Ducati Diavel vs Triumph Rocket 3R / rolling drag
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Ducati Diavel vs Triumph Rocket 3R / rolling drag

February 18, 2020

Okay, so what we’re gonna do is have a little bit of a drag Between the rocket 3 and this the Ducati Diavel Yes, we understand that it’s not the latest and greatest 1260 but this is no slouch. So this is gonna be very interesting to see The 2013 Ducati Diavel Versus the 2020 rocket 3. So what we’re gonna do We’re gonna do a bit of a roll on So we’re both gonna roll on at about 20 kilometers an hour Keeping side by side as best we can There’ll be a marker set on the road, soon as we get past that marker. We’re gonna launch it and away we will go Let’s see how this turns out. I DO APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE THE FOOTAGE YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE IS QUITE DARK…

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  1. How crazy is the 2013 Diavel. Cannot imagine how crazy Diavel 1260S is😱
    Any chance to have compare between Rocket 3 and Diavel 1260S?

  2. There are a lot of factors lads…. reaction time – rider skill – an equal start from a still position etc. I have ridden both and lets just say, there is a LOT more to a bike than acceleration. Build quality, manufacturer support etc. The Rocket is heavier but the 2.5 lt engine doesn't have to work anywhere as hard as the Diavel…. Personally, I'll stick with the torque and longevity of the bulletproof Triumph.

  3. The traction control was kicking in on all gears of the rocket 3 😂
    Glad I've got one in my garage right now waiting for summer to come. 👍

  4. Dare i say it, shift earlier on the Rocket. It pulls best upto around 5500rpm… Put a quick shifter on it and it might be a differenr result….

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