Drone Strikes: Where Are Obama’s Tears For Those Child Victims?
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Drone Strikes: Where Are Obama’s Tears For Those Child Victims?

October 14, 2019

i was repelled by what had been newtown
as you can tell by the dozens of videos that i made about it and everytime i’d
say about the video we showed you with the kids in them when the baseball had parent crying part about how his daughter lit up the room uh… i have a hard time cuban at the
end but what’s interesting is that when i a drone strikes kids that are not american and gets almost no coverage and people are not broken about about it then the president who was teary eyed
about new town which is exactly what he should
have been when you you’ve got a control on that uh… is not teary-eyed about civilian casualties throughout strikes the reason we have all machala out they
risk is is a town in southern yemen and uh… we actually the tomahawk missile strikes
there and there is also cluster bombs as well and we killed fourteen women and twenty
one children twenty one children now newtown there was twenty kids killed
twenty eight overall now of course the u_s_ says that’s all
incredibly different because we’re trying to target militants in which are in any milton cements right well it’s unclear when there is
reporting bhaiyya many journalists and prepare that said and that showed
the bombs were from the u_s_ and they show the civilian deaths so what happened the journalists to show
the civilian deaths he was put in prison by the government
yemen uh… they will let him out cub leaders later there were a pardon soleil who’s no
longer president him it was going to do it this is a journalist than it was obvious
and the people yemen were upset but he was put in jail uh… for covering the civilian deaths present nobama called and said no the u_s_ government still calls at your
list of terrorist do not give mum pardoned put him back in
jail and they did and he still in jail today vice-president while made that call why ’cause we don’t want the world to see the kids that died because of or box now i know a lot of people think there’s
justified in collateral damage but at least see the kids first as we didn’t in the newtown massacre before you make that decision now brave new foundation went talk to people on the ground where the
straw strikes happen lot of these victims are from pakistan yemen somalia it’s ever been not or from all majali in fact all machala as i told you was a tomahawk cruise
missile strike but look at the different rose strikes killed those kids throughout the world myself am three-years-old solace listed his fans generates pancake carries two thousand seven no-risk cited in years old selfless there’s time february fourteen to four months for
cited references that we have to last ten years old not take their standard
counter-terrorism efforts has been exceptionally circle an exceptionally
target areas because he has been very precise precision strikes against off at that
time no it was a response u_s_ officials to thrones are highly
actors want to start seven-year zones have not caused a huge number of
civilian casualties sha three years old you’re able to target and smuts more
precision dot times all the actions that we take his fully consistent with
international loans from the past here that has invented a single collateral
death orphans of his money managers to make a lot but life is really war really
have a very colorful about from boarding civilian casualty so when we say that the kids were not killed in the news no civilian tags please we are
indisputably line based on reporting based on international groups that have
gone on the ground and seen the dead kids the you just saw if that doesn’t also cause you to think hate me he would do something
long there as well act you got a question yourself on that now the thing is as you dipping will be doing this are also have concerts ’cause they’ve
seen it one particular guy is brenda brian
hughes a u_s_ strong pilot and equip because uh… he was racked with guilt over killing civilians now the u_s_ media of course has not
cover that story almost at all there should be going for many did you
talk to and here’s how he explains one
particular instance they say bryan in his co-workers sat in for a fourteen
computer monitors and four keyboards when brian press the button in new
mexico someone died on the other side of the world he remembers one incident very clearly
when a predator john was circling a figure a pattern in the sky above
afghanistan the article explains it was a countdown
and neice heat bryant’s job was to focuses the laser on
where the drone was going to go and a guy sitting next to him pushes the but but he can move the laser and if he does
the bond those elsewhere and is a countdown happening in ec he’s
seen go to seventeen seconds in the bench leaves you about the sea seven seconds any sinking down i don’t know who’s in
there i hope they got the right information and the their spiegel picks it up from
there was seven seconds left the dell there was no one to be seen on the
ground brian could still have diverted the missile at that point that it was
down to three seconds by felt as if he had to count each individual pixel on
the monitor suddenly the child walk around the
corner recess the story then continues second zero was the moment in which
bryant’s digital world collided with the real one in a village between bob louden and mosser he sure re bryant saw flash on the screen the explosion parts of the building collapsed the child had disappeared brian sick feeling in his stomach burma this is one of our drome parts and he says did we just kill a kid he asked the man sitting next to him and the man who pushed the button says
yeah i guess that was a kid the pilot replied so they asked was that a kidney road in
the chat window on the monitor their shingle continues this someone
they didn’t know answer someone sitting in the military command
center somewhere in the world could observe their attack no so that was a dog a personal they went back ang be reviewed the scene on the video and dog on two legs so when they tell you we don’t kill
civilians and you know they’re lying because recently they reclassified every military age now and by the way there now including
children in that two we did that story as well as young as eight years old is saying by definition there now all considered militants if we killed them you have to prove that they were innocent otherwise we assume they were militants that they did that to our kids what
would we think look at what happened in newtown and how
devastated we work and ever seen anything practice areas
had devastating the figure minutes and all these places were were due intro
strike every pros right and then adding insult to injury we call the kids
dogs because we couldn’t possibly make a
mistake glenn greenwald made a good point about
this is part of the dehumanizing amo of muslims across the world this is hard to kill kids it’s hard to live with that is bryan
found that he couldn’t live with it and so he moved on any quit that job so what do we do now and i know they’re not kids they’re militants and if it looks on camel like their kid we’re going to calm a dog if those kids don’t also affect you i think you got a question yourself man i’m ripped apart by what happened
newtown masa ripped apart by what happened on in almond jhala and so many different cities across pakistan yemen and other countries that we do draw

