Drones Reveal Egg Factory “Farms”

October 9, 2019

This is what a so-called egg farm looks
like today. You’ve seen pictures of little red barns and happy hands on egg
cartons, but those are lies and it’s time to expose the truth. The egg industry wants you to believe eggs come from farms but this drone footage tells a
different story. You are looking at an egg factory where hundreds of thousands
of birds are confined inside these windowless, metal warehouses. The
overwhelming majority of egg-laying hens in the US and many other countries live
in factories. Inside these buildings the animals are crammed into cages so small
they can barely move. Investigations routinely find birds caught in or even impaled by their cage wires. Some birds die and decompose among cage mates who are still laying eggs that will be sold as food. For the individuals inside, these
are not just factories. They are prisons. The animals are trapped in these places with
no chance of escape for more than an entire year before
being sent to slaughter. Hens are intelligent animals with complex social
lives and they have the capacity to suffer physically and emotionally, just
as dogs and cats do. And the thousands of birds crammed into these facilities
produce so much manure that some places dump thousands of gallons into open
cesspools. These are not farms. They are factories. It is time to spread the truth
about this industry.

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