclusion of additional features like
a turbo-boost that can be manually activated during the race allows for more finesse than
ever before and those who enjoyed the first title will find themselves falling in love
with the game all over again. A unique and challenging racing experience
not to be missed.

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  1. This is great get it. Especially when it's on sale for a buck rarely is but if so get it don't hesitate ur missing out. Also djay amazing best music app ever jetpack joyride is awesome to aralon sword don't miss that for a buck idk about earth& legend even for a buck I feel dumb for getting it. And wait for order& chaos to be $1 and badco2 to be on sale. Bike baron is great to

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