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  1. I'm so tired of this corrupt corporate owned piece of shit government we have. The time to take America back for We The People is now.

  2. I…I have no words to share with you to express how disgusting this is. Our government…I can't believe they would dare do something like this.

  3. it is hipprocracy for our government to condemn child killers. Our government kills children all day every day.

  4. The U.S. government cares nothing about the deaths of innocent men women and children. This government kills children all day every day. If there is such a thing as a God, he has to hate America. WBC is right.

  5. omg.americans should be causing a real stir about this.why are you allowing your government to do this in your name. shame onyou for sittingand doing nothing. thank God for this programmefor showing what we all knew to be tru. as a Brit we cover these stories anyway so we know. now u know. we had millions on the st telling our overnment not to go to war.we did,at least we try. NOW YOU TRY

  6. what are u talking about. its still a 2 prty system. so if liberals went into bed with labour,the scots and welsh nationals and the Irish .that would be a 4 party system in your thinking. don't be so dumb. labour and concevative got over thre quarters of the popular vote. its a 2 party system. the liberals were tossed a bone to get into bed. they wont get there tiny % ever again for it. I hope they enjoy here minuscule bit of power for a few years as they wont get a vote in UK again

  7. The reason this happens is the government stops almost all publication of such things in order to "protect" us, or in other words stop them from looking bad…..

  8. Well in theory every ruler is a war criminalist because they've all had at least one person from another country killed while under their rule

  9. Alexnjordan2 just SHUT UP!!! they were children children like american kids and english kids and American or English kid could go and kill people when they are older that makes them no different to the children killed in the American strikes ok

  10. War is cause by everyone
    War has been on this earth way longer then you and me
    War started when men was made
    Will war stop?
    Hell no it will get to the point were war will kill everyone

  11. I am a brazilian who is in Yemen right now (facebook.com/RodrigoFariaPhotos) . I can say it by heart, I have never seen such a warm, nice, beautiful and welcoming people in anywhere in the world. And I mean adults, teenagers and children. It breaks my heart to think about that innocent families are being killed by drone strikes.The media just show us terror, but man, when you arrive here and you see how these people really are, makes me want to cry for what's happening to them.

  12. You don't know what you are saying man. Come here first, get to know these people, I then you speculate whatever you want. I wish the world had half of the character that these people have. Don't be stuck by what the western media only show you. And I mean it by heart.

  13. While true, those were carried by slow and obvious bombers into an area where the population knew there was risk of bombing. This meant the civilians often had time to get to bomb shelters. (note the often) Today it can be a perfectly ordinary day anywhere and suddenly from nowhere… A drone strike or a cruisemissile because someone had a hunch. Then 2 minutes later another explosion because obviously anyone who wants to help wounder and dying people must be a terrorist too.

