E8 – SOLUTION – Da Vinci’s Helicopter Puzzle by Professor Puzzle
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E8 – SOLUTION – Da Vinci’s Helicopter Puzzle by Professor Puzzle

November 17, 2019

Hello, and welcome again to another episode of Mr. Puzzle. Today we will have a look at the Da Vinci’s Helicopter puzzle, made by Great Minds. Great Minds is same as Hanayama, some kind of company that provides multiple kinds of puzzles. The target is the same as usual. You have to try to take all the parts apart and assemble them again. The rating of Great Minds of this puzzle is three out of five, so should be feasible to do. And, in case you, you have some troubles, or you want to see if there is another solution as the one you tried, or an easier one, you can watch this video. So, basically the, the puzzle contains contains three parts. It’s a wooden cross of out of two wooden parts, and another wooden frame around. This wooden frame you cannot remove without assembling the other two parts, but the problem with the other two parts, of course, is they are locked, and you cannot really move them. You can twist them a little bit. You can rotate them slightly, but there is not really much you can do. So, there must be some kind of trick to disassemble it. And what kind of trick it is I will show you right now. Okay, we take the part in assembled condition, like this. And then, we gonna take it on the frame, so it’s assembled. We take it on the frame and we rotate it a little bit like this. And then afterwards, we gonna flip this very carefully, around this axis. Very important that it’s this axis, not this one. The one, the part that is open to the upper side like, like this, like seen here, ja? It’s opened here in this direction. And then we take the frame again, shake it again, and this should be the do the job. So if you stop it and grab the upper part, you can see it’s already separated from each other, and we can pull it apart like this So, what’s the trick? The trick, or the mechanic, we can see as soon as we disassemble it. There are two pins in the inside on each part, and these two pins need to somehow move to the outside. Otherwise you cannot pull the parts apart. So, and the thing is, why I have to rotate it after twisting, when you have it in this condition, you, it’s on both parts the same, you can put in the pins easily, but when you have it on the other way around like this, and I want to move the pins inside, it’s not possible. As you can see here, they are blocked. And if I move it in this orientation again, this cut out to the upper side, you will be able to easily move them in again. And that’s the trick. So you cannot just grab the frame, shake it one time and take the parts apart, you have to do it in one orientation, and then flip the complete cross around and do it also on the other orientation. Because on both parts, it’s the same, same issue. Upper side, okay. Lower side, locked. To assemble it again, it’s quite easy. On both parts, take the upper side to the top, like this, then rotate one part carefully, that the pins will not come out, like this, and then take the frame, like this, and put in the lower part, shift it in like this, And that’s it. The parts are connected again, cannot really move, and we solved it. So actually, it’s an easy puzzle. I think, if you made a lot of puzzles already, you will, it will be easy, the solution to be easy to find for you. But in case you are new to this, I think it can really be a challenge for you. So I think three out of five is acceptable, and as you see the build quality is very fine. It’s made from good quality wood, solid and the price, I’m not sure, I think something about fifteen to twenty Euro. Also, I think it’s, it’s worth the money. So, if you liked this episode, please like or subscribe, subscribe this channel, and stay tuned for further solutions.

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  1. Woah!I just found the solution by observing the cross wooden structure.
    It is connected and can be divided and we can take out the rectangle.thats super easy bro

  2. J'attend les putes a like d'origine "Ki vien apré la vi dé 0 de skouizy laché un lik"
    Deja 5 putes a like repéré, on attend la suite.

  3. Mdrr déjà après la vidéo de seb y'a plein de français qui sont aller voir le clip de la musique et maintenant c'est grâce à squeezie sur cette vidéo.
    Les anglophones ne comprennent plus rien

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    Ideales para jugar, regalar, resolver entre amigos, llevar de viaje, incluirlo en reuniones ó fiestas, entretenerte y mantener ágil tu cerebro.
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  5. Or just spin the friggin thing, centrifugal force will undo both sets of pins at once, I know because that's how I solved it my first time round.

  6. Seriously?
    Everywhere I've seen this puzzle, the instructions where to remove the cross from the ring without taking the cross apart.
    Impossible, I said…. looks like I was right.

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