Drone Faa Registration: Should I Register in 2018
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Drone Faa Registration: Should I Register in 2018

December 9, 2019

Welcome to the channel, I’m Jay Malone There are a lot of questions about registering your drone. Should I register my drone? Where do I register my drone? And what type of registration should I
choose? We’re going to try to answer those today. If this is your first time to the channel and you enjoy photography, drones, technology, and other related things… Then start off by hitting that subscribe button. When you do tap the little bell icon next to it that way you won’t miss anything. This video will pertain to rules and regulations here in the United States as of today, January 30th 2018. Question number one. Should I register? If your drone is between 0.55 pounds, yeah a half of a pound, and 55 pounds and you plan to fly it anywhere outdoors. than yes, you are required to register with the FAA. In 2017 a court ruled that registration was no longer required but that was recently overturned. Of course that could change, but as of right now, you’re once again required to register your drone. Be sure to check out my other video that goes more in depth about what you should do once you get a drone. You can see that video by clicking in that link in the top right hand corner of this video. Question number two. Where do I register? FAA registration should be done at faadronezone.faa.gov. The registration only costs $5 so don’t be fooled by other websites trying to charge you more. Before we get to the next question, leave me a comment down below, what kind of drone do you have or what kind are you looking to purchase. Question number three. What type of registration should I choose? There are two ways that you can register your drone. If you are only flying as a hobby and you never plan to do any commercial work with your drone, then click on the section it says, fly model aircraft under section 336. If you are flying as a business, or any other type of commercial use then click on the section this says fly suas under part 107. To learn more about flying as a hobbyist or flying under part 107 rules, check out that video. And be sure to subscribe for more videos like this in the future! Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing! And until next time, God bless! *snap finger

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  1. @Jay Malone Thanks for making this easy to understand. I recently bought a MAVIC PRO and uploaded some great shots to my channel, didn't even realize i was supposed to register. I registered now. Thanks again. I subscribed and will definitely be checking out the rest of your content.

  2. Total bs, we are either free people or we are not, seems like people just fold when dictators demand us hand over money for permission

  3. I bought a Mavic Air for holidays– we're going to the Bahamas and want to bring it to capture some memories– It is not for commercial use…only as a hobby. Can I still register under Section 336 if I am taking it out of the country? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Jay
    I have one quistion?
    I'm visiting America in March 2019 and I do have DJI spark drone I'm going to register that with FAA before I come to America but is there any app to check where I can or can"t fly the drone, I'm visiting Yosemite National park just wanna be sure before I do anything.

  5. All registered up and ready to go. thanks for the video and info. It was kinda exciting to register lol only took 5 minutes and got the certificate emailed just like that.

  6. I haven’t registered yet, but I’m interested in drones. So once I go an fill out the information and pay the $5, are there going to be some papers in the mail that’ll be delivered or something? Another question is that you’re given a specific number to label your drone, is that going to be on the papers (if I get papers and how long until they arrive)?

  7. Good information Jay. I think registration is a good idea since technology has outpaced wisdom and we now have incompetent pilots out there flying on a whim and creating problems for the community. When the unregistered guys make mistakes and cause harm hopefully they can still be tracked down for return of their craft and a hefty citation. To not register is to practice invincible ignorance. In my opinion. Fly safe!

  8. Don't misconstrue this comment – but as an observer of society I can't understand why drone assassinations have not been become a huge thing. What is stopping well funded terrorists from unleashing a swarm of hundreds of them packed with anthrax, flying over the congress or White house?

  9. One thing you can do to edit, is mention that any us government website will end in .gov rather than .com

  10. hi im new here . i just got the sharper image dx5 from ollies bargin outlet for 29$. yes you do have to have a permit. i went to my local county park and they told me you need a fcc registration and a park permit to fly at onadaga lake park. i thought because my drone was so cheep and i was (FOR FUN ONLY) going to fly i did not need anything for it . well nope so i will not be going there any more with it . i will stick to my dads house and my yard at my house . but so cool it is only 5$ to get it from the fcc. i will be registering it asap

  11. I just bought my Mavic Pro and I recently flew it without being registered ooppppsssss lol I’ll definitely do that now! And feel free to check out my first video !?? btw I just gave you a sub ??

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