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Drone Nexus FPV Racing Drone – Extreme FPV Quadcopter Racing

September 13, 2019

welcome to Drone Nexus a new drone racing community being created and built for drones and Extreme FPV Racing and Quadcopters being built and flown for competition or just for FPV Racing Fun….enjoy

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  1. give credit to those that made and abandoned the building… you all motherfuckers should pay those polish workers the royalities

  2. Such ignorant, poorly educated illiterates on this world. suddenly drone this, drone that, blah blah blah, everything is a drone. But, what exactly is this bullshit drone that every dunce is talking about? I see now where the dunces are, on YouTube, stealing properties from others, add some crap music and VOILA!, another dunce on YouTube. PMSL! Ignorance is bliss. Enjoy.

  3. I hope someday I can fly mine that damn good.!!! I am brand new at it… And have had my Force1 discovery for about a month now…! And I just learned how to make him flip around just this past week…!!!!

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