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August 27, 2019

Junkrat, give me that wheel! I need this. D.va: Nerf this! What! Hey! if you don’t want the robot, I’ll take it. I like this… Uhh. Hey guys! Michael Winslow here, voice actor for Winston– What did you just do? Why did you do that huh? Now you have to come with me! *Annoyed Sound* He’s invincible! I’ll have to use my justice uppercut! Give it up kid… …You’re dead! What? That’s not how that works. That’s not how that move works *Laughter* Is that a pro Genji? That’s a pro Genji! Let em’ come out– Let em’ Oh my god! What? Good bye! Pfft (laughter) Oh! here comes anothe– Bye bye! See? Ok, next guy. Good bye! But for real guys Shoot me over to Dorado… …I’m done with this match. (laughter) I’ll see you guys later, ok? For real, bye bye! Now, the trick of this Is we’re gonna… We’ll go up- We all take the left exit And we jetpack around the building On the left side. Let’s do it! C’mon guys! Let’s do it, baby! What?! Oh no! *Everyone laughs* What did I say? Hi… Hey… Hey… (Hanzo) See through the dragon’s eyes… From the shadows… Hi… Okay, guys. (Fan) Please. I’m gonna say my classic phrase (Fan #2) Oh, he’s gonna say it guys! Sp- (Fanboy rage) Don’t be a fucking sellout. Dunkey, you’re not getting my vote. No fucking way. Make more League videos Don’t vote for Dunkey! No! Yeah, baby! My microphone worked all along! C’mon… C’mon…Yes! Athena: Victory! C’mon c’mon… Aww… Shhi- Athena: Defeat! Give me blue… C’mon! Is that a pro Genji? (Some dude) Yeah he’s a Pro Genji Wow! Y-yeah. He’s pretty damn good. Twah! Ahhhhh….. Athena: Defeat! Wow! Is that a guy called “Widowmaker?” Who plays Genji? And there’s Widowmaker! Athena: Defeat! Yes! He’s on the other team! We did it, baby. Athena: Victory! No. No! He’s back on our team! No! That’s it. It’s time for my special move. Oh. Woah. What the fuck? WHAT?! Okay. Send in the next guy. Oh! Perfect! Perfect choice. Okay Uhh, next guy! Bastion, oh. Love ’em. Love ’em. Beautiful. Okay, next guy! Torbjorn! Oh, classic guy. Alright, next guy! Oh! Symmetra! Love- Dunkey: Next guy? Junkrat: Fire in the hole! Okay. Next guy? Ooh! Boom! Look at this! Look what I do here! This is incredible! Oooh! You see that shit?! *Laughter* What’chu gonna do, Roadhog? Knock me into outer space? Fuck He knocked me into outer space… At least I don’t sound like an autistic child. Holy shit. *Low voice* Does someone need a nap-nap? – That lives in his Mom’s basement Max sounds like an autistic fuck! *Low voice* Does he? He sounds like he’s a Mexican, but no! It’s just that he’s autistic. That’s the reason. What else, Goopy? What else? *Dunkey laughing* That’s how fucking fat and fucking retarded you guys are. You try to make fun of me Because I’m not playing the game. Holy shit. You guys are… ..Literally fucking faggots. God damn you guys can do this shit all day! -you guys are fucking faggots in real life… Holy shit. Is that a Pro Genji I see? Put him back to sleep… Goodnight. Oh shit, he’s up early! He gets cranky when he doesn’t get his nap-nap! Don’t worry. I put you back to sleep… Molten core?! Oh God! There’s only one way to deal with this! Go back to sleep… Another hundred times… Here he comes! Here he comes! Ready? Pah! I got him! *Laughter* Look who left the dog out of the waste basket. Nope. Do not look at that. That is not yours. See? You lose.

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  1. It’d be so fun being recognized online like dunkey hahaha. I’d just abuse the everliving shit outta that power 😂

  2. yo cool new video keep up the vaping bro
    add me if you want to play with top 500 bronze player.
    I forgot my blizzard id but add me anyway

  3. Nothing says "I hold my cool super well when I'm stressed" like calling people "autistic faggots, literally faggots all day, oh my god, yeah I get it you guys can do this all day I'm so mad fucking mexican autistic faggots blue up down A B A B left right start insert coin to continue nonsensical angry rant" I mean holy shit dude turn the fucking system down and spend 5 minutes outside, everything is A OK champ its a game.

  4. 3:48 holy shit that's Maximillian, this toxic experience probably kick started his Ow trolling career

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