Drone flying under bridge and dji phantom 4 obstacle avoidance kicking in
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Drone flying under bridge and dji phantom 4 obstacle avoidance kicking in

March 26, 2020

Hi everyone, Patrick here, so it is another
wonderful evening, I’m literally, again, going out for a few minutes, hopefully to catch
eh some interesting footage, again we are in that “golden hour” that we hear about in
photography and video, I’m just heading out to one of the local little marine areas, perhaps do a few fly under the bridges, and see how they look, because its just right, and i’m
hoping that eh I can experiment a little bit. Made some changes as you know recently to my gimbal, on my phantom 4, so i’m very interested in seeing if it’s helping, because a few of
you guys have recommended to me that I slow it down a bit so that I can get a little bit
smoother footage in my pan and tilts when i’m using my gimbal, so thats what I am going to try and do, hopefully the sun wont go down too fast, I should be there in 10 minutes
and that’s all I can really say now until now, until I finish shooting a bit. So hang
in there. and ill catch you later, bye bye. Go pro you can stop recording. Ok, see that bridge there, I’m actually going to try and fly through it, now I have changed it to the Atti mode so that the obstacle avoidance
won’t really be showing, so yeah the suns going down so I might be able to get a few
shots and see how it goes…. awww… ahhhh… again I went out and I let
all my batteries run out, again! I’ll never learn, I mean this thing is pretty good, don’t
get me wrong, this is the old g7x. I did a review back in the day, but I keep forgetting
that it only records about 45 minutes of video and you know, I’m farting about that much
that, I end up running out right when i have got something really important to say….anyway,
today has been full of ah surprises, i’m keen to show you what I did, because I actually
did something that I had been trying to do for a long time and that was to really get
a good, ahh under a bridge, without it stalling with the obstacle avoidance and you know I
am getting more comfortable with the whole drone ah given as I am getting it out a bit
more. But I don’t know what happened, the first time that it was going under the bridge
which I am going to show you in just a second, it em it stopped, and I had this, I had this
on ‘A’ which, you know, i dont know if its going to focus in, I thought this was all
you had to do was to put this bad boy here, the Atti mode, that P S A, I had it off, but
it still stopped, I brought it round and I looked at it again, what did I do wrong? What
did I do wrong? I have said it on many other videos, I am not an expert, nor do I claim
to be, but I like to think that i mean by this stage the basics I should have pretty
down pat. But apparently not. So something wasn’t right, so now I am going to have to
google it all again and try and work it out. Well those of you who are more experienced
flyers than myself, please give me the, the quick way that I can turn it off, I had it
turned off when I was inside the castle, in Monea castle which was a recent video which
I did, an I was able to get really close to the walls, without any problems, now I have
learnt a lot since then, but still, something happened there it did stop, emm, and then
I had to go back and refocus, and get my ideas together and then go through it and get he
nice em sunset, so in the end it was great, in the end it was really good, and eh I hope
you enjoy the footage as much as I did getting it, it was a kind of sort of a spur of the
moment thing, the weather has been really good and I was able to get out in the golden
hour and get the sun as it was going down, go through the bridge go over it and get he
sunset so, I hope you enjoy it, and yeah, ill chat to you again, bye bye. (sigh) ill get the hang of this yet. Bye.

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