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Dream Tim iOS iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 28, 2019

Not to be overly judgmental of the protagonist
of Dream Tim, but if you’re dreaming of putting yourself in an endless runner, regardless
of the reasons or the reward at the end of the unlockable chapters, you might need to
get yourself some professional help. Yes, Dream Tim is the latest in the endless runner
genre, but it decides to take a bold stance, and do away with the normal run and jump gameplay,
replacing it with a swiping mechanic to destroy monsters and grab coins. If it actually worked,
there might be something here. You see, the game can be played by swiping
your finger back and forth over Tim repeatedly. As mind numbing as that sounds, constantly
swiping to rid his path of monsters, it doesn’t even work half the time. Not only when the
monsters appear are you given almost no reaction time, but on so many occasions, a swipe over
a monster (especially the flying variety) would just not register and Tim would die.
This was probably the most reoccurring method of death, with flying into a lava bubble during
the brief helicopter segments being a close second. Now when you die, aside from the normal store
upgrades that everyone should be used to by now, there’s also a random wheel of chance
that can grant you a free power-up for the next round. Well, we say free, but the wheel
is four hundred coins a spin. Aside from that, the store is a little on the expensive side,
but not overly. Still, when you can’t really play the game that well, this is a moot point. And with presentation that leaves little impression,
Dream Tim is very hard to recommend. If the swiping worked, this would be an average addition
to the endless runner genre with a couple interesting ideas that aren’t close to fully
realized, but with the swiping mechanism not working, this is just a broken game and should
be avoided.

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  1. 400 for the random wheel, that sucks. Surprising the swiping works on your video. I played lady samurai which was like that, but a rhythm game

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