  14. I like this show & I feel sad for those kids…. I hope US stop using drones attack on Pakistan land. Sound like US army are not scary of Pakistan peoples. The only way you want US Army stop bombing. Ask for help from CHINA or other country…..

  15. Last night at about 6:30-6:45 pm last night in Keller TX there was a bad storm, two baby squirrels fell out of a tree, I watched one of them die right before my eyes, the other one was dying and fell on an ant pile, it was getting bitten and squealing in pain

  16. Last night at about 6:30-6:45 pm last night in Keller TX there was a bad storm, two baby squirrels fell out of a tree, I watched one of them die right before my eyes, the other one was dying and fell on an ant pile, it was getting bitten and squealing in pain. I watch a video on drive strikes killing kids and toddlers. And to cover their tracks the us says they were just dogs not toddlers

  17. Kind of Ironic that's twice these war criminals get a Peace Prize. Henry Kissinger should be hanged just like Saddam Hussein.

  18. William Blum author of 'Killing Hope', if one dares to peer into U.S. foreign policy over the past century, here is some of what comes crawling out invasions, occupations, bombings, perverting, subverting & overthrowing foreign governments by CIA political assassinations, economic and political sanctions, support for dictators and death squads, torture, biological warfare,mercenaries, etc, It's enough to give imperialism a bad name. yet, Americans are bewildered about the hatred & terrorism?

  19. This only really applies to countries that are woefully unprepared for airstrikes, like many countries in the Middle East. If the US tried doing that to more developed countries like Russia and China, they would be a LOT less effective within the next day because by then, those countries would have armed sufficient antiair weaponry to shoot down whatever drone comes their way.

  20. You guys go on about drones and how dangerous they are to everyone. And yet the truth is that they're not that dangerous compared to the various other methods of weapon strikes the US has at their disposal (bombs and nukes and the like). So why focus so much on drones? Oh wait, I know: because they're NEW, and New Technology Is Evil, am I right?

  21. um…because they are using them on innocent women and children. They are not dropping nukes on people…not hard to understand!

  22. Then the issue is with the way drones are being used, not the drones themselves. Drones, like any other weapon, can be used effectively with minimal casualties if done right. Unfortunately, the CIA tends to be trigger happy with these things and seemed to have thrown away good HUMINT and proper intel over SIGINT and sloppy intel, which results in these casualties happening. In the end, I don't think innocent women and children are the intended targets like everyone else seems to imply.

  23. Hey, did I heard correctly and you just justified the drone killings of kids because the drones are more accurate due to technology???? Really???

  24. I'm not justifying anything. Especially not the drone killings of kids. It's true that drones are more accurate and are fairly low-scale compared to something like nukes. What we should *really* complain about is the general sloppiness with which the Army/the CIA/whatever uses them. The severe lack of decent HUMINT and proper intel and the overreliance on SIGINT and shitty intel. Not the fact that drones exist and people use them.

  25. I didn't say that the Taliban wasn't arrogant. However, the US needs to stop acting like their an exception for everything.

  26. You do know that Star Wars was made in America by an American so if you hate USA quit watching our movies and buying our products. just saying

  27. they kill Military Age Males, and in the middle east, theres 13 year olds in the military… shooting at u.s. soldiers… and a hellfire, commonly employed by these "drones" is so accurate, it could kill one person in a full car, so theres no accidental kills. no one has any idea what it takes to get cleared for a strike anyway. you could follow a person for days before you can get cleared, in most cases you never get cleared. The bombs they drop, those are for weapons compounds and things like

  28. I love how cindy sheehan, the great war protester during the bush years, just up and disappeared when Obama was elected. Just shows liberals could not care any less about war, the fake concern over life lost was just to get obama elected.

  29. North and South Waziristan are near the border of Pakistan next to Afghanistan. It is the Pashtun people who suffered a lot from these wars.

  30. … Where does it all stop !?   This is a bad stain on our nation !
       No one can justify insanity !
    …To kill human life without their knowing it; is PURE EVIL !
    What diabolical mind is it that will devise a method by where you may kill someone without their knowledge of it happening !? That is a ghoulish act by a pathological mind !…Using Drones is in fact; the act of a ghoulish coward ! Killing the unexpected without the knowledge that it is happening is a Cowardly act ! Think seriously about that ! Right now, if you were bombed by a drone at this second, with no warning and died !? What is that !? It would be a pathological type trained to kill via a command station 100 miles away: possibly while eating lunch ! That is playing God with lives !   We cannot excuse it by using the term "war"

  31. I have yet to see 1 photo of at least 1 of the bodies from the Newton hoax…i mean, slaughter. If tgey want people to be enraged about, then show us proof! They can't.

