Dropped Like a Bomb
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Dropped Like a Bomb

August 15, 2019

The Bell X-1 was actually designed to
take off from the ground and it did do it in one test flight. So in order to save fuel, they took it up
to altitude. The aircraft is in the bomb bay of the airplane. When they get to
altitude, the pilot of the bomber tells the pilot of the aircraft it’s time to get
in the airplane. Captain Chuck Yeager did climb into the cockpit of the X-1, seal
himself up when he was ready, gave the signal. The bomber literally dropped the
aircraft and once the aircraft was clear of the bomber, Yeager would fire the
engines and accelerate away. It’s not the first time an airplane has
been dropped from another airplane. This is the first experimental aircraft
to be dropped from an aircraft at altitude, like dropping a bomb. It was the first of a long line of
rocket-propelled experimental aircraft that were launched the same way, up to
and including the North American X-15, the world’s fastest airplane. SpaceShipOne, while it wasn’t dropped by a bomber, it had its own mothership, which carried it up to altitude. All this is to save fuel.

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