  32. These Drones hv killed 175 kids alone in Pakistan and gives Talibans the necessory propaganda tool to increase more recruits as suiside bombers to take revenge that policy is not working anymore

  33. The Unites States of war are responsible for +2 Million innocent deaths in just Iraq. And +5 million family's homeless because there house was destroyed.

  34. Quran : – "And when it is said to them, Do not cause corruption on the earth, They say we are not but reformers";.

  35. This is why I like Cenk and TYT overall. Yeah they suck up to Obama every now and then but when it comes to real stuff like this they will criticize Obama and they always report it in a fair and unbiased way. Good job Cenk

  36. Mistakes do happen and that is extremely unfortunate. But do you realize that most of the civilians killed are human shields whom the terrorists hide behind? So when a terrorist and his human shield family are killed the terrorists can jump up and down about the poor innocent civilians who were killed. The same ones that were used as human shields. Real innocent huh?

  37. this was a great deed to america, those kids were going to be terrorists one day and may have caused the deaths of thousands.

  38. With all due respect TYT, there are causalities in war. It's a shame. There is collateral damage. Did you know that in world war 2 raids specifically targeted the civilians? A single bomb would kill 10 civilians. It happens in modern warfare, people die. But something has to be done about ISIS.

  39. Newtown's Sandy Hook school shooting wasn't an actual incident, in my opinion. If Obama and govt over him wants to use this to help the people of the US to "imagine if your child was killed by gun violence" he should call me as an actual mother who doesn't have to "imagine" that tragedy. ( I guess being 35 with a bullet in the throat from a gun that doesn't even require registration now, doesn't bring the kind of pity or outrage the deaths of 20 children as portrayed in Sandy Hook was intended to bring to the outcry for gun legislation. Obama also is losing credibility because of the fake tears. Perhaps he finds it would convey sincere motives if he could summon up tears, but it's insulting for him to produce fake tears. I researched it from everything I know about grief and the natural way tears will flow, There are big discrepancies in his tears, and obvious deception in this video.

  40. The people responsible for this drone program – both Bush and Obama – should be tried for war crimes.

  41. Yea people say it happens and you rather it be one kid instead of abunch but since your not the one there you'll never know if that was your kid you wouldn't talk like you talk once your in their shoes you'll understand

  42. Croc tears are a dime a dozen here. I am sure not a single person here who pretend to mourn for innocents killed has any idea of dealing with cowardly terrorists hiding amongst civilians. The cause of all these civilian deaths is THE TERRORISTS.

  43. Im.a chrustian and you guys bash and shiw cliwn christians. But this is the best repoert by anyine in years and probably years to come

  44. This is wby cenk is pissed and shkuld be. Thank you Cenk for this report. The rest nit so great.dont give up on the real Christ. Yeshua

  45. Obama may be Islamophobic. He does not care significantly when Muslim children get killed in drone strikes yet he is so sorrowful when a few innocent Christians get killed from his strikes.

  46. And they say Trump is racist and hates Muslims. Look what Obummer and Killary has done to poor Islam countries in the last 8 years. This is what lead to ISIS in the first place and all the refugee crisis to this day!

  47. This really changes my opinion of Cenk..for the better. I've never seen him report negatively about any Democratic politician, but to call Obama out on this restores my opinion that he may not be so biased after all.

  48. you can't kill people's kids without killing everyone else. if we need war we should kill everyone. why war if not?

  49. The children are taught to hate from a young age because of their religion and they come from stupid parents who can't afford to care properly for children but have them anyway. The main enemy in war is always the women and children because they will birth more soldiers and the children will grow to fight. Adult men are actually the least threat in war because once killed thats final but women can keep making more soldiers if you allow them to breed and then the war never ends. You just are a stupid human so it's rare your kind actually understand things like this little one :). This might surprise your weak body and inferior prey brain but thats why different ants attack and destroy the queen of a enemy colony. Ants are actually more intelligent than your species but barely as they breed without controlling their population growth very well either 🙂

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